When you were gone there was a hole in my life that I tried to fill with anything I could find… partying, sex, revenge… sometimes a weird combination of the three. But nothing worked… nothing ever made me feel alive like you did. And I always thought it was just because I was depressed but seeing you now has made me realize how much I need you.

                                        Star Crossed Saints

A GatBoss playlist that focuses on they way they keep finding their way back to each other- and the more volatile aspects of their relationship.


i. Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC) - Fall Out Boy // ii. R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys // iii. You Can Be The Boss - Lana Del Rey // iv. Fight It Out - Ghost of a Stranger // v. Blinding - Florence + the Machine // vi. Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out Boy // vii. Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine// viii. Maps - Maroon 5 // ix. Dark Doo Wop - MS MR  // x. Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding