Above is part of the confession tape of Cynthia Cdebaca — a 63 year old woman who spent the first half of her birthday shooting her son-in-law, Geoward Estaquio, fifteen times with twelve of the bullets entering his body. While Cynthia walked to her car twice to reload, Estaquio dragged himself through his garden and into his home where he eventually died. Afterwards, Cynthia left to spend the rest of her special day gambling and drinking coffee.

Later, upon hearing of Estaquio’s death, Cynthia celebrated. She reasoned that she only killed him due to his abusive nature towards his wife, his children and herself. She also admitted that at one point Estaquio had broken his son’s expensive electronics, sprayed family members with water if they misbehaved and had even thrown out the urn of Cynthia’s late husband.

District attorneys did not dispute the abuse the family received at the hands of Estaquio.

Nevertheless, Cynthia Cdebaca was sentenced to 50 years in prison.


Alyssa Bustamante’s mugshots from 2012 to 2016

On the 21st of October 2009, Alyssa Bustamante (15) killed her 9-year old neighbour, Elizabeth Olten because ‘she wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.’ She had lured Elizabeth into the woods and strangled, beat and stabbed the 9-year old. The autopsy also revealed that her throat and wrists had been slashed. Alyssa had dug two graves a week prior to the murder and dumped Elizabeth’s body in one of them. She originally had planned to kill her two younger brothers.

After the murder, Alyssa wrote a journal entry that read:
‘‘I just fucking killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead. I don’t know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the “ohmygawd I can’t do this” feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now… lol.’’

Alyssa Bustamante pled guilty to second-degree murder and armed criminal action and got sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

anonymous asked:

Before you defend males being witches I think you need to step back and realize why people are hesitant about involving males in witchcraft. Historically males were the ones burning and murdering females for witchcraft. It's no coincidence why women are more strongly associated with life/death, magic, etc. It's not transphobic to say this and that men deserve no acceptance in something women were persecuted (and in some areas still are). Women own witchcraft.

I’m sorry if you thought you’d be informing me of something I had no clue of,  but earnestly this whole “Women own witchcraft” is the very most idiotic, Euro centric argument I have ever heard in Witch Discourse.

You need to get off your racist, sexist high horse right this instant.

I’ve done research and experienced witchcraft in my own culture and have knowledge of the witch hunts of the 1600s. It’s not a case of “The evil males murdering women!!!” It was a case of both women and men who used their religion to murder people horrifically and senselessly out of ignorance and fear. Both genders were the perpetrators and victims, both genders were the victims. Some women are more in tune to their spirituality and open to witchcraft due to the way western culture has brought women and men act. In other cultures, men are more likely to be spiritual leaders, or it may be perfectly egalitarian. 

Saying that women own witchcraft because men in their culture fucked shit up for witches is essentially saying that atheists and pagans alone own witchcraft because Christians fucked shit up for witches. 

Saying that women own witchcraft is like saying that poc own witchcraft because of imperialism’s damage to poc’s culture. 

Saying that women own witchcraft is like saying that only people born to witch families own witchcraft.

Inherently, all people, males included, have the same amount of spiritual potential and energy. The way some people’s witchcraft works is recognizing that we are all witches, we are all beings with energies and spirituality and we choose to develop and partake in our own. Blocking off half the population for crimes they did not commit is disgusting.

Not to mention how GODDAMN RACIST THIS IS!

I come from Miami, and in Miami I’ve experienced a lot of the Santeria culture. Here, people mostly talk about it when there’s dead chickens washing up on shores after sacrifices or when dead animals are dropped off in bags at the courthouse, and I’m going to assume that you think witchcraft is revamped spells from the 1600s where animal bones are cutely replaced with some other herb followed by crystals sitting on the shelf.


Santería is a culture of witches. Santería is very valid witchcraft, it is sometimes bloody and not cute and not adapted to Western Culture but that is the goddamn point. There are males that practice witchcraft in this culture, in fact leaders of all genders.

Native Indigenous culture have had Shamanism and related spiritualistic religions, there are so many tribes where witchcraft comes in the forms of women, men and non binary people such as the complex Two Spirit identity doing rituals, sacrifices, meditations… witchcraft is the practice of magick, and guess who practices magick?

These babies! See the things in grey! Those are called non western civilizations! Theses are places where thousands of individual communities exist, all with their own religions and native cultures! And most of them have all practiced some form of magick! Both men and women and non binary people!

If you’re a crystal witch, male or female or nonbinary Shamans probably made or sold you your crystals. Your lore could be from a Jewish Rabbi, of Jewish Mysticism. Or the Muslim intertwining of pagan and occultism. Or it could be the literal God Of Witchcraft, Thoth, in Egyptian culture. It could be an Alchemist, such as Gilles de Rais or Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, all males murdered for their practicing witchcraft. The masks and skulls bought may very well be from Ghana tribes that were used as Talismans, or certain artifacts and rituals may come from Benin, West African tribes and communities. 

You do not, never have, never will own witchcraft. No one ever will. And if you think men should be excluded, then only female, magick inherited African tribes victim to imperialism should own witchcraft.

Thank you for reading, and fuck Euro Centric supremacy.

Jill the Ripper?

Many of us are familiar with Jack the Ripper, the unidentified serial killer from 1880′s White Chapel. But what if it wasn’t Jack at all, what if Jack was actually Jill. 

There is a theory that Jack the Ripper wasn’t a man at all, but rather a woman. For one if it was a female midwife they would be able to subdue their victims just by applying pressure on their pressure points thus making killing and mutilating their victim easier. Also the killer if she was female could disguise herself in the victims clothing to make leaving the crime scene easier and less noticeable. 

One of the ripper’s victims, Mary Kelly, was thought to have died between 3 and 4 am. But Mrs. Maxwell gave aw testimony saying she saw Mary Kelly not once but twice after she was thought to have died. When detectives asked if she was sure she was adamantly sure she had seen Mary Kelly wearing the outfit she was seen in earlier that day. Could the killer have been posing as Kelly to escape unnoticed?

In William Stewart’s book “Jack the Ripper: A New Theory” he narrowed down the class of who a female ripper could have been. He said that the ripper could have been a midwife-probably an abortionist- who was betrayed by one of her patients and then sent to jail. Her motive for killing was to get revenge on her own sex for betraying her. 

While there is not much supporting this theory it is an interesting one none the less and one I hadn’t heard of. We may never know the true identity of Jack the Ripper but it is fun to speculate. 


This Day In Crime

Brenda Spencer
‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ 

Female mass murderers/school shooters are a rare occurrence, but not on January the 29th 1979, at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego. Whilst the young children were waiting at the school gates for it to open, Brenda Spencer got her rifle and stood at her window. Spencer fired 30 rounds of ammunition, killing the principle, a custodian and injuring 8 children. Spencer then barricaded herself in her home hours before being arrested. 

Whilst inside on the phone a reporter asked why? Brenda’s response was “I don’t like Mondays”  

Brenda Spencer was sentenced to 25 to life 

Spencer has had 4 parole requests denied, her next hearing is 2019

While Katherine Knight was 45 years old when she committed murder, there had been a long history of serious warning signs that were consistent throughout her life. 

From childhood she would bully children in her school, and was able to change her behaviour at the drop of the hat in order to fool teachers into believing she was a well mannered child. Her first romantic relationship, and all her subsequent relationships, was viciously physically abusive. Her first husband was tormented and subjected to brutal assaults. On their wedding night she attempted to strangle him, on another occasion she burned all of his clothes, and there was also an incident where she struck him over the head with a large frying pan, causing massive skull fractures that required emergency medical attention. Again she used her charm to get out of any form of trouble with the authorities, convincing her husband repeatedly to drop charges against her. 

It was during her first marriage that she was also detained in psychiatric institutions on more than one occasion. The first incident that prompted her detention was an episode of ‘post-natal depression’ that led her to violently throw the pram with her newborn in it from side to side. She spent several weeks in hospital and on her release she left her baby deliberately on the train tracks when a train was due, stole an axe, went into town and started to threaten to kill members of the public. Thankfully her infant daughter was discovered on the train line before she could be harmed, and once again Katherine was detained in hospital. Her final period of institutionalisation was immediately after she was discharged, as she left the hospital, slashed a woman’s face with a knife and held a young boy hostage in a service station. 

While all of her relationships were marked with her extreme temperament and propensity for violence, her final partner John Price would experience the worst of it. The whole relationship had been abusive, with him leaving Knight after she stabbed him in the chest. He put a restraining order out against her, but warned his coworkers if he went missing chances were he was murdered by Knight. 

Whenever Price didn’t leave for work the day after the restraining order was issued, his neighbours grew concerned and inspected the home, on seeing blood stains through the window they called the police. Police entered Price’s home to find his dead body and an unconscious Knight, lying next to him having overdosed on medication. She had stabbed Price while he was sleeping, but this did not kill him - he woke, and ran from her. There was evidence he made it to the door, but fell, and was dragged back into the home where he bled to death. The autopsy revealed that he been stabbed 37 times. Knight then proceeded to skin his dead body, hanging his skin from a meat hook. She decapitated price, and proceeded to cook a full meal using portions of his body. She set the dinner table with a note next to the plates - each note had a name of one of Price’s children on them. 

While Knight initially pled not guilty to the murder, with her defence citing mental illness - specifically dissociation and amnesia - she changed her plea and pled guilty, all the while refusing to take any form of responsibility for the brutal killing and mutilation. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole - she was the first woman in Australian history to receive such a sentence. 


Karla Homolka Volunteering At Schools

According to a report by the Montreal edition of Breakfast Television, murderer Karla Homolka volunteered at her children’s elementary school in Notre-Dame-de-Grace last March.

Homolka also supervised a school trip of kindergarten children from Montreal’s Greaves Adventist Academy in March and once brought her dog to the school for students to pet.

The private school are well aware of Homolka’s criminal past.

Pictured: Melinda Loveless, Laurie Tackett, Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence. All four girls were charged and Convicted for the murder of 12-year-old Shanda Sharer in 1992 in Madison, Indiana. Melinda Loveless had a bitter hatred for the 12-year-old girl, telling friends that she disliked Shanda for being a copycat and stealing her girlfriend, Amanda Heavrin. Heavrin and Loveless had previously dated, while Shanda and Amanda were in a relationship at the time of the murder. The four girls lured Shanda to an isolated place, known as “the Witch’s Castle”, by telling her that Amanda Heavrin was there waiting for her.  Once all five reached the Witch’s Castle, they bound Shanda’s arms and legs with rope. The girls started a small fire but extinguished it and left the area due to fears of being seen by people passing by. The group of girls got back into the car and drove to the end of some woods near Laurie Tackett’s house in Madison. Once there, Loveless and Tackett made Sharer strip naked, then, Loveless beat the girl with her fists. Loveless continued to beat her by slamming Sharer’s face into her knee. Loveless attempted to slit Sharer’s throat, but the knife was not sharp enough. Instead, Loveless and Tackett repeatedly stabbed Sharer while Hope Rippey held the girl’s legs down. Even after this, Sharer continued to make noise. So Tackett beat her with a tire iron until she was quiet. They then drove to a gas station to purchase two litres of gasoline. They went on to drive to another location where they burned the poor girl alive. Upon leaving, Loveless was not convinced that Sharer was dead, so the group returned to immolate Shanda Sharer once again. Toni Lawrence ended up confessing to the heinous crime which lead to the arrest of all four girls. 

Toni Lawrence was sentenced to 20 years but released after serving 9 years.

Hope Rippey was originally sentenced to 60 years, but the judge reduced it to 35 years. Rippey was released after serving 14 years and spending 5 years on probation.

Melinda Loveless and Laurie Tackett were both sentenced to 60 years with time reduced for good behaviour. Both women could be released from prison in 2020.


Satanic Murder
Jarno Elg

On the 21st of November 1998 in Finland, Jarno Elg, 17 year old girl Terhi Tervashonka, Mika Riska and a 16 year old boy brutally tortured, murdered and dismembered and ate an unnamed 23 year old male. The gang went to the home and strangled him to death, then dissected his body parts for a satanic ritual whilst listening to Norweigan black metal band Ancient’s album, The Cainian Chronicle.

A leg was found at a local dumpsite prompting the investigation authorities labelled, “The Dumpsite Murder”

This case was labelled one of the worst in Finnish history, in detail information has been sealed for 40 years.

During trial, Tervashonka was declared legally insane

Jarno Elg was sentenced to life
Terhi Tervashonka served a few years before being released in 2003
Mika Riska served 2 years

In 2007, Tervashonka murdered again and received a 10 year sentence


Jodi Arias during an interview with 48 Hours

Jodi Arias murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander on the 4th of June, 2008 in his house in Mesa, Arizona. She stabbed him 27 to 29 times, slit his throat and shot him in the head. Jodi was sentenced to life in prison without parole.