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Bill Cipher (fem!) - Dark Inquisitor
Bill Cipher - Plague_Rat (vk.com/malakimfors)
Photographer and editor - Jack Haiiro (m.worldcosplay.net/member/AW-N )

Daughters of Darkness- A mix for lady villians and antiheroes

Whether you’re bad to the bone or just a complicated antihero with occasionally violent intentions, this is a mix for women who walk the wild side.

1. Daughters of Darkness| Halestorm//2. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap| Joan Jett//3. Bad Girls Do It Well|  M.I.A.//4. Kill of the Night| Gin Wigmore// 5. Everything Burns| Anastacia ft. Ben Moody//6. Bad Reputation| Joan Jett//7. My Medea| Vienna Teng//8. Black Sheep| Gin Wigmore//9. Mother| Lisse//10. Glittering Cloud| Imogen Heap//11.No Good Deed| Idina Menzel//12. Golden Queen Galaxia| Horie Mitsuko// 13. Fight Like a Girl| Emilie Autumn//14.Cheap and Evil Girl| Bree Sharp //15. Ghost Flowers| OTEP//16. Rocking Horse| The Dead Weather

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I realized in the process of making fanmixes I’d collected a lot of songs about ladies feeling violent and scary, so I put them all together for a lady villian and/or antihero mix. The cover graphic (which I short of gave up on halfway through) is my favorite lady villians and antiheroes that I think of when playing certain songs from this mix.

Angelina Jolie delivers empowering Kids’ Choice Awards speech: ‘Different is good’

“Angelina Jolie has a message for young people — being different is something to proud of.

The actress, who appeared at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards’ show with daughters Shiloh and Zahara, shared the message in her speech after winning “best villain” for her performance in “Maleficent.”

“I want to say that when I was little, like Maleficent, I was told that I was different,” she said after thanking all the kids who voted.

APChris Pratt presents the award for favorite villain to Angelina Jolie for “Maleficent” at Nickelodeon’s 28th annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

“I felt out of place — too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in. And then one day I realized something — something that I hope you all realize. Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud”

Then, adding a little advice from the character which earned her award, Maleficent, she said: “And as your villain, I would say: cause a little trouble; it’s good for you.”

Read the full piece here

Photo: Getty Images - Actress Angelina Jolie accepts the Favorite Villain award for 'Maleficent’ onstage during Nickelodeon’s 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

I wish villains could be villains for the sake of being villains. What I mean is, you know that post about the literature teacher’s interpretation that went something like:

Author: The curtains were dark blue.

What the English teacher thinks: The curtains are obviously an allusion to the depression he was experiencing during writing this.

What the Author meant: The curtains were dark blue.

That’s what it’s like when Tumblrites interpret any villain. They think female villians are sexist. “Of course a man would write a female as a villain! Oh I’m sorry, is me wanting rights and smashing the patriarchy evil in your eyes, you misogynist?!”  They only see the it as “the female is a villain” instead of “the villain is female”. Next, they think a male villain’s actions is some allegory to manipulative MRA dudebros. The most prominent example is when a male character in Gravity falls does something bad.

Take Gideon for example, he’s a villain written to be conniving and manipulative. He does something conniving and manipulative towards Mabel and Tumblrites are in a uproar posting things about how he symbolizes MRAs who use manipulative tactics to make themselves look innocent and women look bad if they don’t do what the man wants, and praise the writers for creating a character to show young girls how to spot a manipulative dudebro. He’s just a more modernized Frollo. All the writers did was take a pre-existing villian archetype and insert it into a modern setting.

Another example is when Dipper is jealous because Wendy has a boyfriend and he tries to expose said boyfriend as an abusive jerk. His plan succeeds, they break up, and Dipper asks her if she wants to go bowling. She says she’s not in the mood and calls him out for being selfish. Now Dipper is a pariah to Tumblrites who paint him as a “Wah I did something good for you, now you owe me” MRA dudebro. Ok, I’m not saying his actions were justified but wow, you guys just blow things out of proportion. Yes, his actions were selfish but not “I don’t care about women’s feelings. Women are objects that live to serve me” selfish as you people see it. I could maybe understand if he was like 20, but cut him some slack, he’s like 12 years old. What 12 year old understands the complexity of dating and emotions? Even if he knew his actions were selfish, he probably wasn’t aware of the magnitude how selfish they were.

Oh and before you go “hurr only males would manipulate to get love”, I’ve seen enough shows and movies to know women are no exception. Is that girl you hate dating your best friend, brother, or a guy you’re crushing on? Better break them up by making her look bad because you don’t like hanging around your enemy (if she’s dating your friend/brother) or because only you deserve your crush. And then they do things like ruin the enemy’s hair, clothes, figure etc. or catching them with another guy to make it look like she’s cheating, or exposing her bad side. And then the best friend, brother, crush calls out the female by asking if they ever considered that the guy truly loved the enemy and says that the female character never thought about the guy’s feelings but only her own. But the movie writes it so she isn’t seen as a villain and her actions are justified and the guy is insane for dating the enemy. It’s as if the movie is saying “Poor girl, her enemy has the love she wanted but the main character doesn’t. Feel sorry for her.”. Also a majority of females are not in a position to say all males are manipulative in relationships when their idea of “spicing up” their relationship is to make their boyfriend jealous.