The Signs as Badass Girls
  • Aries:Sailor Mars, Xena, Arya Stark, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Tarene
  • Taurus:Katniss Everdeen, Mikasa Ackerman, Ellen Ripley, Michonne, Peggy Carter, Kate Beckett
  • Gemini:Buffy Summers, Sarah Connor, Jessica Jones, Sailor Mercury, Barbara Gordon
  • Cancer:Jean Grey, Sailor Moon, Carol Peletier, Astrid Hofferson, Brooke Davis
  • Leo:Daenerys Targaryen, Leeloo, Tris Prior, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Clarke Griffin
  • Virgo:Lisbeth Salander, Hermione Granger, Sun Bak, Toph Beigfong, Dana Scully
  • Libra:Sailor Venus, Éowyn, Black Widow, Nyota Uhura, Cristina Yang, Ally McBeal
  • Scorpio:Imperator Furiosa, Batwoman, Alex Vause, Beatrix Kiddo, Olivia Pope
  • Sagittarius:Princess Mononoke, Merida, Ororo Munroe, Sailor Jupiter, Korra
  • Capricorn:Brienne of Tarth, Samus Aran, Mulan, Hit-Girl, Stella Gibson, "Bones"
  • Aquarius:Lara Croft, Batgirl, Jill Valentine, Ramona Flowers, Leslie Shay, Liz Lemon
  • Pisces:Tifa Lockhart, Scavenger Rey, Faith Connors, Mindy Lahiri, Lorelai Gilmore, Bonnie Bennett
♒ How to attract an Aquarius ♒
  • Try to make yourself stand out
  • Have originality, prove you are your own person
  • Don’t be a follower, be unique
  • Be unusual, they like people that are different
  • Approach them on a friendship level first
  • Be patient when trying to pursue them
  • Allow them lots of freedom
  • Don’t be pushy or demanding
  • Never try to control or manipulate them into doing something
  • Avoid being overly emotional
  • Don’t come off as too mushy and sentimental
  • Be logical and fair
  • Appeal to their intellect
  • Be clever and well informed of certain events, ideas, etc.
  • Show that you are a very caring person
  • Surprise them a lot
  • Don’t reveal everything about yourself right from the beginning
  • Let them discover new things about you gradually
  • Keep them guessing and on their toes
  • Don’t make the relationship feel dull or like a routine
  • Be willing to change things up
  • Never be clingy or possessive of them
  • Be very social and outgoing
  • Have a really good sense of humor and be witty
Signs as badass female anime characters~

Aries: Sakura Haruno, Izumi Nase, Mirai Kuriyama, Kallen Kozuki, Sailor Mars

Taurus: Sakura Inami, Saber, Nelliel, Chiyuki (Death Parade)

Gemini: Beast, Ayaka Shindou, Haruhi Suzumiya

Cancer: Sailor Moon, Lucy Heartfilia, Kushina Uzumaki, Touka Kirishima

Leo: Lin (Spirited Away,) Tsunade, Faye Valentine, Angelina Durless

Virgo: Seri Awashima, Sailor Mercury, Temari, Hannah Annafellows, Sophie Hatter

Libra: Sailor Venus, Rangiku Matsumoto, Misaki Ayuzawa, Elizabeth Midford

Scorpio: Namie Yagiri, Mitsuki Nase, Yuno Gasai, Kagura (Inuyasha,) Sailor Pluto

Sagittarius: Princess Mononoke, C.C, Rize Kamashiro, Erza Scarlet, Sailor Jupiter, Beatrice (Umineko)

Capricorn: Yoruichi Shihoin, Lacie Baskerville, Historia Reiss, Misa Amane, Sailor Saturn

Aquarius: Mikasa Ackerman, Ymir, Nico Robin, Shizuku Mizutani, Sailor Uranus

Pisces: Tsukumo (Karneval,) Hinagiku Katsura, Nana Osaki, Konan, Sailor Neptune


the signs as fierce ass famous females
  • aries:nicki minaj
  • taurus:ariana grande
  • gemini:taylor swift
  • cancer:lana del rey
  • leo:marina and the diamonds
  • virgo:beyonce
  • libra:everyone in fifth harmony
  • scorpio:demi lovato
  • sagittarius:halsey
  • capricorn:ellie goulding
  • aquarius:zendaya
  • pisces:melanie martinez
  • *not based on their actual signs*
The signs as The Neighbourhood songs

Female Robbery: Scorpio, Virgo
The Beach: Sagittarius, Aries
Let it go: Virgo, Aquarius
How: Leo, Pisces
Everybody’s watching me: Capricorn, Cancer
Afraid: Scorpio, Cancer
W.D.Y.W.F.M: Aries, Capricorn
Flawless: Scorpio, Taurus
Staying Up: Pisces, Virgo 
$ting: Sagittarius, Gemini
Single: Libra, Cancer
Prey: Gemini, Pisces

Aquarius & Aries Romance

“So… tell me about yourself.” The statement was simple enough. It was a first date, so naturally he would want to get to know her better. “Well, my name is Jare. Well, it’s Janie, but I go by Jare. No particular reason, it just kinda stuck I guess. I’m half-Indian, though my mother isn’t exactly what I’d call a traditional Indian woman… and uh… I love psychics. I go to one once a month.” He looked genuinely fascinated by my statements and shuffled a little, leaning in closer. “Tell me about your parents. Your mother is Indian. What about your father?” I shuffled a little before responding, “He’s black.” The new information seemingly surprised him as his eyebrows rose. “Oh? That’s not a combination you hear about much.” “As I said, my mother isn’t exactly traditional. She moved here to get me away from the sexism of where she is from. What about you, though? Tell me about you.”

Jeremiah shifted his weight again as he lifted up the menu and handed me one. “Well, I’m Jeremiah. I’m 26 years old and half-black, half-white.” He shrugged his shoulders. “No idea of which specific nationality I am on the white side. I suspect some German and possibly Scottish. Oh and I go by Jerry. So this’ll be fun: Jare and Jerry.” She laughed at his observation and nodded. “It will be interesting, definitely.” “So tell me more. What do you enjoy doing on a rainy day?” He requested, leaning into the table while he scanned the contents of the menu. She smiled at the question. “I either play video games or I read. I rather enjoy both. How about you?” Her eyes lifted from the menu to his face. “I like to play in the rain,” He said with a kiddish grin. “Splash in puddles, goof around, dance around… it’s really quite invigorating.” She laughed, though his eyes were serious when he glanced up at her. “Oh…” She chuckled awkwardly as she realized he was serious and glanced back at the menu. “That’s… entertaining. I’ve never known a grown man to still play in the rain.” He grinned again now. “I figure we only live once. Why worry about maturity when I could be having fun?”

Now Janie was grinning as well. “A nice mindset to have. I’m the same way about my eccentricities.” His eyes flashed interest again. “Tell me about those…”

The night went well. They both went back-and-forth talking about themselves. The waiter came back with the wrong food but instead of acting like a complete dick, Jeremiah politely pointed it out and handed back the plate. Janie was… well, she was impressed. “Thank you for a great night,” She said happily when they reached her doorway. He smiled in return. “Thank you for being such great company.” She smiled at turned for the door but he whipped her around and gave her a quick kiss. Her heart started pounding but she didn’t return it. Not tonight. Not the first date. He smiled awkwardly when he pulled away realizing she hadn’t returned the kiss. “Was it too soon?” He asked with an embarrassed expression. She smiled and touched his cheek. “Next date maybe,” She said softly. His eyes brightened. “So there will be a date two?” He asked happily. “If you will have it, then yes.” They both exchanged smiles before he turned around and happily skipped off. She watched him amusedly and called, “Bye!” “Bye!” He said with an embarrassed chuckle, climbing into his car and driving off.

Date one was a success.

This story was requested by an anonymous asker.

SuperShorts: Aquarius & Cancer [A Love Story]

#1: How They Met
Aquarius worked at a dog shelter. Cancer was coming in to adopt a dog or cat. He couldn’t quite decide which, though he leaned more toward a cat since they were so independent. He was bent down, talking to a dog, who was happily wagging his tail. He reached in to stroke its head when a figure cast a shadow behind him. “Hello, would you like me to let Charlie out?” A female voice asked. He glanced up to see a woman - maybe around 19 or 20 - hovering over him, keys in hand. “Oh hi… uh yes please. This dog is so adorable… he is watching me.” “Charlie is actually a girl,” The woman said before going to swing open the large kennel. The other dogs inside perked up but when Charlie charged out and the woman closed the door, they all put their heads back on their paws, all looking disappointed.

Cancer took a little time but eventually went back to Charlie, liking her best. “I would like this one,” He said, reaching back into the bars to pet her and scratch under her chin. She was cooing happily and kicking her hind legs. “I think she likes you already,” The woman from earlier said with a smile before opening the cage. “Let’s go fill out the paperwork and get you a nice collar and leash to walk her out with.” “Oh, I already have those,” He said, holding up a leash. “I just wrap it around like a harness… like this…” He skillfully and quickly wrapped the leash around her and they walked all three together to the front of the shelter. Soon Charlie and Cancer were situated and ready to go. “Thank you for all of your help… uh, I actually don’t know your name,” Cancer said, realizing suddenly the fact they never introduced themselves. “I’m Aquarius,” She replied, holding out a hand. He took it, shaking it firmly. “Cancer. Thank you for all of your help, Aquarius. Have a great day.” “It’s almost over, so… while I’m sad to leave these wonderful animals, I’m glad to almost be out of here.” He chuckled before nodding at her. “Thank you.” They parted ways.

#2: Cancer’s Bravery
Cancer was fascinated by the memory of the beautiful woman he met at the shelter, the woman that helped him pick out his beautiful mutt. He wanted to know more about her. He often thought about her. Wondered what it’d be like if she came by and he cooked for her… wondered how she’d like his baking… little scenarios played through his head often. “I love you,” He cooed to Charlie as he scratched her stomach. I’ll go by later… update her on how well Charlie is doing… He thought, giving himself an excuse to go see the woman. He nodded resolutely before going to take a shower. He didn’t want to smell like anything gross when he went by.

First he called and made sure she was there. They even chatted for a few minutes and when he mentioned going by, she hesitated but ended up saying she would like that. He arrived fifteen minutes later, just as she was about to head out for lunch. “Want to join me?” She asked casually. His face pinkened but smiled. “Yes, I’d love to.”

At lunch, he ended up asking her, “So uh, if I asked you to go on a date with me, what would you say?” She smiled at the question. “That depends… what would we be doing?” His eyes widened in surprise. So if he took her to do something she’d like, she’d like to go with him? He did a mental fist pump before returning, “Um… well, how do you like art?” Her eyes sparkled at the question. “I love art,” She replied softly. “I love it too. Why don’t we go to an art show?” She shuffled then before leaning forward and quietly answering, “I am an artist… would… you like to come to one of my art shows?” His eyes widened at the new information before he nodded quickly. She wrote on a napkin before handing it to him. It had an address, time, date, and number on it. “That’s my cell… in case you get lost… and to make plans ahead of time,” She said with a wink.

She glanced at her phone before quickly rising to her feet. “I’ve gotta go. I’m about to be late to work.” “Let me take you to work,” He offered. “What about my car?” She asked. He licked his lips awkwardly. “Didn’t think about that… okay, well… I’ll talk to you later.” “Yes you will,” She answered with a smile before getting up to leave. He picked up his half of the check and ended up giving a twenty dollar tip. He was feeling… extra generous.

#3: Their First Date
The minute that Cancer saw her in her dress, he just about died. “Wow… you look marvelous,” He told her as she turned for him. “You like it? It’s not… too much?” She asked with a grin. He smiled himself, shaking his head. “No… especially not for the place we’re going for dinner.” She smiled her dazzling smile and his heart skipped a beat. Beautiful… His mind kept repeating. “Ready then?” She asked suddenly. A nod was the answer and they piled into his car to head out.

The dinner was wonderful. They really hit it off. He wanted nothing more than to impress her, but he also knew that if he wasn’t himself… it could fuck him over in the long-haul… so he was himself… and he was an absolute hoot! She adored him by the end of the night. He was sensitive but kind. He was thoughtful and peace-loving. She really enjoyed the night. Then it was time for the show. Even better! He showed his love of art through his gleaming eyes as she showed him her artwork. He was like a child in a candy store and she soaked up the attention and adoration.

All in all, their first date… was a complete and utter success. By the end of the night, they agreed that she should stay with him at his place so she wouldn’t have to drive home after all of that.

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Advice From *Aquarius*

Female. Rising: Gemini, Sun: Aquarius, Moon: Aries

How do I know when a Aquarius likes someone? 

It can be confusing at times, because sometimes we act really friendly with everyone!

Usually when we like you, we would do a lot of stuff for you BUT BEHIND YOUR BACK. Valentines’ Day? We got you a gift already. Your birthday? We already have a gift on mind, probably going to get it after this. You would be basically the main focus in our mind. Everything is about you.

(We usually hate replying text, or reply them really late or never replying them, so if we reply to you in minutes or in a few hours you are basically important to you and we like you. Bonus if we keep the conversation going, yup we definitely like you a lot)

We would find chances to hang out with you or be around you and we are with you, we basically stop talking or that if we talk (sometimes a lot or too much because we are nervous) we would never face you (ok or maybe some side glances and turn back to not facing you if we see from the side that you are looking at us. We get really tensed and our body movements would be minimum like we could stay in one position for the whole time when we are there. (Weird, I know).

And when we like you, you can just ask the close friends around us because we might have basically educate them all about you, your likes and dislikes, your habits, how cute you are and etc. And you might catch us staring at you in class or at work and you would notice us doing it quite often. We would also adjust our schedules so we could bump into you by accident.

Signs Aquarius isn’t interested in someone? 

Mentioned above that since we are friendly with everyone, we usually won’t give you a straight up ‘NO’ if we don’t know that you have feelings for us. We would still treat you like how we normally do!

But ONCE WE KNOW, we tend to avoid you, stop talking to you basically cut you out of our lives and circle and stop being friendly. Once we know that we don’t like you or isn’t interested we won’t lead you on with hopes.

However, if you decide that you would want to continue liking us, we may play around with your feelings and get you to help us do stuff because we are a bitch like that. (I know it’s terrible, I judge myself sometimes for doing that too).

How do I flirt with a Aquarius?

Never be proud and boastful. That’s a number 1 turn off for us.

Don’t jump straight into the romantic talks and all, it freaks us out.

Start by casual talking. Maybe talk about some of your hobbies and interest. If we mention that we like those too, offer to do it together the next time! Talk about your family and yourself too! We love to know all about you! (But not too much, it may seem to us that you are boastful)

Sometimes we may disappear (like we stop replying to your texts or calls), don’t turn away from us, just give us a few days. We will come to it and soon we would be replying them like usual again. It’s just a weird habit of ours.

Talk about your thoughts and feelings about anything. We are always up for discussion about anything under the sun, it’s actually another plus point if we can carry out many discussions. It’s just makes you look extra attractive as we are VERY interested in how other people think and never feel bad to express your dislikes too because we are really open-minded and we won’t force anyone to do stuff that they dislike.

Turnoffs would definitely be people who are always pessimistic, boastful, narrow-minded, overly jealous (a little jealous here and there and we are fine with it, might even find it cute/sweet. Too much and off you go), rude and proud. Oh, and you can express your dislikes about our hobbies, interest or family members BUT NEVER, I repeat, NEVER tell us to change them or dislike them. They are a big part of our lives.

The Gemini girl and the quiet Aquarius boy

It’s Biology class- the class that teaches us about the processes of life and living beings.
But I already feel half dead.
I sigh as I cover my face behind the textbook I’m holding.
Bored, I turn my head towards the left and notice a fidgeting Aquarius.
He doesn’t talk much so I don’t have any opinion of him but taking a closer look- he’s actually plain cute.
He looks like a lost puppy.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him.
He looks at me a little surprised and then tells, “I don’t have my book.”
“Here.” I throw mine to him.
He looks at me confuzzled.
“It’s not like I like Biology.”
“But-” he begins.
“Gemini” I hear a rough and heavy voice call me from behind.
I turn to spot an unhappy prof.
“Where’s your book?”
“Get out.”
“Actually I didn’t bring my book either.” Aquarius pops up in between.
Why are you so eager!?
“Both of you get out. What have I done to be cursed with idiots like you…” the teacher mumbles as he kicks us outta class.
“Why did you have to throw yourself outside!?” I ask him vexed.
“Well, it isn’t my book so I felt it would be injust-”
“Well, getting us both out is injustice to my book!” I yell.
He nods as he leans against the wall.
“And plus, it’s not like I like biology. But you do.” I tell him.
“How’d ya know!?” He asks surprised.
“Who knows?” I reply in a teasing tone.
“Anyway what plans do you have for the next half an hour we’ll be standing here?” I ask as I shift the topic.
“Who knows?” He replies imitating my tone.
“Stupid” I tell him.

It’s been 10 minutes that we’ve stayed in awkward silence.
I don’t even know what to say anymore.
“Don’t you talk?” I ask giving up trying to strike any good conversation.
“I do?” He answers in a questioning tone.
“Then do.” I tell him.
Somehow I want to know what even goes about in his head.
“My mum used to make me some strawberry short cakes… she doesn’t anymore.” He tells recollecting.
I stare at him blankly.
Where did that come from?
“I like how my dog gets along with my new kitten.” He continues his unconnected conversation pattern.
I don’t think it’s anything interesting but I like the face he makes while he speaks his thoughts out.
“Hey, tell something. It feels weird. You being silent, that is.” He tells eyeing on me.
“Uh?” I ask.
“Well, you always talk a lot so-”
“Oh, so you’ve been noticing me?” I ask in a teasing rhythm.
“Who knows?” He repeats again.
“Darn you.” I mockingly chide him.
“But would you like it if it was that way?” He whispers next to my ear.
I hold a hand over his shoulder.
“Who knows?” I decide to mock him this time.
“Pfft” he chuckles as he pulls himself away from me.
“You’re interesting.” He comments.
Woah. That makes me feel better than it’s actually supposed to.
“And you’re weird.” I reply.
“I’ll take that as a complement.” he tells dropping his eye to my gaze.
I shift my head to view his light aqua eyes.
“They’re pretty.”
He looks down at me with no reaction.
“Thanks. But I prefer your purple ones.” He tells fixing his eyes.
“Th-hank-” I mumble as his face gets closer to mine.
“It looks even prettier up close.”
“Are you flirting?” I question.
“No way! What makes you think that way? I am a good mannered-” he sarcastically begins.
“Yeah, right, shut it.” I tell as I pull his face towards mine.
“How did you know I like biology?” He questions out of context.
“You’re a nerd that’s why.” I reply.
“Aren’t you one too, literary nerd?” He snickers.
“How did you!?”
Aquarius pulls his tounge out.
“Bleh, you first.”
“Aren’t you too?” He asks with a smile.
“Both of you stop flirting and get into the class!” Our prof yells standing beside us.
“We’re not flirting!” I reflexly contradict.
Aquarius stares at me with an offended expression of ‘we’re not?’
The prof stares at us and shakes his head.
“Get in idiots.”
Before getting seated, he asks me, “Being quiet helped me observe you- who was so talkative. But how did you notice me?”
“I’ve always been good at multitasking.” I tell as I sit.
“You two wanna get out of the class again!?” The prof yells.
The class chuckles.

Marjorie the Aquarius & Phillip the Capricorn

Phillip and Marjorie were having one of their typical conversations. “I’m just saying it makes me uncomfortable. I see the way some of these guys look at you,” Phillip said, rubbing his temple to rid himself of his headache. “And I’m just saying a little trust would be nice. Besides, you know how I feel about being smothered like this.”

Phillip stood abruptly and leaned forward on his hands. “Look, we are going to need to find a compromise or this isn’t going to work between us.” She stood now. “Maybe we should break up then.” His eyes met hers in surprise. “I’m not saying that at all, Marj. I just want to know that I can trust you. With all these guys looking at you the way they do-” “Yet, I always come home to you at the end of the day.” Marjory stepped closer to him and added, “I love you, Phil. This jealousy… it needs to stop. I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate it.”

He looked sadly at her but nodded. “You’re right. I always have you at the end of the day and you’ve never said or done anything to make me feel you’re cheating, so… please ignore my jealousy. There’s no reason for it and I trust you.” She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Thank you. That’s all I wanted to hear.” They kissed deep and long after that.

Phillip ended up taking it to the couch, where he sat and she straddled his waist, kissing passionately. “I love you,” They said together, causing each to smile when they pulled away. Their foreheads rested together and they laughed. “We really need to stop getting into the same arguments over and over,” She said lightly. He smiled. “The curse of being in a relationship where each are stubborn people.”

He brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her again. “I’ve gotta go to work. I’ll see you when I get off, okay?” She smiled and nodded. “I’ll be here, writing my book.” They smiled, gave one last kiss, then Phillip left.

This story was requested by @haylor4everandalways. I’m sure this wasn’t what you were going for when you requested, but I hope you love it anyway. Happy holidays, love! (:

Aquarius & Cancer

Aquarius had had a crush on Cancer for a while before she finallly decided to do something about it to make herself stand out from the other girls that also crushed on him. As a master of words, she naturally felt that a poem would be the best. She scribbled words down on a piece of paper. Then handed it to a friend whispering, “Hand it to Cancer.” Her friend, Libra, raised an eyebrow but did as asked. He took the paper and quietly unfolded - but not quietly enough. “Cancer, what have you in your hand?” Their teacher asked, making his face redden a bit (apparently he’d read part of it). “Uh… nothing…” He lied, slipping it into his pocket. The teacher eyed him but turned back to the board, going back to her lesson.

Cancer pulled the paper back out and put his book down in his lap so that he could pretend to be following along while really reading Aquarius’ words. A small smile made its way to his lips before he glanced up at Aquarius and smiled. She blushed at the smile but was happy to see that he liked it. He liked it!

Her heart was beating hard and fast through the rest of the period. When he came up to her, he handed her a piece of paper. He stood there while she read the words on the page. “Will you go on a date with me? Check one please:” then there were two boxes that had “yes” and “yes” written beside them. She laughed before taking a pencil out of her backpack and drawing a third box and writing “without a doubt” and checking it. He seemed nervous when he received it (he probably noticed her draw in a third box) but when he read it, his eyes lit up. “How’s tomorrow night?” He asked. She thought about it. “I have a dance class tomorrow. Thursday would work for me though…” He sighed. “I have music after school. Would it be okay if it was after five?” “Of course!” They both smiled happily before agreeing it would be Thursday evening at 7:30.

Aquarius did a fist pump when she was out of sight. She had a date with her crush!

Aquarius x Your Sign

Aquarius (male) x Aries (female):

Aquarius (female) x Taurus (male):

Aquarius (male) x Gemini (female):

Aquarius (male) x Cancer (female):

Aquarius (male) x Leo (female):

Aquarius (female) x Virgo (male):

Aquarius (male) x Scorpio (female):

Aquarius (female) x Sagittarius (male):

Aquarius (male) x Capricorn (female):

Aquarius x Aquarius:

Aquarius (male) x Pisces (female):

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The Caution Virgo boy and the Unpredictable Aquarius girl

“And BAM!!! That goddamn robot dude hit the freaking hero like GAPHOOM” Aquarius narrated her review in the class on a movie she had gone to earlier to a group of students sitting next to me.
“How the heck does one hit like ‘gaphoom’!?” Capricorn questioned in irritated confusion.
“People who haven’t watched the movie shouldn’t question!” Aquarius dismissed him.
She always had interesting things to tell. Not necessarily useful in anyway though.
In fact, I have no idea what was it about her that attracted me. Her eyes were always in a different universe.
But I didn’t even have the courage to approach her.
She was just too bright for me.
What if I bored her? I was just too dull.
I didn’t want to take any risks.
That day, our chemistry professor assigned us to a group activity in which Aquarius was in my group, along with Libra, Aries, and Leo.
I didn’t think I’d be forced to communicate with her so soon.
I decided to stay in a low profile.
The moment the professor left the group, Aries began to pick up random chemicals from the shelves.
“Let’s have a little fun.” He snickered.
“Don’t do that, it’s dangerous.” I ended up scolding before I realised.
Leo glared at me while Aquarius commented, “What’s fun without a little danger? Life is dangerous! You’re just boring.”
“Then fine. Learn it the hard way.” I replied as I left the three of them by themselves.
“I don’t think you should have told it to him like that.” I heard libra trying to dissolve the situation.
I can’t believe the first time I spoke to her ended up in argument.
And I’m probably the only one worrying about it too.

After a while I heard footsteps closing me.
I turned to spot an awkward Aquarius staring down at me.
“What is it?” I asked as I turned my head back to the book I pretended I was reading.
“It’s upside down.”
“What?” I questioned in confusion.
“Your book.”
I quickly stuffed it in my bag and told, “I was checking out it’s design!” in angry embarrassment.
“Is this why you came here for?” I asked calming down.
“Why’re you telling me now?”
“Aries burnt his hand.” She told regretfully.
‘Told you’ was what I wanted to tell but managed to put a lid in it.
“Well, you learn some things with experience.” I told her to soothe her guilty conscience.
“Also sorry for calling you boring.” She shifted.
“You don’t have to tell me that I already know.” I replied wontedly although it hurt me.
“But I actually find you really interesting.” She confessed.
“Is that so.” I replied in the same tone. But to be honest- I felt so happy I was grinning.
“The way your voice is always low, the way you try to warn others although you normally end up in trouble, the mole below your lips- they’re all interesting.” She told in a monochromatic tone.
I didn’t turn, nor did I utter a word- for my head was completely blank.
My heart beat raised.
“You’re red.” She whispered next to my ear.
“A-AHH!!” I suddenly yelled as I pushed her in the fear of being caught.
But in the process I slipped off my chair and landed on the ground.
My face was still completely dishevelled.
She sat down in front of me and offered a fake smile.
I didn’t know she could be so intimidating!
“I like the way your always-so-calm expressions are such a mess right now.”
“S-shut up!” I raised my voice.
“Your butt must hurt from falling off, want me to massage it?” She asked completely abashed as she winked.
“SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!” I yelled at her.
“Tomato.” She replied.
“You look as red as a tomato.”

Cancer & Aquarius

“Oh my god, Aqua, you’re such a loser,” Cancer joked, nudging her best friend. Aquarius glared at her playfully and shook her head. “No, my friend. You’re the loser.” She shoved her and walked away. “Hey! What was that for!?” Cancer yelled at her, chasing her down. “I hate being pushed!” Aquarius smirked. “And I hate being nudged.” “No you don’t,” Her best friend replied, shaking her head with a grin.

Later, they decided to go out for a movie. They decided on a comedy since both felt in the mood for a good laugh. When the movie ended, they went out to eat. It was a wonderful day, just as every day they spent together were wonderful.

“I really love you,” Cancer told her best friend affectionately. “You are kind, you volunteer for all these charities… I admire that about you. I just… don’t like leaving the house as often as charities require.” Aquarius smiled at her friend. “Y'know… don’t undermine yourself. You’re wonderful in your own ways. Your baking is amazing, you’re such a great listener. You truly care, and I find that admirable. You may not volunteer often, but you do help me when I ask.”

The two went bowling after that, on Cancer. “I’ll grab the next time,” Aquarius promised. “It’s no problem, really. I love spoiling you,” Cancer replied happily. Aquarius won both times. Cancer didn’t care, though. She just loved spending time with her. She couldn’t get enough of her bestie.

Aquarius stayed over at Cancer’s place that night. They studied for a Psych test they knew was coming up (even though their teacher never said it… they just both had a feeling). And surely enough, the next day there was a pop quiz… and both were prepared for it.

Love was shared all around and the two remained inseparable their whole lives. Yes, they had their differences, which would lead into fights, but they never, ever forgot how much they cared about each other and therefore would get over the fights almost as soon as they began. After all, none of their differences were worth losing their best friend.

This story was requested by @angelraebaby. Thank you for the request and enjoy!