Before starting I want to say that this is my opinion and my thoughts and I’m not trying to offend anyone. I believe this is a controversial topic, but personally, I think someone needs to say it. 

All of this sounds well-intentioned, and on the surface, it almost feels like female empowerment. The idea of becoming our true selves by stripping away makeup implies that we are wearing it solely as a facade. It implies that we aren’t confident. It implies that we only feel beautiful when we wear makeup. It implies that we are struggling with self esteem issues merely because we buy makeup. It implies that we wear makeup to impress people around us. Quite simply, it implies that we aren’t as strong as the women who face the day with bare faces.

The only answer is no, those are not the reasons.  

It’s fine if you tell us that we don’t need makeup in order to be beautiful. It’s fine if you tell us we should embrace our natural beauty and be who we really are. It’s fine if you tell us that we are more lovely without any makeup at all.

But at the end we wear makeup because we can and we want to.

It’s okay that you spent thirty minutes doing your makeup today, it doesn’t mean you are superficial or shallow. It just means that you have a different routine than the women who don’t wear it, vice versa, if you don’t fancy makeup and don’t feel like spending time doing it, it’s okay. 

Different is not better or worse. It’s just different.

If you want to wear makeup, cool.
If you don’t want to wear it, cool.

If you hate on somebody for wearing make up, not cool.
If you wanna wear a certain type of make up, cool.

The only superficial statement here is thinking that we wear makeup because of you. Most girls don’t wear makeup to attract men, they wear it because they want to.

We love makeup, simple as that. Makeup is an art and it’s okay to like it, and do it.

If you want to wear make up, you’re beautiful. If you don’t wear makeup, you are still beautiful.

If a man is concerned about something the amount of makeup his significant other wears, then he is a waste of time. People should love you, for being yourself. 

To finish, I don’t post about personal things but I had to point out this because it’s so subtle and unspoken. 

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Love you all, Valeria.


Who would you put on the hypothetical roster of an All-Female Sinister Six?


120 Beauties: 89) Nicki Minaj 

“My advice to women in general: Even if you’re doing a nine-to-five job, treat yourself like a boss. Not arrogant, but be sure of what you want - and don’t allow people to run anything for you without your knowledge.”

In defense of male Elves, not that they need my help …

There seems to be a misconception that male Elves are girlie-men because they have fair features and no beards.  First, it may just be the male reflex to insult or demean beautiful men, like long-haired Elves, as less manly because “manly men” are often less handsome than their well-groomed counterparts.  But, that knee-jerk stuff is generally from outside the fandom where Elves are called ‘gay’ to turn women away from them and back towards their potential RL partners (and little do they know that their gf’s are probably secretly really into gay Elves, hahahaha!).  However, this feminizing of male Elves is also wide-spread within the Tolkien fandom in art and writing.

Perhaps this is propagated to further the desire of slash fic writers that Elf men are too pretty to be anything other than gay.  Since much of the slash fanfic is written by females, I’d say it may stem more from female competitive selfishness than anything else.  Meaning, ugly truth time, straight women are often either going to write Mary Sue or they’re going to write their favorite characters as gay because they’re not with them, so no other woman should have them either. 

This is a phenomenon which I will refer to as the selfish-ship.

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pink-stinkfish I drew this for you to celebrate your follower milestone! I know you like Phase 2, you like Murdoc, you like Myrtle (female Murdoc), and you like the cape, so here’s all of that in one pic C:

Enjoy and you definitely deserve it! you’re super cool to me and I love talking to you and you’re always supporting my junk! hope you like it.

Nb people can’t be straight i think.



eisuke-lchinomiya asked:

hi! do you think you'll make more routes in future games where the MC's love interest is female like Medusa?

Hello! We can’t say for now, but if you’re interested in female love interests, you can romance a character named Emily in Voltage USA’s game “Queens Gambit”! Their tumblr is voltage-graphicnovelromance ヽ(・ω・ゞ)

Why Shantae deserves to be in Smash

Because I think not only Super Smash Bros needs more female characters, they really need more female protagonist. I mean how many female protagonists are there in smash? One, Only one!

And the rest of female fighters like Peach, Wii Fit Trainer, Lucina and Palutena doesn’t count 

Some of them are side characters and some of them have male counterparts.

We need a female lead character and Shantae is a perfect choice. Not only she has skills and the looks

Shantae mostly has a likable Personality who’s being fun loving, sassy, and such a sweetheart

Like Rosie would say “We Can Do It!”

I mean come on Nintendo, dont be sexist and give girls a chance.

Shantae For Smash!

when will payday 2 learn that I will only buy character packs if they’re female. like Clover is literally the only female character you can play as in the entire game. and I’m 80% sure there aren’t any black playable characters, so why not do something rad and have a black female character??? why not??? it’d be fucking rad.

we watched an episode of i am cait last night, and it got me thinking.

she was struggling with referring to the trans community in a way that included her as well. opting for “they” instead of “we”.

and i think for me right now, that’s kinda where i am at. like i don’t belong here because i am a fresh face to the community and haven’t been here from the beginning or whatever.


this community is so lovely and i want to belong and i sometimes feel like i do. just other times, something doesn’t fit, and i feel like maybe i shouldn’t be here cuz i have only been out for 4ish months so maybe i haven’t gone past the initiation stage yet haha.


Just watched Sargon of Akkad’s video on the whole tumblr “fat acceptance” trope, and God Almighty have mercy on their souls. The sheer void that exists were logic ought to is downright staggering.

anonymous asked:

How in the fuck is saying someone is biologically male or female transphobic?its fucking science, its a term, from biology, if you have female reproductive organs, you are physically a female like it or not, mentally you might not be but saying someone is male/female is not transphobic, also, why do you get to pass the ultimate judgement on what's transphobic and what's not?? Its not like I'm jealous but like why you??????is it your god given right????????

because i am trans nonbinary! I experience transphobia, believe it or not! i get a say in what is offensive to me and other people who are a part of the same community. cis people do not experience transphobia, so they have no say. its not their place. “biological sex” is considered transphobic by a lot of trans people. i am not female at all. i am 100% agender. no part of me is female, regardless of the fact that i have a vagina. i am not biologically female. i am not female. cis people need to stop making the concept of gender have a disconnect. its not “my brain doesnt match my body”. no. my body is just as much agender as my mind is. saying otherwise is transphobic. again, it’s reducing trans people to their genitals. which is transphobic! have a nice day