My dear sweet child, that’s what I do.

[[Thinking about Discord as a female is a lot of fun. And since everyone loved my head, I decided to draw the rest of the body. The pose is based on one of my favorite vectors of Discord. I colored the paw differently as sort of an homage to Nala (From the lion King). I based the make up on Celestia’s coloring as well.]]

[[ So, here’s Pandemonium, my female-Cord, created after a mysterious event when Discord was magically turned female for a while (m!a). She isn’t related to Discord, per se, but is more of a result of the ‘magical residue’ from the spell put on the Lord of Chaos. She knows much about Discord, being a product of the spell put upon him. However, she knows nothing about herself, or how to be a spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. She doesn’t even know how to begin learning to control her magic…

The only creatures she knows of are the ones Discord interacted with as a female, such as another male-turned-female pony and a Miss Bedlam, but she has no friends of her own, and nowhere to go.

What to do, what to do…?

If you’d be willing to rp with her, please like this post. :3 I really need help developing this character.

Gorgeous artwork and all other icons done by the amazing unclekoopus. ]]