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• Name: María. 

Birthday: February 8th. 

Star sign: Aquarius. 

Gender: Female. 

Height: 1,77 cm

Favorite color: White, Red and lilac (or soft purple). 

Time right now: 10:28 pm. 

Average hours of sleep: 5-8 hours. 

Last thing i googled: quantum physics, theory of multiple universes. 

Number of blankets i sleep with: one or two. 

Favorite fictional character: Hamlet (books), Ky Kiske and Cecil -FFIV- (games), and Gullinbursti Frodi he´s my baby. Don’t ask me. (anime). 

Favorite famous person:  Alexander The Great, Shakespeare and  Konstantinos Petrou Kavafis. 

Favorite book:   “Siddhartha”, H.Hesse. I can’t pick just one but…uhm. 

Favorite band:  “ll Volo”“Love Solfege”,  and relatives. 

Last movie i saw: The Little Prince” (2015). 

Dream trip: Greece. 

Dream job: Literature teacher. Oh, wait! I am a teacher of literature! <3. 

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Name: Maria Eduarda 
Nickname:  Duda, Duds, Mary, Duber, Duarda , Aroca , Ribeiro (those last two are my surnames)
Star sign: aquarius 
Gender: female
Height: 5′4 and a half or 169 cm (i cant measure in inches really)
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Romantic orientation: biromantic
Favorite color: light green, black or blood red
Time right now: 14:45 
Average hours of sleep: like six if im lucky
Lucky number(s): four,eight and sixteen
Last thing I googled: “whats my star sign”
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 or none
Favorite fictional character: Stiles Stilinski. not just because i love him but i just connect with him so much and now hes fighting his demons and i just get so emotional and proud of him even though hes not real. 
Favorite famous people: Troye Sivan (i love many people but hes literally my world)
Favorite book: Love Letters to the dead by Ava Dellaria (its so fucking good if you haven’t, then read it) 
Favorite bands/artists: Troye Sivan, Patd, fob, selena gomez, the vamps, (theres so much more but im just too tired to write)
Dream trip: London or Perth
Dream job: A band vocalist 
What am I wearing at the moment: just a huge bambi shirt with blue really little pijama shorts
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Name: Penny
Nicknames: Penne
Height: 5'2
Sign: Aquarius 
Gender: Female
Favorite Color: Green
Time right now: 9:50 p.m.
Average hours of sleep: 4 hours (2 hour nap after work) 
Last thing I googled: Venomous snakes…for reasons…possibly related to fanfiction 
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Celebrity Crush: Armie Hammer and it’s a problem 
Favorite Book: No Country For Old Men 
Favorite band/artist: John Legend
Last movie I saw in theaters: The Man From UNCLE  - no way!
Dream trip: Australia

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Name: Ronja
Nickname: I don’t have one
Birthday: 2nd February
Star sign: aquarius
Gender: female
Favourite colour: blue
Time right now: 21:46
Average hours of sleep: Idk. 7,8 or 9
Lucky number: don’t have one but I like 2
Last thing I googled: Göta kanal for school work
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Favourite book: Idk, but I really like the “Bad girls don’t die” trilogy
Last film I saw at the cinema: I think it was Ouija
Dream trip: I would love to take a road trip through Europe

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Name: Neha
Nickname: Naynay (I hate it)
Star Sign: Aquarius
Gender: female
Height: 5ft :(
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Favorite Color: Purple, Black and Bright yellow
Time Right Now: 17;29 London
Average Hours of Sleep: About 4ish hours?
Lucky Numbers: 14
Last Thing I Googled: Metal gear solid v gameplay
Number of Blankets: 1 and it has Spiderman on it.
Fav Fictional Character: AHH I don’t just have one favourite. Spiderman, Storm, Harley Quinn, Mantra, Rogue (There is so many more, fuck)
Fav Famous people: Cobie Smulders
Book: The Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike (Just one of my favourites)
Fav Bands/Artists: You Me At Six, My Chemical Romance, A Day To Remember
Dream Trip: New York
Dream Job: I have no clue, i change my mind every 5 minutes.
What I’m wearing at the moment: A grey jumper and black jeans

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Name: Lisa
Nicknames: Scarlett and Scar I guess (also granny Scar and the village elder)
Birthday: 31th of January
Star sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Height: 5′6″ or 169 cm
Sexual Orientation: *shrugs*
Hours of sleep: 7-9 sometimes more
Lucky number: don’t believe in it but 13 is nice
Last thing I googled: looking for the link to Stadium Love
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Name: …

Nickname: lots but none can beat Tartans

Birthday: January

Star Sign: Aquarius

Gender: Female

Favourite Colour: Blue

Time right now: 17:53

Last thing I googled: lyrics to Drive by Halsey

Number of blankets: 1

Favourite fictional character: Anthony Blanche of Brideshead Revisited

Favourite famous person: St Thérèse of Lisieux

Favourite book: The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis

Favourite band: Pixies

Last movie I saw: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Dream trip: Finland

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Name: Leticia

Nicknames: Lea, Princess Leia, Lei Lei, Jack, Leanardo, lele, Princess Bubblegum

Birthday: February 1st

Height: 5'9

Sign: Aquarius

Gender: Female

Sexuality: uhh

Favorite color: Burgundy

Time right now: 11:14

Average hours of sleep: 4-6 hours

Lucky numbers: 4

Last thing i googled: Yankees score

Words that come to my mind: Fresh Prince

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1

Celebrity crush: Leonardo Dicaprio, Margot Robbie, Tom Hardy, Rihanna, Winona Ryder, Beyonce

Favorite band/artist: Queen, Gorrilaz, Kanye West, The Doors, Asap Rocky, The Used, Drake, Billy Joel, My chemical Romance, Jay Z(his old music), Beyonce

Dream trip: Germany, Egypt, Russia, Australia

What I am wearing right now: Batman sweater, leggings, Dino taco socks, vans

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Aquarius Female and Libra Male together during lunch *-* ❤️❤️

Libra flopped down at the regular table. He had woken up an hour late and barely had time to get dressed, let alone pack a lunch. He didn’t have anything to eat and he could eat a horse right now. He put his head in the table dejectedly. “What’s up man?” Aquarius asked sitting down beside him. “I’m sooooooooooo hungry,” he groaned. “I don’t have any food either.” Aquarius laughed, patting him on the back. “Dude, I got plenty of food here. You want some saltines?” She asked. Libra lifted his head off the table. “I freaking love you.” Aquarius smiled. “Shut up, I know it.”

♒ How to attract an Aquarius ♒
  • Try to make yourself stand out
  • Have originality, prove you are your own person
  • Don’t be a follower, be unique
  • Be unusual, they like people that are different
  • Approach them on a friendship level first
  • Be patient when trying to pursue them
  • Allow them lots of freedom
  • Don’t be pushy or demanding
  • Never try to control or manipulate them into doing something
  • Avoid being overly emotional
  • Don’t come off as too mushy and sentimental
  • Be logical and fair
  • Appeal to their intellect
  • Be clever and well informed of certain events, ideas, etc.
  • Show that you are a very caring person
  • Surprise them a lot
  • Don’t reveal everything about yourself right from the beginning
  • Let them discover new things about you gradually
  • Keep them guessing and on their toes
  • Don’t make the relationship feel dull or like a routine
  • Be willing to change things up
  • Never be clingy or possessive of them
  • Be very social and outgoing
  • Have a really good sense of humor and be witty
Insanity Brings Us Closer
  • Aquarius:Well, here we are.
  • Pisces:Oh my goodness, I am so nervous! I dunno if I can go through with this! *looks down fearfully*
  • Scorpio:Oh come on, Pisces. It's just a harmless drop.
  • Pisces:What if one of the strings breaks!?
  • Aquarius:Come on, we agreed this would bring us all really close. As a group.
  • Pisces:I just...
  • Scorpio:If you don't, then Aqua and I might get closer while you don't.
  • Pisces:But it's s-so far down...
  • Scorpio (thinking):It IS pretty far down...
  • Scorpio:We're all going. Come on, Pi. You can do this.
  • Pisces:*swallows hard*
  • Aquarius:Come on! I'll go first! *leaps off*
  • Pisces:*screams but watches Aquarius bounce back up on her rope*
  • -later-
  • Aquarius:What a rush!
  • Pisces:I feel sick...
  • Scorpio:*kisses Pisces* But are you glad you did it?
  • Pisces (thinking):I can't believe I jumped off a perfectly stable bridge..
  • Pisces:I... guess? I'm still shaking a little.
  • Scorpio:But wasn't it invigorating how we faced our fear of heights together? All three of us?
  • Aquarius (thinking):I've gotta do this again sometime...
  • Aquarius:Don't you feel closer?
  • Pisces:*shaky smile* it feels nice to have lived through it.
  • Scorpio:That's the spirit!
  • Aquarius:Let's go home.
  • Scorpio:I can make you your favorite, Pisces.
  • Pisces:... I... I would like that.
Modeling gifs for the signs (female)...


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Aquarius Female and Gemini Male {Gif Set}...

When they first look at each other…

Him asking her on a date…   (or two)

First date…

First kiss…

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Making up…

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Virgo (f) and Aquarius (m) relationship gif set.

First meet

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First kiss

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Making up

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Hooking up

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Just being happy together

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Aquarius Female and Virgo Male {Gif Set}...

As friends…

First kiss…


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When they’re fighting…

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