Women in Combat Units is Still a Bad Idea (Sorry)
Relevant issues that make full integration of women into combat units a counter-productive move.

“In truth, war is sometimes fun, but it is never fair. 

The goal is to win, and I don’t care what pandering politicians say—winning is not defined by nation-building or making people happy; that isn’t the militaries job. Winning is killing the enemy while preserving the lives of our own.  The mechanisms to ensure this goal should be the highest priority of the military, and ideally the civilian population it serves—it appears that it isn’t, at least not right now.”

Camping for Everyone, and Other News
From Wiser Counselors, Better Camps, Happier Children, 1929Anyone who maintains that writers play a pivotal role in advancing and transforming our language is dead wrong—the real engines for linguistic change are teenage girls, who have served as “disruptors” since the fifteenth century, if not earlier. Linguists who studied 6,000 letters from 1417 to 1681 “found... Read More »
By Dan Piepenbring

Women can enjoy camping, too, and other news.