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Há quem diga que sou mimada e patricinha, outros que sou independente e despojada. Há quem diga que sou fria e desligada, outros que sou preocupada e sentimental até demais. Há quem diga que choro demais, outros que não sei o que é isso. Há quem diga que sou estourada, não levo desaforo pra casa e adoro uma briga, outros que quero paz, calmaria e uma música boa. Há quem diga que sou metida, outros que sou de boa. Há quem diga que sou respondona, mal encarada e sem educação, outros que sou simpática e educada. Há quem diga que sou grosseira e só sei dar coice, outros que sou meiga e carinhosa. Há quem diga que sou calculista e conservadora, outros que sou um livro aberto e que não penso em nada. Pra uns sou Maria, pra outros sou Beatriz. Já fui ninguém, já fui “aquele alguém”, já fui até quem não sei quem é. Para alguns eu sou só um emaranhado de coisas, um pouquinho de cada, a mais bela complicação. E para mim eu não sou nada, além de sua.
—  Meu erro foi ter me apaixonado por você, Charlie.
E eu quase te liguei hoje. Pra ouvir sua voz rouca de sono me xingando por ter ligado em plena madrugada, depois sua risada baixa e engraçada, quase falhando. Quase liguei pra te dizer que o dia, a noite, a madrugada, o quarto e eu, não é a mesma coisa sem você. Quase te liguei hoje, só pra te acordar de pirraça por ter dormido mais cedo que eu ou só pra deixar claro que tô com saudades, e insônia. Quase te liguei, nem que fosse só pra ouvir sua respiração forte e seus resmungos enquanto dorme. Mas foi quase.
—  Meu erro foi ter me apaixonado por você, Charlie.

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Could I get a request for Kuroo with a long haired s/o (since it's canon that he likes girls with long hair), that cuts her hair off and he's like, shocked, while Yaku is laughing his ass off over that reaction, lmao

I actually didn’t know that! Points to me for being a fan of the show but never really looking too much into it… come on, I write fan stuff for the show! D: But here you are, anon! My first scenario in awhile!! Please enjoy! Thank you!!! -Admin 4AM

“Hey, lookin’ good!” You smile and say that the person who just complimented you looks nice as well. You’re walking to the gym and a lot of your friends have told you how cute you look. All of this praise makes you feel great about you decision and makes you feel truly beautiful. Here are the doors to the gym, just where you were headed!

“Hi, ____!” Someone shouts. The whole team turns with a smile, only for the smile to turn to a look of slight shock and wonder.

“Oh, ____, did you cut your hair? That’s a good length on you!”

“Thanks. It was getting pretty hard to handle before anyways. I’m glad too, it’s so easy to maintain now~”

“_-_-____?!” Kuroo yelps.

“Oh! Tetsurou! Hey. I’ll wait here for today since club got done early, we can walk home together today!”


“Hm?? Tetsurou?” In the background you can hear Yaku snickering and nearly choking on air.

“Yeah, sorry I… what happened to your hair?”

“This?” You ask and play with a couple of the short strands. You smile sheepishly, dropping your hair and looking up at your boyfriend. “I cut it, was getting a little problematic.”

“I see…” Kuroo seems to be in a daze, he cannot stop looking at you. Or more specifically: your hair. “But why?”

“I just said… it was getting problematic. Have you been hydrating yourself enough?”

“Okay,” Kuroo mumbles. Yaku’s snickering turns into small chortles. He’s trying to keep it together but is failing really badly. Are those tears coming out of his eyes?

“Uh, everyone is making sure he’s drinking a good amount of water, right?” A couple of the faces you see smile at you in a teasing manner, but there are some nods here and there. “What is wrong with this man, I swear…”

Kuroo puts a hand on the top of your head and runs his fingers down to the short stop that is the ends of your cut hair. He’s trying to believe this is real. He’s also trying not to be an ass for making a big deal out of how you look. But he can’t help but wish you had your longer hair back.

“This is real life?” Kuroo asks you. You sigh, nodding and even playing with your own hair along with your boyfriend. The look on Kuroo’s face when the fact finally sets in makes Yaku double over and wheeze.

“Someone get Yaku some water! I think he’s about to throw up!”

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I already requested this in other blog but i would be happy to read your answer, too. How boys would react if their s/o kicked Cor's ass?

Can I just say, I appreciate you care enough to mention that because that’s awesome that you take the feelings of the writers/admins into consideration, but I don’t mind if the requests I’m sent have been sent to other blogs, so don’t feel like you have to clarify that with me if you don’t wanna.

I trek through the ffxv imagines tags too so I’ll probably see repeat prompts anyway

Moving on!


  • He stands there, shocked that his s/o took down Cor the Immortal
  • He’s slightly horrified and in awe, have you always been this strong or was it an off day for Cor? He’ll settle on the second option, he’d like to think the guy in the forces keeping his father and city safe was stronger than that
  • Noctis tells Cor old age must be getting to him, it earns him a glare when he pats you on the back and says he’s glad you’ll be there for his trip
  • Lowkey makes a mental note to stop skipping out on practice because he doesn’t want the guys to tease him about how his girlfriend is stronger than he is


  • Silent surprise with a small, “Well.”
  • He assumes Cor must be having an off-day, his reputation as Cor the Immortal is well-known for a reason and how you managed to beat someone of his caliber, even if it was a training session, was beyond his comprehension
  • Still, he gives you your credit, Cor is on the floor and looks far more worn than you do, and applauds, asking how you managed that feat and jokingly calls you (y/n) the Immortal


  • He loudly goes “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH” when he realizes you’ve won
  • He’s totally going to brag about this to Noctis and probably takes a photo or 10
  • Then he quiets down awkwardly and tells Cor “so uh, g-good job?”
  • You’ve also motivated him to train harder because he wants to be able to keep you safe on the road too
  • Takes you out for a burger to celebrate


  • He wants to train with you next, let’s make that very clear now because if you can kick Cor’s ass, what does that mean for him?
  • He helps Cor up and says he’s going soft and needs to sharpen up which earns him a grunt
  • But damn he’s proud of you and asks what you do to train and that maybe you should join the Crownsguard
  • He’ll also invite you to train Noctis with him, maybe that’ll get him to start taking things seriously


  • Regis hates the idea, for obvious reasons. He hasn’t met the man in 12 years but he remembers what happened in Tenebrae and knows full well this man hates him.
  • But he believes in you and your strength and that, should you run into any trouble, you’ll be resourceful and stand strong. You are his daughter, after all.
  • Noctis, ever quiet, accepted his own betrothal without complaint, but looks annoyed at the news of yours
  • You might be older, but you’re his sister, so he feels some small bit of brotherly protection
  • But there’s nothing that can be done, so he settles with quiet disapproval and asking you’re okay with the arrangement. Not that it matters but he at least wants some assurance that you’ll be okay.
  • In canon-verse, assuming you didn’t travel with the #squad and instead made your way to Tenebrae, you would find yourself immediately held within the manor under constant supervision
  • During this time Maria and a few other maids would be your company

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