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➳ Probably the rainiest Midsummers Eve I’ve ever experienced. Hiked to Skageflå and back to get a look at the Seven Sisters.


Through the Lens of Lina Scheynius

Meet Lina Scheynius: a Swedish, London-based self-taught photographer who kickstarted her career when a photography agent discovered her work on her Tumblr and booked her a portrait shoot with Charlotte Rampling for Dazed and Confused. 

Focusing on human bodies and their unique parts while playing with light and perception, Scheynius’ talents have lead her to since shoot for many world class creative publications. More at diary.linascheynius.com/



When was the last time you visited a place without sound pollution? Not hearing cars in the distance is quite a rare thing, if you think about it.


These scenes are from the very first day of January, but I am glad today happened. The sun shone for the very first time in weeks and I heard spring birds chirping in the woods. 


Woke up to a withered fire, quietly put on all my layers of clothing. I ventured out in the cold spring air up to a small plateau behind the cabin, while following a fox’s trail in the undisturbed sprinkle of snow that fell during the night. The hoot of a wood-pigeon was the only sound to be heard for miles while I witnessed the sun return. If only all days could begin like this.