asked you: ageshugs requests? Um um um could you draw Athens and Sparta? (Or their femselves if you prefer) atfheislgtsdrhl if it’s not too much trouble. *rolls away into the sunset*

I like drawing the ladies here’s my attempt at them. (I have no idea what’s going on with Attica’s hair, here.)  I’d like to take a swipe at the guys someday too though.  The beard compels me.

I’m trying to memorize the 6 principle parts of each of the first 25 verbs on my list. 

It is not fun. >:I

so here’s a little gif with all of the verbs that have deponent futures and Aorists that end in a nu for some reason to help me memorize them. ;;

I need more highlighter colours. >:(

The words are: 

  • to die
  • to arrive
  • to flee
  • to walk
  • to come into being/to be born/to exist (no idea how to draw that)
  • to learn
  • to take/receive

The first word is future tense and the second word is… Aorist tense. Which is like past tense only super crazaayyy.

Well, that’s 14 out of 150 minus the about 30 or so non-existing parts. XD IDK OTL

now I have to find irregularities in the other three parts to memorize. ;;

why oh why did my class vote to memorize all six parts at once we don’t even use the other three parts until like the second book jeez.

What is going on here.

Uh, let’s see. I drew angsty Athens, then I tried to draw Himaruya-style and failed (apparently I cannot draw cute things which I guess is alright since there are plenty of people to do that for me. >:D)

Yes I am in the process of writing a parody of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi called Hammurabi. It’s still a WIP though. :x

We were reading the myth of Theseus in Greek class today <3 <3 <3 I had to read aloud fesdjigjgsg I read the sentence where Ariadne looks at Theseus and instantly falls in love with him blah blahbhbhblaged

And TA PROBATAAAAAA is fun to say and idk why. It means the sheep (or literally the ones who go in front)

So apparently I’m supposed to show up to a late Hetalia day celebration tomorrow why is my hair so short and Edmonton so cold feasjgils oh well good night. It was fun to loosen up like this.


This comic was written by Quatsch when we were supposed to be asleep- she did the scenario and I made up some of the extra dialogue. We plan on working on more collaborations in the future (as soon as we finish that damn Undercover Odin Comic)

it has no historical value and yeah that’s about it (although I guess Sparta being upset about the Long Walls is historical)

DOODLE BEFORE BED TIME. >:3 As far as “Hetalia OCs” go, these gals are pretty lame but I just love them so much fgeshilfhseli. I feel like such a loser randomly attributing landmasses to characters that were originally just created to show the differences between men and women in different bits of Ancient Greece, but… I’m figuring it out a bit. PLUS I have a couple of excuses for these guys. :P

Anyway I’m still working on character differentiation and how do I anatomy and stuff… and then I obscure it all with ridiculous drapery how do I cloth wrinkle howww no logic at alll Spock is cryyyingggg

but yeah I’m getting more familiar with how women’s bodies work since uh technically I have one and I should know. And also because I am extremely jealous of Artemisia Gentileschi who made these amazing flipping masterpieces when she was only 17

Attica hides her pudge very well with all her ridiculous flowy drapey chitons hahaha. After all that time I spent figuring out her hips and tummy fit together afheislghs I guess I should draw them in like
modern clothes
or something
what would they wear oh god I have no fashion sense ahesfifgseih

what is foreshortening what is proportion 

OKAY GOOD NIGHT. :3 It’s like -40 C here so I’ve got to huddle under the covers and mentally prepare myself for tomorrow. ;w; I don’t like being outside longer than thirty minutes in weather that takes less than thirty minutes to cause exposed skin to freeze, even if I am a pasty yet hardy Canadian with the common sense to wear long johns or whatever the kids call them. >w<;;

Sometimes I stay up until 2:00 in the morning and make stupid doodles before passing out.

Even more rarely I lose the self restraint to delete them and go to sleep and post them on tumblr. afhishgsilsg I’m so tired and I have an adventure to IKEA to adventure to tomorrow 

anonymous asked:

How did Athens and Sparta meet their wives? ( Yes I want more Athens comics!! I am OBSESSED with them!

Hmm, well they didn’t exactly “meet” since they would probably have grown up together. In fact, you could say that both of their wives are older than them since they represent regions rather than cities. But it’s hard to say for sure.

I can sort of tell you about how they might have gotten married, though…

That’s a basic summary of their relationship. Attica spent more time in the city with Athens after a while because Athens got bigger and started absorbing other Attic cities. They both still spend some time in the country farming, although Athens does as little work as possible now that he can afford more slaves.

Sparta and Laconia were officially founded together in a way. Sparta was named after a beautiful woman, and Laconia was named after her husband, Lacadaemon…

I’m so glad you like my silly comics, Anon! :D I just started writing chapter six of Athens and Sparta Adventures, so hopefully I can start posting it soon. ;)

cute married couple in the classical period with pots yeahhhh

i have an exam tomorrow do i care okay a little but i’m hungry now so enjoyyyy

every time I need to draw on a pot it’s always Theseus because it’s the #1 All-Athenian myth not that you can tell from my scribbles XD;

Attica is holding a hydria (for carrying water) and Athens is holding a storage amphora (for carrying oil probably)

Couldn’t resist. Time for some femselves. 

Here’s Attica sporting a more feminine draping of a himation, up around the head to shield her face from prying eyes (or to draw attention to it?)

Women could wear himations in a similar style to the men, of course, or as a cloak around the shoulders, etc. etc. Usually it was up to the discretion of the woman (and especially her husband) whether she was supposed to cover her head and face or not. 

It wasn’t often that Athenian women got to go out of the house, so they’d always spend a lot of time making sure their outfits were right. They’d have slaves to help them with the draping as well.

That’s all for tonight! @_@


Here’s Sparta, Attica, Athens and Persia as they might have looked in the mid 7th century BCE (About 640 BCE or later)

Sparta has just become a military state

Athens is explaining the weird looking Eastern creature on Attica’s hydria (and probably staring at her bum or something idk)

Pre-Achaemenid Persia is enjoying his carefree life as a nomad (read he is trying hard to survive while Medea keeps bugging him about overthrowing Babylonia which he’s getting to in another century or so) 


Okay so Dicaeopolis and Philip are returning to Athens from Epidauros and they finally reached Corinth on their whirlwind adventure road trip. So Dicaeopolis stops a man on the road like “Hello good sir would you mind telling me where to find an inn?” and the Corinthian dude turns around and starts yelling at him in a super Doric accent “BY THE GODS, ATHENIANS. LOOK EVERYONE THEY ARE ATHENIAN SPIES.” and Dicaeopolis is just like “What are you saying, good fellow? We are not spies, we are farmers. We are on our way to Athens from Epidauros-” AND THEY START SHOUTING AND THROWING ROCKS AT THEM OH MY GODDDD.

so yeah I imagined this

Translation of my horrible Greek below

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I’m taking 20th century Art this year and even though I was worried it would all be angst and incomprehensible abstract (don’t get me wrong I still think it’s interesting and I am actually really looking forward to coming to an understanding with it) I was glad to learn about Matisse- a guy who didn’t give a damn about colour theory or academic style- he just wanted to paint scenes that made people happy and offered them an escape from the anxiety of modern life. I kind of want to adapt some of that into my paintings.

My reading for art history class was “Notes from a Painter” by Matisse about his work and I was really moved by his thoughts on colour. I’ve been mucking around with colour theory hoping it would magically improve my work but I think it’s time I loosened up and just chose colours based on my feelings for once.

So here’s Attica and Laconia in more modern clothes being bosom buddies or something? idk