limited color palette version (plus i fixed some details that were bothering me)

i prefer this one better tbh.. sometimes i get carried away with color and then the next day i regret it!! i always feel more confident with limited color palettes!!

ink line art + digital coloring

  • people: men can be just as emotionally vournbule as woman, they're allowed to break down and cry and deal with their feelings and grief just like any other person without being taught to be ashamed of it.
  • also people: [whenever a male character shows emotions, cries, goes through a traumatic event or deals with PTSD] here we go again with the manpain...

Spin Magazine: Feminism in 2014: More Than a Trend

This article is kind of all over the place, and the title means well but is a little condescending. Feminism in various forms has been around as long as there have been women, and it’s been a very active culture in the western world for over a century, especially since the second wave of feminism in the 60’s. So everyone let’s stop putting feminism in the same sentence as “trend”, even as it’s presence grows in pop culture.

There are a few good quotes though:

“Beyoncé’s actions marks a shift in how pop stars — and their fan armies — think about feminism, particularly young women who rarely hear an accurate portrayal of the term outside of a classroom.

"Whatever gets ‘em in the door,” legendary riot grrrl and Julie Ruin singer Kathleen Hanna tells SPIN over email. “Some people who see that Miley Cyrus or Beyoncé are calling themselves feminists will dig deeper and find out about feminist history and think about how they can continue it and some won’t. But if even one person does, it’s worth it.”

Hanna is a fervent Beyoncé supporter -  something she touched on in a conversation with Grimes at last year’s VMA pre-show. “I used to worry about 'feminism’ being capitalized on, like in the '90s by the Spice Girls, etc.,” Hanna says. “But when people like Beyoncé step forward and claim [feminism] as positive, it legitimizes the resurgence in interest we’re seeing today.” She’d also “like to see men in the music industry asked if they’re feminists.”

Read the full piece here

F-WORD  (listen)

01. feminist [interlude] // mrs. carter tour 02. flawless // beyonce ft. nicki minaj 03. trouble // natalia kills 04. break the rules // charli xcx 05. you’re not the one // sky ferreira 06. disco//very // warpaint 07. genesis // grimes 08. down on life elliphant 09. come walk with me // M.I.A. 10. nuclear seasons // charli xcx 11. heavy metal heart // sky ferreira 12. my song 5 // haim 13. not on drugs // tove lo 14. drowning // banks 15. love is to die // warpaint 16. revolusion // elliphant 17. habbits // tove lo 18. go // grimes 19. waste of time // MØ 20. stay away // charli xcx 21. bubblegum bitch // marina & the diamonds 22. this is what makes us girls // lana del rey

Want a show with strong female characters?

want a show with gay characters with personalities other than the fact that they’re gay?

want a show that questions sanity and morals?

want a show where you don’t know who will live and who will die?

want a a show with source material that can be treated separately and as a separate thing from the show?

want good ships?

want a show with good practical effects, but can use cgi at the right times?

want a show?

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GRIMES reveals her favorite K-POP Music Videos!

  1. BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby
  2. 2NE1 - I Am The Best
  3. CL - The Baddest Female
  4. SNSD - GEE