Relationship Gifsets

Long Post. The astrology pair you can click on has been done before, if not - then it’s probably still being made. This post will be updated every time a new gifset has been made and will be reblogged once every couple of days


Aries Female x Aries Male
Aries Female x Taurus Male / Aries Male x Taurus Female
Aries Female x Gemini Male / Aries Male x Gemini Female
Aries Female x Cancer Male / Aries Male x Cancer Female
Aries Female x Leo Male / Aries Male x Leo Female
Aries Female x Virgo Male / Aries Male x Virgo Female
Aries Female x Libra Male / Aries Male x Libra Female
Aries Female x Scorpio Male / Aries Male x Scorpio Female
Aries Female x Sagittarius Male / Aries Male x Sagittarius Female
Aries Female x Capricorn Male / Aries Male x Capricorn Female
Aries Female x Aquarius Male / Aries Male x Aquarius Female
Aries Female x Pisces Male / Aries Male x Pisces Female
Aries Female x Aries Female / Aries Male x Aries Male


Taurus Female x Taurus Male
Taurus Female x Gemini Male / Taurus Male x Gemini Female
Taurus Female x Cancer Male / Taurus Male x Cancer Female
Taurus Female x Leo Male / Taurus Male x Leo Female
Taurus Female x Virgo Male / Taurus Male x Virgo Female
Taurus Female x Libra Male / Taurus Male x Libra Female
Taurus Female x Scorpio Male / Taurus Male x Scorpio Female
Taurus Female x Sagittarius Male / Taurus Male x Sagittarius Female
Taurus Female x Capricorn Male / Taurus Male x Capricorn Female
Taurus Female x Aquarius Male / Taurus Male x Aquarius Female
Taurus Female x Pisces Male / Taurus Male x Pisces Female
Taurus Female x Aries Female / Taurus Male x Aries Male
Taurus Female x Taurus Female / Taurus Male x Taurus Male


Gemini Female x Gemini Male
Gemini Female x Cancer Male / Gemini Male x Cancer Female
Gemini Female x Leo Male / Gemini Male x Leo Female
Gemini Female x Virgo Male / Gemini Male x Virgo Female
Gemini Female x Libra Male / Gemini Male x Libra Female
Gemini Female x Scorpio Male / Gemini Male x Scorpio Female
Gemini Female x Sagittarius Male / Gemini Male x Sagittarius Female
Gemini Female x Capricorn Male / Gemini Male x Capricorn Female
Gemini Female x Aquarius Male / Gemini Male x Aquarius Female
Gemini Female x Pisces Male / Gemini Male x Pisces Female
Gemini Female x Aries Female / Gemini Male x Aries Male
Gemini Female x Taurus Female / Gemini Male x Taurus Male
Gemini Female x Gemini Female / Gemini Male x Gemini Male


Cancer Female x Cancer Male
Cancer Female x Leo Male / Cancer Male x Leo Female
Cancer Female x Virgo Male / Cancer Male x Virgo Female
Cancer Female x Libra Male / Cancer Male x Libra Female
Cancer Female x Scorpio Male / Cancer Male x Scorpio Female
Cancer Female x Sagittarius Male / Cancer Male x Sagittarius Female
Cancer Female x Capricorn Male /Cancer Male x Capricorn Female
Cancer Female x Aquarius Male / Cancer Male x Aquarius Female
Cancer Female x Pisces Male / Cancer Male x Pisces Female
Cancer Female x Aries Female / Cancer Male x Aries Male
Cancer Female x Taurus Female / Cancer Male x Taurus Male
Cancer Female x Gemini Female / Cancer Male x Gemini Male
Cancer Female x Cancer Female / Cancer Male x Cancer Male


Leo Female x Leo Male
Leo Female x Virgo Male / Leo Male x Virgo Female
Leo Female x Libra Male / Leo Male x Libra Female
Leo Female x Scorpio Male / Leo Male x Scorpio Female
Leo Female x Sagittarius Male / Leo Male x Sagittarius Female
Leo Female x Capricorn Male / Leo Male x Capricorn Female
Leo Female x Aquarius Male / Leo Male x Aquarius Female
Leo Female x Pisces Male / Leo Male x Pisces Female
Leo Female x Aries Female / Leo Male x Aries Male
Leo Female x Taurus Female / Leo Male x Taurus Male
Leo Female x Gemini Female / Leo Male x Gemini Male
Leo Female x Cancer Female / Leo Male x Cancer Male
Leo Female x Leo Female / Leo Male x Leo Male


Virgo Female x Virgo Male
Virgo Female x Libra Male / Virgo Male x Libra Female
Virgo Female x Scorpio Male / Virgo Male x Scorpio Female
Virgo Female x Sagittarius Male / Virgo Male x Sagittarius Female
Virgo Female x Capricorn Male / Virgo Male x Capricorn Female
Virgo Female x Aquarius Male / Virgo Male x Aquarius Female
Virgo Female x Pisces Male / Virgo Male x Pisces Female
Virgo Female x Aries Female / Virgo Male x Aries Male
Virgo Female x Taurus Female / Virgo Male x Taurus Male
Virgo Female x Gemini Female / Virgo Male x Gemini Male
Virgo Female x Cancer Female / Virgo Male x Cancer Male
Virgo Female x Leo Female / Virgo Male x Leo Male
Virgo Female x Virgo Female / Virgo Male x Virgo Male


Libra Female x Libra Male
Libra Female x Scorpio Male / Libra Male x Scorpio Female
Libra Female x Sagittarius Male / Libra Male x Sagittarius Female
Libra Female x Capricorn Male / Libra Male x Capricorn Female
Libra Female x Aquarius Male / Libra Male x Aquarius Female
Libra Female x Pisces Male / Libra Male x Pisces Female
Libra Female x Aries Female / Libra Male x Aries Male
Libra Female x Taurus Female / Libra Male x Taurus Male
Libra Female x Gemini Female / Libra Male x Gemini Male
Libra Female x Cancer Female / Libra Male x Cancer Male
Libra Female x Leo Female / Libra Male x Leo Male
Libra Female x Virgo Female / Libra Male x Virgo Male
Libra Female x Libra Female / Libra Male x Libra Male


Scorpio Female x Scorpio Male
Scorpio Female x Sagittarius Male / Scorpio Male x Sagittarius Female
Scorpio Female x Capricorn Male / Scorpio Male x Capricorn Female
Scorpio Female x Aquarius Male / Scorpio Male x Aquarius Female
Scorpio Female x Pisces Male / Scorpio Male x Pisces Female
Scorpio Female x Aries Female / Scorpio Male x Aries Male
Scorpio Female x Taurus Female / Scorpio Male x Taurus Male
Scorpio Female x Gemini Female / Scorpio Male x Gemini Male
Scorpio Female x Cancer Female / Scorpio Male x Cancer Male
Scorpio Female x Leo Female / Scorpio Male x Leo Male
Scorpio Female x Virgo Female / Scorpio Male x Virgo Male
Scorpio Female x Libra Female / Scorpio Male x Libra Male
Scorpio Female x Scorpio Female / Scorpio Male x Scorpio Male


Sagittarius Female x Sagittarius Male
Sagittarius Female x Capricorn Male / Sagittarius Male x Capricorn Female
Sagittarius Female x Aquarius Male / Sagittarius Male x Aquarius Female
Sagittarius Female x Pisces Male / Sagittarius Male x Pisces Female
Sagittarius Female x Aries Female / Sagittarius Male x Aries Male
Sagittarius Female x Taurus Female / Sagittarius Male x Taurus Male
Sagittarius Female x Gemini Female / Sagittarius Male x Gemini Male
Sagittarius Female x Cancer Female / Sagittariu Male x Cancer Male
Sagittarius Female x Leo Female / Sagittarius Male x Leo Male
Sagittarius Female x Virgo Female / Sagittarius Male x Virgo Male
Sagittarius Female x Libra Female / Sagittarius Male x Libra Male
Sagittarius Female x Scorpio Female / Sagittarius Male x Scorpio Male
Sagittarius Female x Sagittarius Female / Sagittarius Male x Sagittarius Male


Capricorn Female x Capricorn Male
Capricorn Female x Aquarius Male / Capricorn Male x Aquarius Female
Capricorn Female x Pisces Male / Capricorn Male x Pisces Female
Capricorn Female x Aries Female / Capricorn Male x Aries Male
Capricorn Female x Taurus Female / Capricorn Male x Taurus Male
Capricorn Female x Gemini Female / Capricorn Male x Gemini Male
Capricorn Female x Cancer Female / Capricorn Male x Cancer Male
Capricorn Female x Leo Female / Capricorn Male x Leo Male
Capricorn Female x Virgo Female / Capricorn Male x Virgo Male
Capricorn Female x Libra Female / Capricorn Male x Libra Male
Capricorn Female x Scorpio Female / Capricorn Male x Scorpio Male
Capricorn Female x Sagittarius Female / Capricorn Male x Sagittarius Male
Capricorn Female x Capricorn Female / Capricorn Male x Capricorn Male


Aquarius Female x Aquarius Male
Aquarius Female x Pisces Male / Aquarius Male x Pisces Female
Aquarius Female x Aries Female / Aquarius Male x Aries Male
Aquarius Female x Taurus Female / Aquarius Male x Taurus Male
Aquarius Female x Gemini Female / Aquarius Male x Gemini Male
Aquarius Female x Cancer Female / Aquarius Male x Cancer Male
Aquarius Female x Leo Female / Aquarius Male x Leo Male
Aquarius Female x Virgo Female / Aquarius Male x Virgo Male
Aquarius Female x Libra Female / Aquarius Male x Libra Male
Aquarius Female x Scorpio Female / Aquarius Male x Scorpio Male
Aquarius Female x Sagittarius Female / Aquarius Male x Sagittarius Male
Aquarius Female x Capricorn Female / Aquarius Male x Capricorn Male
Aquarius Female x Aquarius Female / Aquarius Male x Aquarius Male


Pisces Female x Pisces Male
Pisces Female x Aries Female / Pisces Male x Aries Male
Pisces Female x Taurus Female / Pisces Male x Taurus Male
Pisces Female x Gemini Female / Pisces Male x Gemini Male
Pisces Female x Cancer Female / Pisces Male x Cancer Male
Pisces Female x Leo Female / Pisces Male x Leo Male
Pisces Female x Virgo Female / Pisces Male x Virgo Male
Pisces Female x Libra Female / Pisces Male x Libra Male
Pisces Female x Scorpio Female / Pisces Male x Scorpio Male
Pisces Female x Sagittarius Female / Pisces Male x Sagittarius Male
Pisces Female x Capricorn Female / Pisces Male x Capricorn Male
Pisces Female x Aquarius Female / Pisces Male x Aquarius Male
Pisces Female x Pisces Female / Pisces Male x Pisces Male

The Zodiac Signs as Couples

Fire Signs

Aries female/Leo male

Leo female/Sagittarius male

Sagittarius female/Aries male

Earth Signs

Taurus male/Virgo female

Virgo male/Capricorn female

Capricorn male/Taurus female

Air Signs

Gemini Female/Libra male

Libra female/Aquarius male

Aquarius female/Gemini male

Water Signs

Cancer male/Scorpio female

Scorpio male/Pisces female

Pisces male/Cancer female

Signs as what gender I consider them as.

Aries: Male (even though I’m a female Aries)

Taurus: Female

Gemini: Male

Cancer: Female

Leo: Female

Virgo: Male (yes I know its the virgin woman but idc)

Libra: Female

Scorpio: Male

Sagittarius: Male

Capricorn: Female

Aquarius: Male

Pisces: Female

Kpop astrology masterpost

First of all, I wanna thank you guys for being interested in this series kinda thingy I made! Requesting, reblogging or liking, it all meant a lot, I’m really thankful! I’m sorry I couldn’t make them faster though :-s It was really cute to see you guys reblog and add stuff like “I share birthday with x!” or “My birthday and Y’s are one day apart!” hehe cute. I’m really glad you enjoyed my gifs and thank you once again! Here’s all the gifs in proper order so you can find them easier: