Every time there’s Prince William x Kate Middleton royal baby watch or news and the United Kingdom and the whole world start rejoicing, I’d be thinking of some important post The One scenarios and imagining that it was just like Maxon and America when they first had Eadlyn and Ahren (followed by Kaden, and Osten) and the entire Illéa rejoiced. And could you just imagine, there were probably pink and blue fireworks outside the palace when Eadlyn and Ahren were born, and instead of London Bridge, the palace was lit pink in celebration of the birth of the next heir and the first female monarch of Illéa? And then the next morning, just like what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do, Maxon holding Eadlyn and America holding Ahren to her bosom, would show up on the front steps of the palace to let the world see the first glimpse of their twins. Rather than wearing fancy, they were both wearing something plain and casual, smiling and waving to the cameras for a few minutes. There are too many beautiful scenarios in my mind for this very significant event in Maxon and America’s life. The moment when they first became family.

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Are there any historical queens that you admire?

Plenty, I could talk for a while about great female monarchs and leaders. But here’s a short blurb on one that doesn’t get as much “press,” so to speak as other famous queens: Tamar the Great, Queen of Georgia.

Queen Tamar took the centralizing efforts of her forbears to create a strong state, reversing Turkish incursion and re-establishing Georgian presence in her region. She set up Trebizond for the displased Komneni, decisively defeated the Seljuq Rumites and established a network of tributaries and dependencies, abolished the use of torture, brought wealth to her nation, patronized monasteries, was able to get monastery relics returned from Saladin to her country, fostered art both secular and religious that combined Georgian traditions with influences both eastern and western, survived a coup attempt from her husband, and got canonized by the Georgian church.

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Design wise, the major influence for how I wanted to create ThreeFold Seer was Atlantis the Lost Empire. The Atlanteans pull aesthetic influences from all over the places, and they are an awesomably definable people. I always found it annoying that Disney’s first ever female Monarch (as in she’s not a damn Queen Consort) is all but erase from the line or princesses. Did we also forget she’s WoC? Strange :(

If feminists still want to complain about the opportunities of women in politics, they’ve got no ground left to stand on. Now in the UK we have a female Prime Minister, serving under a female monarch. In Scotland you’ve got a female first minister, with the leader of the Scottish Conservatives a woman and the leader of Scottish Labour, a woman. Maybe it’s not enough? Well the first minister of Northern Ireland is, you guessed it, a woman.

But no, we still live in a sexist society… Of course.