San Francisco-based illustrator Emma Munger created this awesome series of illustrations depicting the male characters from Twin Peaks in classic pin-up poses in the style of American tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. These blushing fellows are the Men Of Twin Peaks and each one is presented with a quote and accessories that match their wonderfully distinct characters. To name just a few of our favorites (because really, we love them all): Agent Cooper enjoys a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie, Sheriff Truman twirls a frosted donut on his finger, and consummate angler Pete Martell is depicted in thigh-deep water holding up his infamous fish in the percolator:

This isn’t Munger’s first Twin Peaks-related project. Last year she created a fantastic series of pin-ups depicting the Ladies of Twin Peaks.

Munger’s Male and Female Twin Peaks pin-ups are available on tattoo flash sheets, as individual prints and on coffee mugs via the Welcome to Twin Peaks Society6 shop. Even more options are available via Emma Munger’s shop too.

To check out more of her artwork head over to Emma Munger’s website or follow her right here on Tumblr at emmamunger.

[via Neatorama and Welcome to Twin Peaks]

More Than Just the Spare

Summary: It wasn’t that Stan was dumb. He just wasn’t as smart as his brother. But when you’re constantly being compared to your extremely gifted twin, there’s no silver for second place.

Inspired by art and posts like these:



and the Frozen song ‘More Than Just the Spare’ (I’m peeved they cut it from the movie 'cause it’s great) which fits little!Stan to a T.

_ _ _ _

Stanley stared at the hands clenched in his lap. It wasn’t the first time he’d been asked to stay after class and it certainly wouldn’t be the last; however, it was the first time with this particular teacher.

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Also just think about how many AU’s (more like timeline switches?) you could make with the assumption that twins always skip a gen in the Pines family.

So you have the Stans being 12 in the 60′s and Dipper and Mabel being 12 in the 2010′s. Going by this difference of about fifty years you’d have a set of Pines twins that are 12 in the 1910′s, a set in the 1860′s, 1810′s, 1760s, etc… going backwards from the Stans. And then 2060′s, 3010′s, 3060′s and so on from Dipper and Mabel.

Bonus headcanons:

-one would always be a Stanley/Mabel type and the other would be a Stanford/Dipper type.
-they always inevitably have a big fight and make up later on in life (some faster than others).
-the book smart twin always has some dangerous, scientific project they’re working on and an interest in the paranormal.
-the people smart twin always gets into a life of crime somehow and always ends up in some occupation that involves lying to/conning people and/or being a business owner of some sort.
-people smart twin has an unusual pet of some kind (I know Stan doesn’t… but we’ll count Gompers as his pet I suppose? it practically lives at the Shack anyways, even though he doesn’t interact with it much).
-book smart twin always keeps a record of their research in some way or form (like a heavily futuristic Pines twin pair would have a Dipper/Ford twin that kept all his/her records on a huge, secret computer virtual simulation database - likewise, an ancient Dipper/Ford twin would collect their findings in a secret cave with their research painted on the walls).
-Bill is always involved somehow; “keeping the Pines in their place”.
-if there’s any sort of order to the twins’ genders, it would go malexmale, malexfemale, femalexfemale, femalexmale, malexmale, etc…
-each set has a connection (sometimes big, sometimes small) to the twin set before them and after them.

no but Dipper and Mabel inheriting the Shack someday

Mabel keeping up the tours and stuff and Dipper keeping up Ford’s research

and they get a phone call from their nephew/niece (or one’s son/daughter, depending on if they have another sibling and had kids themselves or not)

and they’re like, “Oh, the twins were born a few days ago.”

and Mabel and Dipper are just like :3

and then they hear, “We named them Gina and Gillian.”

and Mabel and Dipper just look at each other like :’D