Female dragonflies crash-dive to their fake death to evade male harassment

  • Researcher Rassim Khelifa from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, witnessed a female dragonfly feign her own demise when being chased by a male dragonfly, according to New Scientist.
  • The female, a moorland hawker dragonfly, instantly plunged to the ground and remained still on her back until the male dragonfly was gone.
  • According to New Scientist, Khelifa observed this behavior in 27 out of 31 female dragonflies in an attempt to avoid being pursued by males, of which 21 were successful. Read more (4/27/17)

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Tips to Ease Dysphoria // Ftm trans boy addition

Dealing with dysphoria is a challenging thing that many trans boys deal with, here are my personal tips to avoid feeling dysphoric.

- baggy clothes.

- humor, or if your laugh makes you dysphoric, watching YouTube or listening to happy music.

- being aware that dysphoria doesn’t dictate who you are.

- know that you’re valid and that dysphoria is clouding your confidence.

- being around supportive cis male role models or peers.

- wearing men’s deoderant.

- eating testosterone boosting foods/vitamins (eggs, broccoli, whole milk, vitamin D pills)

- lowering your voice when you talk/slowing down when you talk

Feel free to add on your own!
SJM Meet! (contains slight acowar spoilers)

so I have details for you guys:
•SJM wrote Tower of Dawn after being sick for 9 months and on some medicine that actually made her write it so quickly
•her editor found out about her work on her acotar novellas when she accidentally spilled after drinking a bit too many “adult beverages”
•Rhys’ last name is “hotpants” (she honestly does not have a last name for him)
•Amren is an Old Testament angel of death
•she loves her dog a lot
•the first spin-off acotar novel will be set a few months after acowar
•she wrote 20,000 words of Chaol’s novel in one day
•Tower of Dawn will be around the same size as Empire of Storms
•she believes that people should read and write what they love and not what other people like, that their writing would be better if they wrote what they love
•Catwoman comes out August 2018
•She loves the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward (Rowan would read this series)
•She also loves Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series
•if a guy in her books has a tattoo, he’s THE guy •she loves building female friendships in her novels
•she believes that all females should own their sexuality and be proud of it and not let society push them down. “GIRL POWER!”

she was super sweet when she signed my books and I loved meeting her, ACoWaR was an amazing book so if you haven’t read it, pick it up and read it right now (you might sob)

SOL BOUND now on Kickstarter!

🕹️✨Hello fellow Gamers! ✨🎮

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We are female owned, half of our team are women, and 5 out 6 of us are LatinX! If successful with our first game, we hope to start a mentorship program for many hopeful developers in NYC who find it hard to compete professionally because they could not afford to go to private schools with game dev programs (NYU, SVA, etc) or have the resources, connections, etc available to them. We’re currently working with a gaming initiative group which helps disenfranchised college students of color from Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx learn how to make games. Hopefully we can help them mold some future devs - and maybe add some future recruits to our team! 

If you like you our game, or if you want to support women and minorities in creative and STEM positions, please consider backing us!
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♥ The Crowquetica Team

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i love how the fandom singlehandedly breathed life into drew tanaka’s character…. like 90% (arguably almost 100%) of her interpretation comes from us doing away the toxic, oversaturated mean girl trope she was strutting in in the books (by sheer refusal to accept it as being her sole defining trait) and made her into a bombass subversive female character with her own tag and aesthetic

The sexual nausea associated with all these monster-women helps explain why so many real women have for so long expressed loathing of (or at least anxiety about) their own, inexorably female bodies. The “killing” of oneself into an art object – the pruning and preening, the mirror madness, and concern with odors and aging, with hair which is invariably too curly or too lank, with bodies too thin or too thick – all this testifies to the efforts women have expended not just trying to be angels but trying not to become female monsters. 

Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar, “The Madwoman in the Attic" 

Hi again! As a little gift for 200 followers, here is a dress I recolored made by @kedluu !!!

Thank you all so much for supporting me! I created this simblr a little while ago to find something that was completely separate from everyone and everything at school, to find an outlet and possibly some new friends. The blog means so much to me now and I’m so glad that you all enjoy what I make! Seriously, thank you so much!!!

I hope you like the recolor!

-Mesh is required
-Please do not reupload or claim as your own
-Female Teen-Elder
-Disabled for random

DOWNLOAD l Sim File Share

I was thinking about videogames and representation earlier. I can literally remember when Pokemon Ruby was released where I lived (crystal never got popular so this was the first time that you could be a girl character) and all the guys were getting upset over the fact that there was a girl character.

You didn’t need to play female, you could be a male character. You wouldn’t even have to think about it after the iconic “Are you a boy or a girl?” question. But it pissed them off endlessly, and I never understood why.  I loved it, I no longer had to pretend that the male character was just a tomboy.

When people realised that you could have LGB Sims, all my friends were grossed out. “Why would you want that? That’s just annoying.” Since then, every videogame that’s allowed same sex relationships has had people commenting “why would you want that? that’s just pandering” and I come back to the same point.

You don’t have to play the game that way if you don’t want to.

Nobody forced dudebros to play female in Pokemon, nobody’s forcing you to make a gay FemShep, nobody’s telling you you have to use these options. They are options. I can only think of one game I’ve played where the character you played as had to be gay, and that was Ellie in the Last of Us in a DLC. There are more games obviously where you have to play female (Tomb Raider classically) but it’s pretty easy to avoid them. I take player genders and sexualities into account to a small degree when buying games and I’m still nowhere near a 50-50 split in gender, despite deliberately choosing games where I can be female. I own 1 PC game where you can’t play male. I own at least 30 where you can’t play female. I have 0 games where you have to be gay.

My point is, if female characters and LGBT characters bother you for some reason, you don’t have to use those particular mechanics. And if you have to in a game, then just don’t fucking play that game.

Or do what I’ve done in the last 18 years: suck it up and deal with it.

Lace Back Sweater by lilsimsie

Hello everybody! I always loved this base game sweater but thought the back was a little bit too much. I replaced it with the lace from the Backyard Stuff and bam, a new sweater was born. Since this is only my second piece of CC ever it took me a while to get everything right and I’ve excited to finally share it!

- base game compatible
- 12 swatches
- mixture of EA’s swatches and my own
- female, teen-elder
- disabled for random

Please do not re-upload or claim as your own. Feel free to recolor. Credits to EA for the mesh.

Download (simfileshare)


The pervasive hatred of black women that is misogynynoir comes out especially when black women are celebrating or showing pride in their representation of their black womanhood.

It’s even more reprehensible when this misogyny noir is packaged as Mainstream White Feminism. This isn’t the first time Beyonce was attacked for openly discussing her pregnancy, as fake feminists stretch feminist theory to some bizarre interpretation that Beyonce’s pregnancies are oppressing other women.

This is also not the first time jacked feminist theory was used to attack Serena Williams’s body. Female opponents have criticized Serena’s success and claim that it’s unfair because they don’t want their body to look like Serena’s therefore they will never be as strong and successful as her. These comments about Serena’s body resemble ideas about black women and black femininity that are centuries old. That black women can never be seen as “feminine” or beautiful. And any attempt to celebrate ones own black female beauty will be attacked and mocked.

Black motherhood has been under attack since the Victorian era. Black women are only allowed to be seen as the Welfare Queen mother who “eats her young”. Beyonce stands as direct challenge to that, asserting that black mothers are something to value and writers are doing all types of mental gymnastics to diminish her representations of motherhood.

Let’s not forget that Beyonce’s first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so one has to have some deep, troubling level contempt for black women to find a problem with her celebrating not one but 2 successful and (so far) healthy pregnancies.

Both critiques represent not just misogynoir but the assertion that black women are still not allowed to be in charge of their bodies and are not allowed any ownership to their own definitions of femininity or womanhood.

Adventures in retail

female customer: “I’ve been inside painting today!” *starts showing me all her cuts and bruises on her hands and her thumb had green paint on it, lol*
old cranky dude: “Well, you shouldn’t be doing that! That’s up to the man! Do you not have a man around???”
female customer: “I got rid of him ‘cos all he ever did was sit on his ass and watch me work!!!”
old cranky dude: “Well….you know who started that??! FDR!”
female customer: *confused* “What does he have to do with it??”
old cranky dude: “He…he had women go out of the home and work! Ruined families!!!”
female customer: “Well, I own my own company.”
old cranky dude: “What kind of company is it?”
female customer: “I’m a landscape architect. Do you know that (man-made) lake out by (newer subdivision in town)?? I built that.
old cranky dude: "You mean you worked with the general contractor?”
female customer:NO. I. BUILT. THAT.”
old cranky dude: *face getting more and more red*


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So if my historical sources are telling me the truth…

…and I’m synthesizing the history properly…

…then, in fact, the entire edifice of Western civilization – all the cultural, social, and philosophical structures that define the world in which we live today – can be traced back to a stupid loophole in Roman inheritance law.

NOTE: Everything here is taken either from Francis Fukuyama’s The Origins of Political Order or from a Livejournal post by the Infamous Brad that I am currently unable to find.  I get credit for absolutely nothing, except noticing the connection between Section II and Section III. 

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65 Hockey Asks
  • Have you ever:
  • 1. Been to an NHL game
  • 2. Seen the stanley cup
  • 3. met a hockey player (if so, who?)
  • 4. met a hockey player and not known who it was
  • 5. played hockey?
  • 6. gone skating on a pond
  • 7. been to an NHL playoff game
  • 8. Been to a game where a trophy was awarded?
  • 9. Gotten injured playing hockey/skating
  • 10. Gotten injured WATCHING hockey
  • 11. Cried because of a game
  • 12. Cried because of a goal
  • 13. cried because of a player
  • 14. cried because of a team
  • 15. bought a jersey
  • 16. bought a jersey of a team that wasn't your top pick
  • Favorite:
  • 17. Goal
  • 18. Fight
  • 19. Duo
  • 20. Bromance
  • 21. Team
  • 22. hockey city
  • 23. Player under 25
  • 24. Player over 25
  • 25. Player with a hyphenated name
  • 26. NHL player's name
  • 27. Goal song besides your own teams
  • 28. Player not on your own team
  • 29. Player on your least favorite team
  • 30. Color combination of a hockey team
  • 31. Team name
  • 32. Defenseman
  • 33. Forward
  • 34. Goalie
  • 35. Coach
  • If you were an NHL player:
  • 36. What would your number be?
  • 37. What team would you probably be on?
  • 38. What position would you play?
  • 39. What would be your goto celly?
  • 40. What would your nickname be?
  • 41. How many years would it take for you to win the stanley cup?
  • 42. Would you get along with your coaches?
  • 43. Would you play the villain or the hero?
  • 44. What kind of charity organizations would you devote most of your time too?
  • What NHL Team:
  • 45. Would win the stanley cup if winning was only based on being nice
  • 46. Probably has the best parties
  • 47. Probably gives the best hugs
  • 48. Will win the stanley cup next
  • 49. Has the best AHL team
  • 50. Will be a surprise next year, either good or bad
  • 51. Is the cutest
  • 52. Needs a good pep talk
  • 53. Really needs to just chill
  • Women's Hockey:
  • 54. what NWHL team are you rooting for?
  • 55. What CWHL team do you root for?
  • 56. Favorite female hockey player?
  • 57. Most legendary Female hockey player
  • 58. Favorite Clarkson cup win?
  • 59. Favorite National team?
  • 60. Favorite Japanese female hockey player?
  • 61. Favorite female goalie
  • 62. Favorite female forward
  • 63. Favorite female defensemen
  • Create your own:
  • 64. Penalty
  • 65. Team (city, name, colors)
Drogo x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine owning a small bakery which is overrun by the Mafia resulting in the leader, Drogo, becoming infatuated with you.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Khal Drogo x Reader Modern au? Like he’s a UFC fighter or a mafia leader and reader is our fem Cinnabon bakery owner or student.

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: MODERN AU ♡ ♡ ♡

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