The warden coming to meet Leliana at skyhold! Because You know Leliana knew where the warden was and just did not tell Cassandra the same way Varric didn’t talk about Hawke. I guess she just respects Leliana more not to go off on her like she did to Varric. 

(Disclaimer: I used a fuck ton of textures on this instead of fully painting the interior of skyhold because I’m an adult with a job that inst drawing so I only had a few hours to do this. also I used like six different face references to make each of their faces and i cant remember who they were because I started this originally like six months ago, soooooooo)

Exalted Council
  • Teagan: (angry ranting about the Grey Wardens)
  • Inquisitor: awks.
  • Inquisitor: I mean
  • Inquisitor: your king and Queen are literally Grey Wardens.
  • Inquisitor: And the queen is, like, Warden Commander Cousland.
  • Inquisitor: and it's not a secret
  • Inquisitor: so I'm just saying.
  • Inquisitor: stfu Teagan.

Redid an old picture of Meriana to compare if I improved at all in the past years… 3 ½ years and I seem to have learned a few things… and I have a lot of things left to learn. 

But I am happy with the result and that Meri didn’t change THAT much… But she is and will always be one of my favorite characters. I wanted to draw her again properly… haven’t done in a long while. And she deserved some attention again… after all, she’s been with me since I started playing DAO in 2011… 

(And Meriana’s owl is called Nageat.)

Hello everyone after a long break. I was too busy with personal stuff, preaparation for convention and other things so there were no time for drawing. Now, I’m back with Dragon Age related art of course, but this time with king Alistair and his lovely wife, Anabell Cousland. Art is inspired but Matt Rhodes art from DA:I dlc Trespasser.


Do not use this art without my permission. Anabell Cousland belongs to me. Do not claim my original character as your own.

do you ever just think about the potential of anora/female warden and cry??
-anora learning to trust the warden, the two relying on each other and slowly overcoming their differences
-the two most powerful women in ferelden becoming close, a relationship based on respect & eventually understanding
-a female cousland who had known anora since childhood, who had grown up with anora and loved her silently for years, finally confessing her love
-small smiles turning into hands brushing together turning into embraces and kisses and nights spent in each others company
-anora seeing her warden-commander off to battle, gently kissing her and begging her love to remain safe
-anora and the warden-commander reunited after the latter returns from amaranthine, embracing in the castle courtyard. the usually restrained anora unable to prevent herself from rushing toward her warden, holding her close
-anora and a female warden!!!!