#wip 👁📽 Each hole is a little sunset
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THE WORLD GOES POP! - Tate Modern.

After a few weeks I went back to visit the world goes pop exhibition again. The second time around I could connect and engage with the work a lot more and see their true potential. Whereas the first time there was far too many people viewing the artwork. This is obviously good it shows that there was a great interest and turn out for the artwork, and the publicity socially throughout the internet and posters was successful; However you cannot see all the work and relate to each piece that is in the same room as you can’t see them without having to walk around public members.

Room 7- Jana Zelibska

Zelibska had previously trained as a graphic designer and illustrator in Bratislava, She began creating these interesting rooms producing an uneasy environment using large silhouettes featuring fragments of the female body. Using non-art materials as a distraction and obstruction from some elements of the body, such as mirrors, fabric, neon and plastics. I choose this artist as I found her technique of displaying the female body very unique. The way in which the mirror is used as a symbol to cover the private area personally I think it could possibly relate to many social issues throughout society today. Such as the importance of females ‘looking good’ applying make up in a mirror and being photoshop quality in real life.

- Leanna Whaley