femenist as all hell

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Unpopular opinion I think that sometimes feminist can take it to far

well yes, but so can every group, they are called extremists. Thats why I don’t reblog stupid things that people say. When a group that I am part of says something fucking stupid then you don’t have to support it, but you can still be a part of the group. I think thats what people don’t understand. 

Thats also why feminists have a bad wrap now a days. Its because some of them can be extreme and that scares people off. Now thats a small percentage of the group but they are extremely vocal about being feminists so there we are. I just think its about finding a balance. 

Just because you don’t agree with what one femenist says… that doesn’t mean you aren’t a femenist. Just like how not all Christians believe that gays go to hell. Same situation