Female DJ's in a male dominated industry...sexist maybe?

We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s dj-ing debut’s… and epic fails within the industry. Bedazzled headsets, “real male DJs” fixing the levels, pre-recorded sets, and sexy attire are what come to mind when most people think of a girl DJ. This not only pisses me off, but it makes it harder to be taken seriously within the industry. I know female DJs are in demand…people are tired of looking at dudes up there, but I do not want to get anywhere due to the novelty factor and the fact that I have a hot body and tits. I’ve been working hard on my skills, and although I’m not perfect I pride myself in actually having some modicum of abilities. Now, not gonna lie, I do wish pioneer made purple headphones, but I am a girl goddamn it. Just like I’ll wear a nice dress and bangin’ heels to a nice occasion, maybe I want some girly, but not obnoxious dj gear.

The funniest thing is when I talk to other guy djs who don’t know me. They act like “aww she thinks she’s a dj”…they’re like “do you use your ipod/laptop.” Then I slap them in the face with my knowledge of technics 1200’s and serato, that I know what beat-matching is, and I use harmonic mixing. Then they get scared and wallow in a corner…just kidding. But seriously, sometimes I think that if I was a girl using something like virtual dj I probably wouldn’t get as much respect. Of course any guy can dj on his laptop and be cool, but us females have to go the extra mile.

Since I’m an exotic dancer/model I’ve toyed with using that as part of my DJ show, but i’m not so sure. Do I really want to get gigs just because I’ll show my tits and i’m hot? I feel like that’s selling out, but plenty of people do that to get famous ::cough:: David Guetta ::cough:: I guess it depends how much I’m getting paid…oh boy. I can see myself selling my soul already. Totally ready for this roller-coaster through the music industry.


Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs

-still in production, exciting stuff:)