get to know me | Female Characters {2/35} Michelle Simms in Bunheads.

“It’s my zombie apocalypse vegas slut bag. I take it with me to every performance with me always. It has everything you would need in any sort of situation- Money, power bars, water, flaxseed oil, bobby pins, hair spray, ponytail holders, boob tape so your- don’t look so ‘hello’ (…) Condoms, handcuffs, handcuff keys (…) Then of course band-Aids, ace bandage, rape whistle, disposable cellphone, lipstick case you can hide some cyanide in, pretty mace… Mace that comes in a pretty little shiny bottle that if I pulled it out would say to the zombie apocalypse mugger, "don’t be afraid of my pretty shiny bottle. It won’t do anything but blind you!” Oh and here, eyelash glue. And junior mints. 'Cause seriously, why not?“

Female Character Challenge/Meme:
- - - Day One: A lead female character

- - - Korra, from Avatar: Legend of Korra

Awww yisss, here we go! I had some other types for Day One, but I really wanted to draw Korra for a long time, so taking the opportunity here :D She’s a fun character, I like her a lot.

How to draw water, I have no idea.

Badass Female Characters - Inara Serra, Firefly

I learned something from Nandi, not just from what happened, but from her. The family she made, the strength of her love for them, it’s what kept them together. When you live with that kind of strength, you get tied to it. You can’t break away, and you never want to.