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Do you find Daredevil too religious? I’ve heard others complain about that before and I wondered if you had the same issue

Haha, no. Actually, if I’d seen more of the religion stuff dealt with/played with, that would be more interesting to me? Because that shit is my jam, yo. I’m into religious themes and motifs and characters struggling with faith. (My own relationship to religion is…weird. But fictionally I am so down for that.)

Mostly it’s more that…I don’t find Matt himself very interesting? Like, I like his relationship with Foggy, but I’m just not really…the Lone Male Hero Vigilante is never something that I’m very interested in as a character type, generally speaking, and at least thus far that’s…kind of what Daredevil has been. There are aspects I find really interesting - Wilson Fisk is a great villain, I really like Claire and Karen both, the general stuff about corruption and street level crime is stuff that I am into, but…I just can’t get around the fact that it is a series about a Lone Male Hero Vigilante. 

And I just can’t really…get excited about that? :\ I hear it gets better around, like, episode 10, but that’s a lot of episodes to watch. 

I really hate how often Hillary Clinton mentions that she would be the first female POTUS, it’s like she thinks we’ve forgotten. Barack Obama didn’t run his campaign on being the first Black president. Bernie Sanders was the first Jew to EVER win a primary election (in any state) and I don’t think he’s mentioned that once, and in addition to being the first Jewish president he would also be the first non-Christian president in general.

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hey so i'm a trans boy and i'm not out. my school is huge about spirit days, and for an upcoming assembly they're going to have girls wear one school colour and guys wear another. if i don't participate then classmates will likely badger me with questions as to why i didn't dress up and i'm not good at lying. if i do participate then i'm subjecting myself to either coming out or having a completely awful experience and likely quite a few anxiety attacks. do you have any advice on what to do?

You could do the guy’s color but I know some places that would be not safe. If you have to wear the female color some people like to act like an undercover spy. Personally I would wear an outfit that has some of both color. Then people wont ask any questions. Or wear an outfit with a very small amount of the female color.


mcu ladies week
↳ day 5 favourite relationship: jessica jones + trish walker

“I think Jessica met Trish at a part in her life where it was really the first person to say, I like you as a person. I don’t care about that “Patsy Walker” thing that you do. I like you as a person. I think that’s very meaningful to Trish.  So I think there is a deep sense of debt to Jessica for that reason.  I think she wants to save her.”- Rachel Taylor (x)

I think it’s very strange to see in the media a friendship like this, or any female relationship like this, in which both are intelligent, independent, strong, flawed, insecure women who are willing to fight and give everything for the other.  I love that they both speak honestly, they tell each other when they are wrong and try to make each other see reason, no matter how much it can hurt. I just adore the sincerity of this relationship, their strength to fight together, to support each other even in the most dangerous moments, and to try to overcome together  the traumas they both have. 

lexa kind of seems like the ridiculous drama kween character ive always wanted in a female character.. like tries to be cool and detached and unemotional but on the inside shes entirely melodrama trying to burst out.. the kind of character who i can make fun of by talking about how much she cries and it’s not making fun of crying but rather the fact that shes just a huge.. drama queen about everything

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Would you mind doing more gender neutral imagines? You tend to add gifs of girls/women beside the guys that the gif is about even if gender isn't otherwise specified...

Of course I can, the imagines are for everyone it’s just that I like putting a gif in. I always write ‘them/they’ pronouns as opposed to 'her/she’ or 'him/he’ anyway. A lot of the time when things are requested the requester puts 'female reader’ which is usually why I put in a female gif but like I said these things are for everyone! Does that mean you want me to use more male/gender fluid etc gifs? xx

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I'm currently questioning my gender. I can't tell if I'm genderfluid or trans ftm. For as long as I can remember I've been jealous of boys and secretly wished I could be a boy. But I still like some things deemed as "female things", like I like makeup sometimes and leggings. If I am ftm I don't think I would stop shaving because I just like being shaved lol and I don't think I would ever go on testosterone, does that mean I really wouldn't me trans ftm but something else or could I still be ftm?

You can absolutely still be ftm. It doesn’t matter what you like; makeup and clothes have no real reason to be gendered anyways, nor does shaving for that matter. Some people like to look and dress a certain way, some people have preferences about body hair, and that has no impact on their gender. As for going on testosterone, you don’t need to do that to be ftm either. The only thing that determines your gender is how you feel, and you don’t need anything else to make you a certain gender. Whether you’re a trans guy or genderfluid is up to you to determine, but you don’t have to rule out being ftm just because of your likes and preferences.


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Hi, is ok if I ask about how you feel about yourself? i mean, i know you dont feel ok with your body because you are not female, but i would like to know if you feel ok with your body about your weight. Is perfectly ok if you dont answer, thanks.

sorry this took so long, i was trying to think abt how i wanted to answer this since it seems like it might be smth personal for you that you might be struggling with?

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hnnnnng just found two tattoo artists near me that actually do work in styles I like. One is a female and a bone collector! Like… 8 miles away from me. Guys. Help.