Becca Longo is believed to be first woman to ever get a college football scholarship

  • A high school senior in Arizona just became the first female football scholarship recipient at an NCAA DII school or higher, per ESPN.
  • Becca Longo has signed a letter of intent with Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, according to CNN, after sending out her highlights reel to various colleges and adding Timm Rosenbach, the head football coach at Adams State, on Twitter. 
  • That caught his eye, and got him to watch her tape.
  • “If she’s able to compete at a level we think she’s able to compete at, we should afford her that opportunity to do that,” Rosenbach told CNN.
  • According to ESPN, roughly a dozen women have played college football, but Longo is the first known scholarship recipient. Read more (4/17/17 1:50 PM)

Female footballers out there becoming bankers, teachers, physiotherapists, police officers etc yet male players can’t even bother to finish high school. And they still say female players are not as hard working as men and women’s football is not as passionate as men’s football and some other crap. Ok, hun. 👸💁💅

in case any of you get bored this summer with no men’s club football there’s this league called the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) that some of the best female footballers play in with 10 different teams (and hopefully more to come) situated all around the US:
Portland Thorns FC
FC Kansas City
Houston Dash
Seattle Reign FC
Sky Blue FC
Washington Spirit
Chicago Red Stars
Boston Breakers
Orlando Pride
North Carolina Courage

some of these women are World Cup winners and the best female footballer (Marta) now plays in this league as well. it’s entertaining as hell, just as entertaining as men’s football if not more, and it’d be great as fuck if more people would give women’s football a chance, especially women as talented as the ones in this league. it costs literally nothing to watch at least one game how wild is that lmao and there are games every weekend that get streamed on the go90 app and website, as well as the NWSL website. there’s also a game of the week that airs live on Lifetime every Saturday (usually at 4pm EST).

I would like to point out that when there are La Liga matches in August, they’re usually in the late afternoon/evening because it’s ‘too hot’ to play football earlier, yet today the women playing the semifinals of the Copa de la Reina played at 5pm and 7.30pm, when there’s a heat wave hitting Madrid, and we’re in the orange level (2nd highest) of alert for the high temperatures. The autorities have adviced against any kind of physical effort on the outside during the hottest hours of the day,

So I’d like to ask:

1- Recognition for those brave women of Barcelona, Valencia, Atleti, and Tenerife who played under the sun, dealing with temperatures close to 40C
2- Equal criteria for everybody. If 38C in August is ‘too hot to play’, 39C in June is just as hot, so don’t risk the health of those women just if you don’t even know how to organize female football competitions.

there should be more female referees and female lineswomen and female fourth officials and female managers and female coaches. women should have more involvement in both male and female football leagues.

Being a younger sister of the Blossom twins would include:

Request:  Hi there! Could you please do a “Being a younger Blossom would include”

Requested by: @the-chipmunk-queen

Ø  Being so well loved by both Cheryl and Jason that it makes up for the love you don’t receive from your parents.

Ø  Cheryl dressing you up and doing your makeup all time, even though you’d rather be out playing football with Jason.

Ø  Being a rock for Cheryl when Jason dies.

Ø  Constantly having to try and stay strong for Cheryl, you don’t want her to see how Jason’s death has affected you.

Ø  Keeping a 4.0 grade average, the same as your sister.

Ø  Becoming the first female on the football team and getting to wear Jason’s number.

Ø  Being friends with Reggie and Moose, especially after Jason’s death.

Ø  Having slumber parties with Cheryl, Ginger and Tina.

Ø  Getting to watch every River Vixen practice and watching all their performances before your games.

Ø  Helping Cheryl learn how to be nicer and letting her open up to you.

Ø  Cheryl, Reggie and Moose all defending you when the other footballers make fun of you.

Ø  Getting told you get your sassiness from Cheryl.

Ø  Constantly having to stand up for her to your parents and anyone else that makes fun of her.

Ø  Being there with Veronica when Cheryl has her panic attack.

Ø  Being friends with Josie and the pussycats through Cheryl.

Ø  Knowing about Jason’s idea to run away.

Ø  Being the only Blossom that’s close with Betty and Polly, as much as Alice hates you.

Ø  Study dates with Cheryl.

Ø  Getting milkshakes at Pop’s with Ginger, Tina and Cheryl.

Swedish women’s team replace shirt names with messages of empowerment
The Swedish women’s national team have dropped the names on the back of their football shirts in favour of messages that ‘inspire women to show that everything is possible’
By Marcus Christenson

The Sweden women’s team have dropped the names on the back of their football shirts in favour of messages that “inspire and motivate women to show that everything is possible”.

Sweden, who finished second at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, released the new shirts this week as they prepared to take part in the Algarve Cup.

The players were asked to pick tweets from prominent Swedish women to be printed on the back of the shirts, where their names would normally appear. The initiative was launched by the Swedish Football Association in the hope that it will inspire young women to believe more in themselves and that they can achieve anything they want to, just like the national team players have.

The Swedish captain, Lotta Schelin, who picked a message from the Swedish politician Gudrun Schyman that says “never look down on someone unless it is to help her up”, said: “The national team shirt is an important symbol and it constantly reminds us that we can win whatever game it is in whatever competitions.

…Other women whose messages have been printed on the back of the shirts are the artist Zara Larsson (“Believe in your damn self”), the journalist Frida Söderlund (“To try is to be successful. The result is secondary as long as you dare”) and the stand-up comedian Karin Adelsköld (“Women want different things”).

Amanda Sampedro, Atleti Femenino captain:

“It’s been a tough year, female football is becoming more and more difficult. You could see it today here, Real Sociedad came here and played an outstanding match because they’re really professional, and I want to congratulate them for playing so well. I’m so happy for the team, and for the fans. Atlético de Madrid deserved a title this season.”

Big Bang reactions when his foregin gf visits her family and they have Super bowl party and she fangirls over a player

[GIFs not mine]
Hope you like this one… I did a little thing with parents too. I’m still without wi-fi [ at 11.20 p.m. on 22nd of February 2017] and when I wrote that I felt like I’m writing military diary lol. I am out of kpop world for 2 days now. I missed a lot of memes and I know it so when I come back I want you guys to help me get back on track with kpop world. [now I feel like I’m on deserted island wtf is wrong with me]

You were super excited to introduce T.O.P to your family and friends. Only a few of them knew what kpop is so when they met him they treated him like a normal not-popular person. He felt great by that fact. Your friends invited you both to Super Bowl party where you watched game together and drank alcohol. He liked alcohol, but when you started to express your feelings to your favorite player he wanted you to stop and asked why yo never express love like that to him. Then you both giggled because you were drunk af.
“Buuutt Jagi~ I am so much better from that British guy, come on…”

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You didn’t plan to come home at this time, but Jiyong bought tickets as a surprise and you convinced him to stay at your parents together. When your parents heard you were both coming they told your friends and they made a surprise Super Bowl party because they knew you loved football. You came and Jiyong finally met your parents and they loved him, but they didn’t like his ripped jeans and told him it was bad for his knees. He was really surprised they cared about him as he was their son. You were watching the game at a local pub where you had a few drinks too much and started screaming how awesome Lewandowski is and how pretty and talented he is and how much you love him. He knew you were drunk and he was too so he teased you if that means he can go and you’ll just date Lewandowski.
“Okay. Then go date Lewandowski and I’ll date a model from the USA, okay? *joke*”

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He was excited to finally meet your friends in your home country. He already knew your parents from a trip yo went together. Your friends invited you to Super Bowl party and you were super excited because your favorite player was playing. When you came at the party the first thing you saw was crisps and other snacks you loved when you still lived at home. Taeyang was unfamiliar with most of them, but he at least knew what Pringles are. The game started and Taeyang was busy getting to know your male friends while your female friends watched football and fangirled football player Reus. You kept saying how you admire his six packs and how strong he is and how cute and hot he looks. When Taeyang heard that he came in front of TV to block your view and took off his shirt in front of everyone and asked you if his abs weren’t as beautiful as Reus’ are.
“So you are trying to say you like his abs more than mine? Okay then I guess I’ll just be shirtless for a while”

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He was very nervous to meet your parents and friends. It was his first visit to your home country and he was scared your parents wouldn’t understand him but when he met them they understood each other with same broken English. It was later afternoon when your friends invited you both to a Super Bowl party at one of your friend’s house. When you came in you saw everyone from your high school and you introduced all of them to Daesung, who ended up talking with your best friend who was the only kpop fan and kept him busy with questions and requests. You saw your favorite player on big screen and started screaming how cool and great he is, how his muscles are shining when he’s shirtless. Your best friend sadly translated everything to Daesung, who ended your fangirling.He stopped you with putting his hand over your mouth and asking you cutely who’s got better muscles and who is better looking. He had some alcohol in his veins and so did you so you kind of ended up kissing each other…
“You better not fangirl over football player ever again, okay? *suddenly starts kissing you*”

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He was scared to meet your parents because he didn’t want to do anything wrong to make your parents hate him. He tried to avoid coming to your home country, so whenever you went home, you went alone, but this time your parents invited Seungri to come with you so they could finally meet him. When you come he was very nervous, but when he talked with them they actually became friends. Your parents told you about Super Bowl party at the pub and you decided to go.While you were there and watched a game with friends and drank beer together. Yo were drunk after 2 beers and you started saying nonsense and when you saw your favorite player Rooney you started fangirling and screaming how awesome he is.Seungri was offended and tried to keep you quiet but then decided it would be better if you would go home. The whole way to home he told you about how he became Ronaldo’s manager in Korea. He was all about words and he didn’t stop talking until he saw you fell asleep right before he drove to your house.
“I couldn’t believe I actually… Oh… You’re asleep. Great. I have to carry you now. In front of your parents. Even better.”

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Gay Teen Movie Ideas

1. Cinderella story EXCEPT when the prince guy finds Cindy, his sister and Cindy are dating bc his sister actually bothered talking to Cindy

2. typical jock/nerd trope where a girl working for the school newspaper is assigned to interview the First Female Football Player at their school and they fall in love

3. girl breaks up with her girlfriend bc of distance, falls in love with her best friend, she and best friend live happily ever after. that’s it.

4. cute best friends go on a roadtrip and come back cute girlfriends. everyone is happy for them. good for them.

5. literally any cliche trope but gay. no one dies. they get a happy ending. my gay heart can’t take the angst anymore

Mr Hood!

Words: 2.2K

Warning: Swearing and Smut with a teacher

Summary: Mr Hood is your schools new Sports teacher, you really have been trying to get into the football squad for a few years but you were never good enough, now that Mr hood is here you might finally get a chance. You always thought it was because of your weight but Mr Hood makes you feel beautiful. 

Its teacher appreciation week so I’m appreciating all your fantasies of Calum as a teacher! (I’m from the UK so here we say football but its soccer over in the USA)


Being picked for the girl’s football team was actually rarer then you thought. I guess mens football is more appreciated then female football, but it shouldn’t be that way and our school had both male and female teams. Every year for the past 3 years you had tried out for the team, but every time there was always one person just a bit better. But this year you knew you were ready. You had been practising as hard as you could and you knew you were now one of the best. 

One of the main reasons though was because of our coach, Mr Hood. He was one of our sports teachers and he happened to coach the football team. Mr Hood was the definition of handsome, he was tall, dark and had a sexy Australian accent. It also helped that he was incredible at football, the way he would glide the ball down the field and his legs muscles would tense. he was also the only person who’s ever taken any notice of me and my skills, he was good like that and I may have a massive crush on him. At this very moment though I was watching the boys football team play against each other, I was taking notes. 

“Having fun?” a raspy voice said behind me, I turned my head around and Mr Hood was stood there looking like a god with sweat dripping down his forehead. He was wearing sports short and a white top with red stripes down the side.

“Just taking notes” I mumbled

“Why?” he asked, taking a seat down next to me on the bleachers. 

“So that I know the best moves when tackling, then maybe this year I’ll make the team” I muttered, He sighed and rubbed the towel over his head collecting the sweat. 

“I’m sure you’ll make it”

“I haven’t for 3 years, I would have given up if it wasn’t for you though. You’re amazing at football and inspired me to tryout one more time. If I don’t get in this year I know its not the way my life will be heading and pick something boring like being a lawyer” I laughed

“I inspire you?” he questioned

“Yeah, you’re pretty cool Mr Hood. I mean I hated our old sports teacher he was mean and just because I’m not as skinny as the other girls he would leave me till last and then just say no. He was a dick”

“Sounds like one, you may not be as skinny but I think all body shapes are beautiful and can do anything if you put your heart into it” I blushed slightly and closed my note pad. The team were packing up and heading into the locker room, I stood up smiling at Mr Hood as he grabbed his football. 

“Join me” he said standing up and walking down the stairs onto the field. I skipped down the stairs and placing my notepad on the front bench running over to where Mr Hood was standing. 

“Right lets practise tackling” He said winking at me and dropping the ball to the floor running towards me. I laughed chasing after him. I tackled him twice and the third time I went to tackle him he picked me up instead and swung me around. 

“Put me down, oh my god” I shrieked. He did as I said and grabbed the ball passing it over to me. 

“Why are you doing this?” I asked rolling the ball in-between my hands. 

“I think you’re one of the best players and I want you on the team, I was kind off surprised that you weren’t if I’m being honest, so I have authorisation on who’s on the team, the girls can pick but I have to give them the final notice, I’ve already put you on it”

“You mean I’m on the team?” I squealed

“Yeah, you deserve it, I’m also assigning you captain if you can handle it” He smiled

“Thank you so much” I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him, I didn’t care that this was inappropriate I had been wanting to get onto this team for so long and Mr Hood had picked me and as captain. I nuzzled my head into his neck and hugged him close, his arms wrapped around me as he pecked the top of my head. I lifted my head up resting my chin on his chest and smiling at him.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough Mr Hood” I said fluttering my eyelashes at him and giving him a massive grin. 

“Call me Calum” he whispered edging his face close to mine. My breath hitched as he crashed his lips on mine. I was stood shocked for a second before I kissed him back, moving my arms to around his neck. I ran my fingers through his hair as he slid his tongue into my mouth. I felt his arms come round to my ass bringing my body closer to his. I moaned into his mouth as he disconnected our lips. 

“Shit” he whined, running his fingers through his hair. He looked around the field making sure nobody was here and interlaced our fingers. 

“Not here” he breathed, he pulled me towards the locker rooms and Calum took a quick look in. He turned round and smirked, pulling me into it, he shut the door and locked it with his key. He leant down placing small kisses over my jawline and kissed over my neck. He found my sweet spot and licked over it, his plump lips sucked down onto it. I bucked my hips into his as he grabbed my hips pushing me into the door. He ducked his head further and sucked harder, I rested my head on his as it felt so good and I couldn’t control it. I ran my fingers though his hair and lifted my leg around his waist.

“Calum” I whimpered, he grinded his crotch into mine and kissed back up my neck. I felt my wetness begin to grow in my panties as I ran my fingers over his broad chest. His hands were soothing over my curves and he stroked down my thigh that was hitch over his waist. I stroked my fingers over his his jaw and moved my thumb over his lips. 

“You’re so beautfiul” he moaned leaning forward and reconnecting our lips, I had only kissed him once prior but I knew I was going to be addicted to his kiss. His hands came under my shirt pulling it up, I let out a short breath and looked down, separating our lips and hiding my stomach from him.

“No, don’t cover up Y/N” he said looking deeply into his big brown eyes. I moved my hands pushing them up against the wall as he lifted my top all the way off. He stroked over my stomach and smiled at me, pulling the straps of my bra down my arms sensually. He slowly kissed over my shoulders and unclipped my bra throwing it to the side. He kissed over my chest and down to my right boob kissing over my nipple, he sucked onto it and I arched my back. His hands came round to my back as he sucked harder onto my nipple and kissed across to my left nipple leaving little wet splotches. He latched his lips onto my left nipple sucking onto it and giving it a small tugg. His face came back up and pecked my lips. He stood back taking off his shirt and placing both his hands either side of my head. 

“You are breathtaking, you know that right?” he smiled, I reached up covering my boobs and I closed my eyes.

“Look at me Y/N” he said leaning his forehead on mine. “I’m going to make you feel beautiful, do you want that?” I nodded smiling at him

“I need words baby girl”

“Yes, I want you” 

“Jump” He said holding onto my hips and pulling my close, I shook my head no and he raised an eyebrow

“Too heavy” I whispered stroking up his golden skin, which was covered in beautiful black tattoo’s.

“Bullshit” He groaned picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. I squealed and held onto him as he walked us over to the bench laying me down on it as he hovered over me. He kissed my lips and down my body to my trousers. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down kissing over my thighs and tugged them off the ends of my feet. He stroked up my thighs and his index finger ran over my covered slit. I reached down tugging on Calum’s sports short as he pulled them down.

“Please touch me” I whimpered his eyes shot up to mine as he smiled leaning down and removing my panties. He brushed over my pussy and his finger slid between my folds. He thumb came to my clit and rubbed over it causing a wave of pleasure to shoot through my body. He sat down on the floor bringing my body towards him and his lips came in contact with my clit.

“Fuck Sir” I felt him smirk as his tongue flicked over my sensitive bud and he kissed over my entrance, licking around the hole. He brought his finger to my entrance as it sunk in. He stroked his tongue over my clit as his finger started to ploy into me. I looked down at the beautiful maori man and ran my hands through his hair, his brown eyes were spiralling with lust as he sucked onto my clit and wiggled it between his folds. He added another finger into my hole and I felt both fingers rub against my walls. He swirled his tongue around lapping at my juices and his fingers moved at a faster pace fucking into me, he curled his fingers and I pulled on his hair. I felt my thighs start to clench as he was building the pit in my stomach. I sat up clenching my walls around his fingers as he reached up and kissed my lips sliding his fingers abruptly out of me. I let out a whine as he he just breathily laughed. 

Calum stuck his fingers in his mouth sucking on them and standing up, pulling down his boxers. His dick slapped against his abdomen and a drop of pre-cum was rolling down his length. I leant forward taking it in my hand and licking over the small dribble. He moved my hair to one side and stroked over my cheek. I sucked on his tip but he shook his head pulling me off. 

“I’m going to make you feel good, beautiful” I leant back on the bench as Calum rolled a condom onto his length. He sat on the bench and pulled me onto his lap, he rotated his cock around my entrance slowly edging in. I let out a gasp as I had never had a dick this big and pushed him all the way inside so our hips were connected. Calum’s hand stroked over our my hips and his left went to my as and his right hand rested on my cheek as he kissed me smiling. 

“I’ve never met such a sexy curvy woman” he moaned as his hips started to roll into mine. I blushed pecking his lips and bouncing on his dick. I looked down watching where our bodies were connecting and I kissed his sharp jawline, down to his neck. Both his hands were resting on my ass as I grinded into him. I sucked onto his neck and he let out a raspy moan. I licked over the spot watching the cherry red colour turn a deep purple, I sucked back onto it digging my teeth into his tender skin. 

He stood up pushing me onto the bench and held onto my hips grinding into me. I leant back as he separated my thighs, watching his dick slide into me. He moved his fingers to my clit and simutainously rubbed it whilst thrusting into me. My high was approaching and I felt my pussy clench around him. I came around him squeezing my eyes shut and covering my face, which were soon torn away from my face as Calum came inside the condom. He slid out of me and I scooted up watching him take off the condom and tie it up, putting it in the metal locker bin. He sat at the end of the bench and pulled me close to him so my legs were dangling over his, our crotches were touching and he pecked my nose. “Y/N your curves are so beautiful never let anyone bring you down, don’t cover yourself from anyone be proud to have these beautiful curves.”

“Thank you for everything Calum” I whispered stroking over his face. He just smiled contently, kissing me passionately and stroking over my thick thighs which now didn’t seem like such a bad thing. 

weirdly specific headcanons about Jamilla
  • she bought the white russepants. technically, she should’ve worn red ones meant for the students who took specialization in general studies, which she did, but Jamilla has always been artistic and even though she didn’t choose to take any arts in school, that didn’t mean her love for painting was gone, that she didn’t constantly doodle in her margins small entire worlds. so she bought the white russepants, the ones meant for the art students, and she painted them herself, making intricate patterns and arabesques in red, black and gold. 
    • she’s an Art Girl and she can spontaneously go into a rant about how moving the National Gallery was one of the most thoughtless decisions ever made, no, you don’t understand Laila, that building is a monument of art, it is soo important, do they not know its history, Laila!!
      • Laila massages her shoulders, nodding in sympathy, and kisses her when she’s finished and tired. (inspired by the legend @sanoora!!)
  • she and the hijabi squad made a youtube channel on a whim one lazy evening their first year. Amina suggested, mostly as a joke, to make a video with hijabi tutorials, since Ramadan was near. Jamilla had shrugged and said, “why not?” and they did it. and it blew up way more than they had ever dreamed. and from then on, they made vlogs, tutorials, challenges and videos discussing school and social issues. Khadra even made a video about anxiety. Khadra would afterwards get messages from younger students telling her that their teacher showed them her video in class about mental health. (kudos to @theskamgirlsdeservebetter for this!!)
  • Jamilla meets Amal Aden when she came to her school for a lecture about writing, talking about issues around freedom of speech and society. while she was there, Aden told about how it was like to be an open lesbian Somali Muslim in Norway. Jamilla thinks oh. she thinks okay. she thinks it’s all right, i’m okay, i’m okay, it’s all fine.
  • she played football all through elementary and middle school, but had to take a break in high school because of an injury. when she was allowed to play again, she didn’t return, but instead focused on her studies, to get good grades, to get into her first choice. she made it, and she enrolled into the campus’ female football team.
  • she lost her shoe at the end of a football match once, but she kicked the ball regardless in her sockinged feet and made the winning goal at the last crucial moment.
    • ever since, she retained a habit of wrapping her shoelaces at least three times around her ankles before tying them in a bow at the front. twice.
Ready for my rant...

Two weeks ago I walked up to my high school football coach asking if I could play, he said yes. I have never been so excited about something so little, my heart was beating through my chest and I got butterflies. I have always wanted to play football but my parents were never okay with it. The cards were in our Athletics Directors hands for the next two weeks. Everyday sitting in class anxiously waiting for him to call me into his office. He never did. Today I took measures into my own hands, went into his office told him how they could put me in any position and I would work my ass off to be successful. He hesitated, said okay and handed me a slip for the football coach to sign. The coach signed it. I will be the first ever female to play football at my high school and I have never been so thrilled. The world is changing keep your heads up and never let someone tell you you can’t do something.