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The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece as an attempt to keep his legacy alive

My hopes for SMC Dream/Naoko's vision

(Since everyone is doing this…and literally everyone in the smc fandom has different expectations for the new designs in season 4. But no one has been a voice I personally 100% agree with (everyone is slighty different) and I know this is pointless since Japanese animators do not read tumblr responses from any western fans but here it goes.)

Sailor Moon as visioned by Naoko Takeuchi, right from the beginning had a myriad of inspirations that inspired the creation of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and the Sailor V manga. Maybe it might be hard to notice at first but these inspirations become more apparent with each volume. There is most definitely a reason for everything she does.

So in order to talk about “my hopes” I need to tell you about Naoko’s. We are one in the same and I wouldn’t change a thing. She loves many things and all of the things she loves are present in Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon!

She loves fashion and was frequently inspired by Vogue and 90’s couture. Even some of the outfits were directly inspired from signature couture pieces! This is why proportions appear elongated and there’s a certain elegance and maturity to her designs. If you’ve ever seen a fashion designer make a sketch then you’ll know why.

She loved figure skating and the movement and elegance of dancing which is why everything has the caught-in-the-wind effect. You’ve probably noticed the skirts look a lot like the skirts figure skaters wear. That’s why the clothes are short and flowy so they can move around in them easily.

One of the most important inspirations for the message of Sailor Moon (SM) and the concept was her love for Astronomy and astrophotography. This probably explains the weightlessness of her designs or why there is a noticeable reduction in gravity in her drawings like everything is floating.

When times were stressful, she dreamed of one day, going up in space and looking back on Earth. She tells us we only have one Earth and to experience such a thing from that vantage point is a reminder of what true happiness must be like. A small reminder that we share more similarities in each other than we have differences.

She loved takarazuka (Japanese) style theater and this probably inspired some of the role-reversals you see in SM. This is why most of the villians are female. Also why Tuxedo Kamen plays a role similar to the damsel in distress or why he typically has powers normally associated with female characters. The key here is female empowerment. You get the sense of strength from this inspiration. This explains the guardian-aspect of the characters here.

Finally one of the last inspirations that drove her to become a mangaka was reading girls manga. She loved this concept and she was a big supporter of seeing more media produced for women by women in the future.

Remember this was at a time in the early 1990s where the Equal Employment Opportunity Law was passed which enabled women to go out into the world and work. She thought it was long overdue and that women needed to be involved in the industry.

So to sum up this short but very long article, when you start saying things like “I want the animators to change their proportions or I don’t think they should wear lip gloss.” What you are effectively saying is that you support the removal of something that makes Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon and so special to so many.

The proportions resemble fashion and add elegance/sophistication and give the girls a sleek maturity. Hence why they are styled with lip gloss to make a statement. It’s empowering. You’re effectively supporting the removal of something that makes them so powerful. It’s literally a fantasy and not meant to be taken literally. This is not real-life, it’s a work of fiction inspired by real life.

So yes, I hope the sequel of Sailor Moon Crystal takes these inspirations into account. I hope dream is dreamy, elegant, mature & elongated, stylized, empowering, flowy & weightless, caught-in-the-wind and an overall fantasy from a womans perspective.

In dream they are all 15 (some are older) and in stars they turn 16. I see no point in supporting super exaggerated anime expressions that make the girls appear younger when they are not at this point.

Sailor Moon is a story about a group of girls with tragic pasts who were forced to grow up quickly and fight for what they believe in at a very young age. Don’t try to change Sailor Moon, let them be who they are. Let them grow up in front of our eyes and be the strong and courageous women they were destined to become.

It’s a powerful message not easily digestible by a society that still views women as the exact opposite of all things Sailor Moon stands for. Sailor Moon never once acts masculine. She emodies everything feminine. She has the bows, the skirt, the make-up, the earrings, tiara and the flawless hair and she stands strong in the face of what seems to be impossible circumstances.

She makes us all believe the impossible has a chance in hell to become possible again. That we all stand a chance, even if the odds are against us. This is Naoko Takeuchi’s dream and this is my dream. So “#just let me dream” and “#take me to the stars

The moonlight is a messenger of Love.

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So I really like a lot of the new planeswalkers, but I have noticed that each set seems to add a new female protagonist, and the few new male planeswalkers we get are usually antagonists, and the few female antagonists that we had before, like lilianna and vraska, for example, seem to be getting redemption arcs where they are less antagonists and more like antiheroes. Any chance for a female villian any time soon? I'd love a well written female antagonist to balance things out a little

Like Nahiri and Emrakul, the main villains of Shadows over Innistrad?

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Hey! I've been reading your work for a while now. Actually both yours and Julia's for a while. And I've only just finished catching up with Steal My Heart. And I had some like constructive criticism? Don't take me the wrong way. I love both of your writing and thought this might help for your next story, because I really would like to see you both collaboration again. Okay so the part where they are on the journey, the whole I love you, trust me thing, gets repeated a lot of times(1/?)

Like maybe twice is enough to get the point across to the reader and the insecure character. The dragon fight scene chapter was brilliant and the whole build up to their relationship was amazing as well. Things I found kind of lacking- For Dan being the villain turned hero, there wasn’t much delving into his villainous story except yeah bad things I did them. (2/?)  The other lacking thing was other gender/sexuality characters. So there was Cornelia, Phil’s mum and the witch. Why not make Brandon a mtf trans character or a badass lesbian or Chris a mad but fucking smart woman? For a story where everyone considers homosexuality normal (which should be every story ever!) I found a strong lack of female and other sexuality characters. (3/?) But really feel free to ignore me. I’m just a small bunch of stupid molecules held together by biology. I only felt like expressing my opinion because I love this story and thought it could be much better and I have always loved both of your works. Please don’t take me the wrong way. Share this with Julia if you’d like or ignore me completely. I’m sorry if I crossed a line. I hope you both are doing well and never stop writing! Bye (4/4)

I’m going to be honest here. I understand where you’re coming from, and I can recognize that you in no way intended to upset me, and that, at the very least, you didn’t say these things with the intent to cause any kind of fight. You meant no harm, and therefore I answer this message purely because I feel I have something very important to say about some of the points you brought up, and I think that this is a good excuse for me to bring up my thoughts, even while knowing that you didn’t mean harm in sending me this message. 

1. The reason the whole I love you, trust me thing gets repeated so many times is due to the fact that these two people are from very, very different walks of life that, in the end, should mark them as enemies. They’re relationship begins as enemies. They have no reason to trust one another, and the theme needed to be echoed time and time again to show the struggle that they are both going through in terms of trusting each other. At any one second, they are terrified that their partner is going to turn on them and turn out to just be using them for one thing or another. 

2. Dan isn’t a villian turned hero. That’s the whole point. Dan isn’t a villian, he’s just someone who is viewed as a villian by people who would see his theiving as villianous. It’s the classic Robin Hood story, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, and being a hero all along. The story arc is that Phil discovers the truth behind his own fucked up World. At the same time, I can agree that in editing we did add a lot of Dan talking about horrible things he has done or has had to do but glossed over them, and we could have made that a bit better in the end.

4. The lack of sexuality in the characters is on purpose. The concept of sexuality doesn’t exist in the world we created. People don’t feel a need to use the terms that we created in our world, because the characters in this world have no concept on sexuality based hate. It doesn’t matter who they find most attractive, because no one cares, and that was the biggest thing I strove to weave into this world; the concept of normalizing sexuality and turning it into something that just… is a kind of utopia from hate based on sexuality. I know it’s not realistic, but that doesn’t matter. Not every story needs to be as realistic as possible. 

3. This is the point that I find incredibly important. What upset me was this idea that every single story needs to include one of each kind of character. There should be only one gay man, one gay women, one bisexul person, one pansexual, one strong female, one strong male but not too strong cause men already have a million stories about them that include them being strong. What upset me was the idea that our story wasn’t enough because we chose to focus on YouTube characters known to be in Dan and Phil’s lives, and also Dan and Phil themselves. What upsets me is this idea that our story isn’t good enough because we should have made Brandon a female instead of a male just so we could have more female representation. What upsets me is that despite going to great lengths to do the one thing I wanted to do, which was to normalize the LGBT community, people feel that we didn’t go far enough because we chose to focus on two characters who never use a label, but who also happen to be male, and surround them with who JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE male characters. What upsets me is this idea of having to pander to everyone and create the perfect story by making every single one of my readers happy by including them in the story in one way or another. When does it end? Never. Any story I, my co-author, us together, any other write, creates, will NEVER be enough. There will always be something more we need to add, more kinds of characters, more representation, and it’s not possible. We wrote this story for fun. We don’t get paid for it. We have spent an entire YEAR working on this to make it as beautiful as possible, and to be attacked because our representation wasn’t enough… that makes me want to give up. 

Imagine if we had made the Duke, a Duchess for the sake of having two people in Phil’s life of different genders trying to court him. People would hate us for making the female character into a villian, for making the gay aspect of the story better then the “straight” one. Imagine if we’d made Brandon a woman. She looks up to Dan more than anything, and people would be mad that we’d put her in a position of being “less than a man”. 

Nothing we could have done was every going to please everyone. So please, stop attacking others because their story isn’t perfect enough.

@ineverhadmyinternetphase Please feel free to add anything you want. 

Batcat is really the only ship that makes me legitimately angry and i dont know why, i ship batman with practically everyone and it still just makes me mad

I think it has something to do with Cat being yet another female villian that was created solely as a romantic interest for a male character. And with her it’s worse because she has no other character traits, she looks sexy, she steals something, she saves some cats, she flirts with batman, that’s it.

And like, they try to make it have this interesting “ooh batman’s dating a villain” dynamic but … she’s just an antihero so who cares??

Like lol, batman and catwoman are getting MARRIED but ivy and harley are still classified as “gal-pals” even though they have sex and live together what a fucking joke

Like im happy for y'all and i know my expectations are too high but i still wanna die

Crazy Bitch Flicks

All your favorite female villains

Gone Girl (2014)

Originally posted by ronsaes

After Amy discovers her husband has been cheating on her she fakes her kidnapping which only leaves one suspect him

Audition (1999)

A widowed man hires Asami to be his girlfriend when all of an sudden things take a horrific turn for the worst

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

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Jennifer Check, a popular closeted lesbian, soul is possessed by a succubus which causes her to desire to devour all the extra salty boys in her school 

Carrie (1976)

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Introverted Carrie White attends prom and surprisingly wins prom queen only to find out it’s a prank and quickly gets revenge on her tormentors

Ginger Snaps (2001) 

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When Ginger is attacked by an unknown creature she begins to slowly transform into a werewolf and she brings everybody down with her

October hasn’t started yet but who cares

By the by, as we chat books, I wanted to share a couple of my fave fairy tale-style ones with my Oncer friends! And non-Oncer friends who like fairy tales too! Yay fairy tales!

(Note: none of these are smutty, but still wonderfully romantic!)

(Note 2: if you have some smutty fairy tale recs, my inbox beckons.)

(Note 3: feel free to reblog with your own fairy tale book recs!! I love recs!!)

There are two authors that really just kill it for me. Both feature strong female leads, good villians and tension, nice UST and unique twists on classic fairy tales.

Under the cut for length:

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More reader being awkward FLUFF coming your way this week!!!!

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But like FEMALE deku!villian??!! That would also be cool right?? But please if you gonna draw her cover up her boobs with that outfit i know for sure something will slip out if yu know what i mean *winks*

yes fem!villain deku might be something interesting to take a looks at! :D


*punches my own face*

*cough cough* sorry about that, totally lost it there, there is a high chance that her outfit is going to be completely different

but at the moment my hands are full so ur gonna have to wait for fem!villain!deku LATER :3

We can be your friends… But…
Do you… T R U S T  U S?

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As new Pokémon games are just a few days away now, how about this amazing battle theme from the latest? The main series finally got a female villian, and holy shit is she crazy. Although she has.. an excuse.. and it looks like that will be explored further soon.

I won’t spoil it if you haven’t played the game at all (and quite frankly, even when you first meet her, she makes a psychotic smile that no normal person would, so the fact you battle isn’t a surprise), but there’s very much an influence of “older” and more mature RPG franchises with regard to everything involving her.