My very own little family unit: my boyfriend of 3 years and my dog of half a year. These two drive me crazy and make me feel loved, and make me feel the feels for them. 

The boyfriend: MusicBoy

Our joke is that we do everything online. We met online (thank you OkCupid), we found our jobs online, the post to adopt our dog was online, we online shop, and now i work for a very successful online company. 

MusicBoy and I had a very interesting beginning (interesting to us at least) that I won’t bore you with…in short, met on OkC, messaged for a while, went on some fabulous dates, we both had some baggage, fell in love, started dating officially, moved to the NorthWest together, etc,etc. He is very loving and passionate, but he also suffers from what i have diagnosed as mild untreated bipolar disorder. Other people may just say he is a musician, or that he hasn’t fully found his way yet, or that he’s very emotional. Whatever the case may be, MusicBoy works really hard on becoming a better boyfriend each day, although i see that sometimes he resents life for not giving him the awesome creative gigs he thinks he’d thrive at….although between you and i, i think he really does better in a structured environment, and while he is indeed very creative and talented, he is not quite organized enough to become successful at his craft.

MusicBoy and i are not engaged, which is a point of contention for us…he claims he is now “ready”, but as he is also now unemployed, I do not put my eggs on his readiness basket when it comes to finally making the leap. I’m sure i’ll talk more about my feelings and thoughts about getting engaged and married later on, since i’ll need this cheap/free therapy that is tumblr, and i’m sure there are some weird childhood/family/cultural issues that make me feel the way I do. Still, we have been in a committed relationship for 3 years, we’ve lived to gether for over a year and a half, and while it’s not all been roses and butterflies fluttering, we’ve stayed strong and grown together.

MusicBoy is special to me because, he has never ceased to make me laugh - and i mean, ugly, snorting, almost peeing your pants -laugh. He also helps me expand my horizons musically, in terms of film, pushes me artistically (he’s the biggest fan of my amateur photography and painting), compliments me endlessly, and makes personal sacrifices to support my budding career. MusicBoy is also very charming, smart, talented, a kind person and very clever. He is by no means perfect (can’t do chores without me nagging him a million times) but is one of the best people i know, and I would rather be mad at him than contented with anyone else.

The Dog: Luna

We adopted Luna a bit over 6 months ago…. She was a surprise…to MusicBoy. I know it’s a big no-no, but I was wanting a dog so so so so badly. So I would peruse the humane society pages, craigslist, countless pet ads almost daily to look for dogs…supposedly not with the intention of acquiring a new pet. Then one day, that i was feeling particularly lonely (MusicBoy, until today had a very demanding job with a horrible schedule so we rarely saw each other even though we lived together) - the ad was from an older lady who was moving to a retirement community that did not take dogs and she needed to give our little luna up for adoption. I drove across the border (OR-WA) to meet her, and fell in love immediately.

I got her on the spot. 

Next thing you know, I’m surprising MusicBoy at his work to introduce him to our new dog. He was very upset with me for a while, but he also fell in love with our playful and silly cuddly girl. I mean look at them in that photo? She’s definitely a daddy’s girl, and he’s putty in her paws. 

She’s now one of my favorite things in the world, and i love her dearly. She’s taught me so much, and thanks to her i have decided to become a pesquetarian (maybe some day I’ll be a Vegetarian, but the mediterranean-arab in me can’t give him seafood… I try to make eco friendly fish choices though).


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