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A Random SoRina Story!

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Uncontrollable Feelings by firefiredragonsandstuff (EDIT: Yep the title lol)

Soma had just won another Shokugeki this time someone had bet a…TV? He stuck it in his room with a lot of effort with the help of his Polar Star dorm mates. Well more specifically, Shun Ibusaki and 7th Seat Isshiki Satoshi, for once with-

“PUT SOME CLOTHES ON DAMMIT!” A female voice yelled, preferably Yuki Yoshino’s.

Nevermind. He’s wearing just an apron. Literally just an apron. After setting up the TV in Soma’s room,they had left his room and he went to lay on his bed when he had a sudden thought. He grinned ear to ear, thinking of a certain female to go mess with. Or maybe say hi to. Probably the latter. Anyway, he put his jacket on and walked out of his room and out of the dorm, on his way out, seeing the 7th Seat with nothing on, but he quickly turned away as soon as he saw that there was nothing tied on his back.

As soon as he was outside, he put his hands behind his head and started to walk thinking what to say to her. That was weird. He never really thought about what to say to her. After a long time he’s known her,he never really thought of what to say to her. “Today’s a weird day.” He thought as he continued to walk to where she might be.

She was in her office. She sighed at the fact that she was so busy. Her hair slightly messy as she had never had the chance for a break yet and so, she decided to take one. She flipped her hair back as she walked out of her office. Her long honey blonde hair was flowing through the air as she walked across the hallway, her purple-pink eyes shining with relief from the words of paper. Her mind had wandered from many things, from what Hisako was doing, who that blond haired kid that always talked to Yukihira about beating him, Yukihira’s annoying stupid hair, Yukhira’s annoying stupid face, Yuki-wait what?

She blushed immediately at the thought of even thinking of the red, spiky haired male. She proceeded to shake her head of all thoughts of Soma Yukihira. “Stupid Yukihira…making it into my head…” She mumbled,louder than she thought as other students were looking at her.

She had finally got outside and looked around. She sighed in relief as there was no sight of HIM. So she continued to walk around the campus. Unknowingly, Soma was also there but walking behind her. He noticed the honey blonde hair and decided to walk up beside her. Or at least near her. He then had an ear splitting grin and tapped her shoulder. Erina turned around with a sigh. When she saw who it was she did not like it. Soma was incredulously close and that made her blush and, what Erina would say,his stupid grin, was plastered on his face.

“Hi there Nakiri, what are you doing out here?” He asked her, he was curious as he never saw the 10th seat out and about.

Erina froze up for a moment. Instead of answering, she just stared at him and ended up staring into his golden eyes. His stupid, shiny, stupid, lovely, stupid eyes.

“Uh…Nakiri? You okay there?”

She never knew what he was thinking. Never.

“Oi Nakiri! Are you daydreaming?”

She shook her head, scarlet painted her cheeks. “I-I’m not d-daydreaming, Yukihira-kun!” She protested and turned her head in embarrassment, still blushing at the fact she hadn’t noticed him there. Or was it the fact that he was pretty close?

The red-haired male then asked again, “So what are you doing out here,Nakiri?”

She crossed her arms, her blush still slightly present and answered.

“Well, Yukihira-kun, I needed a break from my work as I had been working non-stop.”

He nodded and started to think on something. He pondered on whether if she wanted to take a walk with him. And maybe talk about why she’s always worked up against him. But then again he was oblivious to the fact that she likes him on some level. Same with her. They both had just started to walk instinctively but it was pretty silent. Though their hands had been freely swinging and had been occasionally touching.

“W-what is Y-yukihira-kun d-doing?” She had been thinking whilst walking as she had felt his hand continuously brush past hers and had realised how close they were but for some odd reason she didn’t want to leave the closeness. Some, being the oblivious one, didn’t notice the close proximity.

They both ended up walking around together, albeit somewhat awkwardly but during that time, Soma started to speak about what dishes he had worked on and such. The awkwardness gradually faded away and Erina had grown to just listen attentively and stare at him and at how passionate he was about what he worked on. She just stared in awe then looked away as soon as he noticed her staring.

“W-w-what is wrong with me…this is bad for my heart…” She mumbled. Soma stared at her and thought she had looked cute.  Soma then noticed that there were some Cherry Blossom trees nearby. He didn’t know that Totsuki had them. So he decided something.

“Oi Nakiri, you wanna go to the Cherry Blossom trees?” He asked her.

She crossed her arms and looked away. “W-whatever Y-Yukihira-kun!” She automatically started walking to the direction of the Cherry Blossom trees. Soma just shrugged and followed his part-ri-what was she to him? ‘Oh well’ he shrugged the thought off.

As soon as they got to the cherry blossom trees, there were cherry blossom petals falling all around. Erina had stopped in the centre of all the trees and wasn’t turning to Soma. The red haired, bandanna wearing male raised an eyebrow. They didn’t say anything as they stood in what was in comfortable silence. She immediately turned around and rushed over to him and enveloped him in what was a tight hug and as soon as she looked up at him, he saw how beautiful her eyes were, how cute and adorable she was.

Erina had no idea what she was doing. She was running on autopilot. She was letting her instincts take over. Her mind was screaming “NO NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” but her heart said the opposite.

“S-soma-kun…” She whispered.


“Don’t change. And call me Erina when we’re alone,please…Soma.”

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