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Since I’ve been wanting a genderbent lately and I miss KHR and I’m into BnHA atm, so….

Prologue (Maybe)

She never really thought about the after life. Because for more than half of her life, Tsuna fought tooth and nail for herself and her family against dying. How could she have thoughts of what comes after death when she hadn’t even wanted to entertain any chance of them being close to its cold embrace? She hadn’t been naive enough to believe no one would ever die, of course. But she did her absolute best to prevent anyone from passing on without their permission. Even then, it was still hard to accept.

But, regardless, here she was: living her second life.

She should have known, though. Mukuro was a really huge hint and she stupidly missed it.

(Sometimes she wondered: was everyone else the same? Do they remember? Were they in the same world?)

(The chances were slim. She knew for herself that it was more than likely only her. She didn’t want to hopelessly wish but if she ever stumbled upon the Byakuran of this world, she’d never let him go without confirming it for her.)

(She really missed them.)

At first, she didn’t know what was happening. She woke up as a baby and her brain hadn’t had the capacity beyond her basic needs. It was always there, the knowledge. But it never did mattered until one day she found herself crying for all she lost.

She couldn’t tell her new parents, they were barely there. She only had a nanny to care for her needs. And although Auntie Inko and baby cousin Izuku visited a lot, they weren’t always there. That and she was a toddler herself. Who’d believe her?

So, all she could do was grieve by herself. She knew her nanny and Auntie got worried but she needed this. If she doesn’t grieve now, she’ll regret and never move on. She’ll never acknowledge the new people around her. She’ll live only on her past. And that wouldn’t be fair to everyone involved, including herself. After all, no matter what life and no matter what world, she was a sky. Byakuran made sure she knew of that. It’s the one constant in the worlds he knew, he said. That’s why she must accept it all: past, present, and future.


She sat as silently supportive as she could to the distraught four year old cousin she now have, who had just had his dreams of heroism grounded to dust.

Izuku’s still in shock and possibly depresssed. He might only be four and he might not have dangerous thoughts that might endanger his life (if heroism itself went uncounted) yet but she really doesn’t want a repeat of that horrible rooftop incident with a certain idiotic baseball freak a lifetime ago. So, she needs to be with him. He needed the support and she’s willing to give just that. She grabbed his hand and squeezed, willing her thoughts and feelings to pass through that small body contact.

The video they were watching in front of the computer ended. Her hand went to automatically grab the mouse and clicked the video to repeat. It was Izuku’s favorite: the debut of All Might, the greatest hero the world had ever met (and possibly the greatest ever, Izuku’s voice echoed in her head). She have watched it repeatedly with Izuku for the last few hours. Auntie Inko had been with their vigil until a little while ago to prepare their dinner.

She clicked the repeat button again once the video stopped playing for the nth time. Her grip tightened on the boy beside her.

The now familiar set of events swept by the screen. But no matter how much they watched the video, it always seemed like the world stopped to breath at once and gazed in unadultered awe at the single man who rescued the many victims with a perpetual smile on his face and a reassurance that left all in relief. All Might truly was the pinnacle of heroism, she acknowledged.

And Izuku wanted to be like him.

Her gaze shifted to the green-haired child in worry and adoration.

In a world where supernatural abilities or quirks, as it was called, were normal, well-vaunted and highly acclaimed, he was born quirkless. In a world where quirks were the main tools of trade for superheroes - which was, funnily and mind-bogglingly enough, a real job, - he’ll be ridiculed over his geniune wish to simply help people.

He knew this. Still, he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a hero. And that was something to be admired.

Although it wouldn’t be the same, she knew what being at the bottom of the foodchain was. If she could, she’d give him the quirk she inherited from her own (new set of) parents. She has no dreams of becoming a hero (she dearly wanted that peaceful and normal life she had wished for Before). She wouldn’t mind being quirkless and she’d be able to handle a bunch of kids trying to put her down for being born different. It would be nothing compared to what she had to go through as Sawada Tsunayuki. And Midoriya Tsunayuki could surely survive lesser odds.

But life had always been cruel. Even more cruel, in this world, people wouldn’t be able to dissuade one truth: humans weren’t born equal. And Izuku - sweet, sweet Izuku - would only live a harsh life because of this, of his one dream.

She wondered, would his dream ever change? He was still just four and has a whole life ahead of him. He might realize someday that it wasn’t what he wanted. But as she traced his tear-filled eyes, she knew he wouldn’t give it up. Those eyes spoke of a will not unlike her own whenever her family was endangered. He was going to stubbornly cling to this until his hands could no longer hold anything, even until his body were completely crushed. That’s why, she’d do her best to support him as much as she could. After all, he’s shown his dying will to her and who was she to stop him?

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Hello!! Do you have any kind of headcannon about fem! 27 and fem! 00?? P.S.: I love your blog!! Have a nice day!

Thank you! I don’t have any headcanons for fem!00, but here’s some for fem!27.

-her name is Sawada Tsukumi, and close friends call her Kumi

-she is incredibly neat when it comes to her stuff. Her room is pristine, books in alphabetical order on the shelf and papers filed in her desk drawer. But she is ridiculously sloppy when it comes to her clothes. They’ll be wrinkled, occasionally ripped, her socks often don’t match. She’s constantly getting in trouble at school for an unkempt uniform

-she starts to stutter when she’s nervous or frightened, and Reborn works on forcing this habit to stop

-she’s terrible with directions and often gets lost, even when she’s just in town

-she keeps to herself a lot, fearing that even if she tried making friends, her awkwardness and clumsiness would ruin it for her. Reborn uses this longing and regret when he uses the Dying Will Bullet on her for the first time. It’s how Tsukumi meets and befriends Kyoko

-she always gets up at dawn so she can watch the sunrise, and sometimes takes a walk through her silent neighbourhood

More KHR x BnHA..

Still have no title and no plot…

Chapter 1. Yuuei

Izuku just happily told her over the phone that he’s going to Yuuei with her. That was a relief. Not because she hadn’t applied for the business course in Yuuei and found an apartment to stay in a five-minute walk from said school in vain. She only did so because Izuku applied to the same school and that Izuku would need someone to help him out once he became a hero, true. But she wouldn’t mind transferring if she had to. Yuuei might be the best school but she already knew enough about business (Reborn had hammered and drilled then carved it to her head) and there’s plenty of other schools which could polish her skills and knowledge back just as well.

So, no. It was a relief because he’s one step closer to their dream: for him to be a hero. And he would be a hero. One of the best, if not the best himself. Because she knew he would become great. Every fiber of her being, every lingering kindling left of her past manifestation of will, and every conception of her famed intuition that bloomed even from the deepest recesses of her heart; she believed in him.

“I’ll be a Hero,” he proclaimed without that self-conscious and defensive posture he used to have.

She smiled at him, noticing his more confident form and straightened back. Whoever it was who gave Izuku the hope she couldn’t fully instill him, they have her gratitude.

“I’ll be a Hero,” he unknowingly echoed himself from her memory of him just a few months ago. She grinned even brighter and congratulated him cheerily. She knew he’d pass. He’s smart, he’d have figured something out.

That and the recently discovered quirk he briefly mentioned before. It’s suspicious but since he’s happy, healthy and fine, she’d let it go. For now.

She couldn’t help but compare the Izuku from before the Sludge incident, after aforementioned incident, and now, though. The growth was tremendous! His determination even more so.

No matter how much he denied it, she knew something had changed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be doing better in their shared martial arts classes. He had become more focused during the lessons and a lot more determined to master the katas.

He didn’t used to have this much motivation. Yet, he did now.

(She really needed to find that person who caused this. Even if it was that Sludge villain or Bakugou himself she had to thank, she would.)

She smiled even after she put her phone down, only to scrunch her brows and determinedly looked at her math homework. She could do this. She’d already finished high school before and she could surely answer middle school leveled math problems. Her grip on her pencil tightened.

“Do it with your dying will,” she muttered to herself and to her beloved cousin in Musutafu.


The business department was full of odd folks. They all love heroes and aspired to be one at least once in their life like everyone else but at some point had decided to a different route than they had once dreamed of.

Some of them had long ago decided they don’t want to be a hero or can’t be a hero due to a lack of a ‘useful’ quirk to the hero business. Some had only wanted to support the heroes the way they can but didn’t have the head nor creativity that the support department required. And some were like her who did have the quirk to be a hero but just didn’t want to be one and found their department to be useful in their future.

But those of her type were few.

Most with the “heroic” quirks were at the heroics department either in Yuuei or on another school. Those who hadn’t passed and didn’t want to go to another school, opted to apply for the general department for the small chance of transferring into the heroics department within their first and second years. There were few third years in the general department who still hoped they could miraculously transfer into the vaunted department but most already realized they wouldn’t be able to catch up and either had transferred to a different department or had already left the school to a different one once their chances had dimmed.

Compared to the other departments they were the ones who didn’t mind not spending their life in the limelight. Instead they spent their life to making someone else shine in fame. They were to be the heroes’ guide and support to the business - from advertisements and promotions, to public appearances and damage control.

That’s who they were. So, she shouldn’t have been surprised that their first agenda of their first year in Yuuei was to find a partner in class and find a way to advertise them as if they were a hero.

And considering the kind of variety of quirks within the department, it would be hard to find a way to make people believe that they could save the public from danger. Most especially when the quirk of the person assigned to oneself was to make people within his eyesight trip. Not to mention that the person in question was near-sighted with a prescription glass so thick she thought they could be bullet proof. Moreover, that said person was her partner.

Tsuna chewed her lip. It’s not bad. His quirk was useful. There were plenty of useful ways to stop crime with his quirk. But why did he have to be near-sighted?!

Her hands grabbed her brown hair, immediately ruining her carefully tamed ponytail, and silently moaned. She stopped herself from slamming her face to her desk. There has to be a way. Her eyes panned back to her now excitedly busy partner who might be having a field day with her quirk.

Focus. Not everything’s about quirks. She had primed herself to enter this department to promote her formerly quirkless cousin as a hero. She had been utterly determined to do so with her utmost best for her cousin, quirk or no quirk. She could do this.

But his quirk, he never said it wouldn’t work even if he could only see blurs from afar. Then again, how would he distinguish the by-standers and victims from the criminal? Well. If sight doesn’t work then, maybe he could use sound? That’s still full of holes there though. She sighed to herself.

He’s slim. He’s not skin and bones but he’s not fit either.

She blinked when she remembered something. He was that late student earlier who had apparently ran fast enough to get into the classroom from the lobby within two minutes. He’s got to be fast, then. That’s one point she could use.

So he could familiarize with himself through sound on who’s who while darting in and out of the scene. Then, once he’s accomplished that maybe he could use his quirk for whatever distance?

She’s definitely no Shouichi or Gokudera but that tactic sounded good…? Maybe?

But how to promote it? She bit her lip. Maybe she didn’t know what she was getting into when she enrolled for this department, after all.

Nevertheless, Dame-Tsuna needed to do her best. For her cousin.


Chapter 4. Sports Festival Part 1.

She supposed, there was a time even she had mulled over becoming a hero. She remembered reading so much shonen manga in her past life and wishing she could be just like them. Until Reborn, - tutor from hell and devil incarnate - shoved himself to her life and she wished she could take it all back. She did not want to live a life like a shonen protagonist or a superhero, after all. She was wrong and she was willing to pay any price just take Reborn back whence he came from. Please.

(Reborn had snorted over her trecherous thoughts and smacked her with a Leon hammer. Then, for good measure, he made her ran laps around her neighborhood until she felt like jelly. And sat her in her desk to study at gun point.)

(A second lifetime later she still ran laps until she felt like jelly whenever she thought he’d disapprove of something. She swore it was an automatic response. She felt like if she didn’t do so, he’d shoot a Chaos Shot through time and space just so he could bully her into doing it anyway. Wherever Reborn was, she pitied and envied anyone who has to live with that sadist.)

(She took the thought of not having Reborn back, too, when he never returned to her one day.)

(She missed him, too. And, oh, so much.)

She stared at the paper in her hands. It was a parent’s/guardian’s permit for the incoming Sports Festival. A permit so she could join. She might have misread it.

She held the paper at arm’s length. Nothing changed. She reversed it and twisted it left and right. Still the same. She squinted. It really was a permit.

Midnight-sensei didn’t even tried to hide her snickers. She blinked and palmed it against her desk. The ink in the paper didn’t magically shifted into a secret message.

“Alright. Alright. I’m sure we’ve made sure the permit was authentic.” The plus-eighteen pro hero smirked down at her, heavily amused at her reaction.

She’s going to hold onto the hope that the secret message would magically rearrange itself later. It might just have a delayed mechanism.

(Like that one time she’d been sent a flame encripted message and Reborn had made her learn to unlock the true message beneath the ink by herself. She’d lit her hand aflame but hadn’t thought she only needed a small flame, to run her fingers across the page, and wait a minute before the message slowly revealed itself.)

(Reborn laughed when she screamed and nearly threw the paper out the window when the paper ignited so suddenly and voraciously. She’d nearly had a heart attack and Reborn laughed like it was the most pleasant joke in the world.)

(It was captivating, his laughter. He should have done it more.)

They stared at each other for a bit. The woman didn’t seemed inclined to speak first. She waited for a few more seconds, she might change her mind and leave with the paper. When it seemed like that wasn’t happening anytime soon, Tsuna finally gave in.

“Students from the Business course don’t participate in the Sports Festivals like students from the other departments, especially the Heroics department.” She carefully arranged her lips into a strict frown like she used to give to her subordinates to say she’s disappointed. Izuku once muttured her inclination to pout rather than frown, though. It shot through her confidence to look serious and strict like a wrecking ball against rice paper.

The woman, artfully posturing for all her worth, only smirked in further amusement before actually answering, “Correction. Students from the Business Course simply does not choose to participate in the tournament. The few who did had not gotten farther than the first obstacle of the first round. That urged the others to not bother with it anymore. So, ultimately, it was decided to leave the option open for any business kids and would only strongly suggest for the students who had great potential to participate.”

Tsuna stared at her long and hard. She had a feeling the older female wouldn’t leave without her taking the permit and actually getting it signed.

Finally she opened her mouth to utter the fact that her parents were out of reach and it wouldn’t be signed by them in time. Reading where Tsuna was going to lead the conversation correctly, Midnight-sensei took the paper and replaced it with another. The difference? It had been signed by one Midoriya Inko, her alleged guardian.

She pursed her lips then looked up at the woman with a really annoyingly smug face. “Really?”

“Really,” the woman followed without delay.

So, that’s why it was her giving the permit and not my homeroom teacher, who was twirling his gun in a corner, studiously trying to look cool leaned against the wall even though it was just the three of them within the classroom.

It was afterschool hours and so, the rest had already left home. In other words, she got cornered not unlike a helpless prey by two vicious predators. She was not impressed. He was totally in on this.

Why was she even targeted for this specifically, anyway? She immediately regretted voicing her question. It seemed like the woman had been waiting for her to ask just that.

“Did you know you had a recommendation for the Heroics Department?”

Yes. Yes, she did. She received the congratulatory letter with a time and place of meeting. She sent back a letter of apology. She was not interested. She carefully not tried to think about not having told this to her cousin. In better circumstances, she’d have taken this secret to the grave. As it was, it might get back to Izuku if she’s not careful.

Her lips remained closed.

“Someone recommended you. That someone had only recommended a number of students who could only fit one hand and still has some spare. You’re already included in that number, mind you. And within that number, all students had excelled magnificently.” The pro hero daintily buffed her nails with a nail file that Tsuna had been pointedly looking at since she pulled it out of nowhere.

“You’ve met, I’ve heard,” the tall woman continued, “almost two years ago in a bus incident he had to respond to out of costume. You’ve impressed him, it seemed. So much that he put you on recommendation right after it was taken care of.”

There could only be one incident and one person - or hero - she was talking about. More than half a year ago, she had ridden a bus from Tokyo to Musutafu. A villain tried to hi-jack the bus. Tried was the key word. Before he could even try to do anything, she’d already noticed his intent and moved to stop him.

She didn’t have to use her quirk. She only needed to stealthily stride to his direction and kicked him under the belt so hard she heard he couldn’t get up on his own nor walk straight even an hour later. The said hero happened to be on a day-off and was on the same bus.

That was it. There was nothing remotely impressive about it. She didn’t even got to talk to the hero and didn’t recognized who he was.

She took a deep breath and looked at her in the eye. She unconsciously shifted into what her guardians had jokingly called the boss mode Before.

“What is the actual reason you wanted me to participate?” Her hands steepled atop her desk and her voice echoed within the classroom eerily. She didn’t notice the increase in tension nor the sudden colder temperature.

(A shiver passed through the two teachers’ spines. The aura of the girl had shifted so rapidly, they wouldn’t have believed it had they not just witnessed it.)


(This really needs a title. And maybe I should actually post this as an actual fic? Since it’s getting long… hmm…)

Chapter 6. Sports Festival Part 3.

What she woke up to was her and her team settling down to the ground and the rest of the competition aside from a few were on the ground groaning. What happened?

She looked at her teammates in askance. The other two looked confused, as well. She turned to their leader, he smirked at them and uttered only two words before walking off, “Well done.”

It left her off-kilter. She looked around once more and found a few of them glaring at her. She could only look back at them in confusion. She had no idea what had occured after she answered their now former team leader.

Izuku walked closer, carefully like he was walking on thin ice.


She might have said her confusion outloud because he started contemplating on how to answer her. When he did, she was disbelieving. She would never do that. She wouldn’t lose control of herself and excessively abuse her quirk to plough through the competition. Nor would she dare to think about it! She’d made sure she was always, always careful no matter what and use it as minimally as she could. And magnetism to the trace amount of metal on earth were hard to control even in her most focused state! And no, she’s not mad or was feeling any strong emotions. She’s perfectly calm and in control.

Izuku winced and was looking around like he’d offended the whole world somehow. He looked at her with a mix of confusion and worry. She took a look around as well. Everyone was silent and was looking at them. No. They were looking at her.

That’s when she realized she’d been shouting.

Her face paled and she felt like barfing. She immediately ran off to the exit and searched for an isolated bathroom to wallow in and possibly never crawl back to the light.

She held her hands against her mouth in horror and screamed. Those people were hurt because of her. Somehow she’d lost control of herself and had done the unacceptable.

It has to be something the purple-haired kid had done to her and the two other members of their team. Was his quirk mind control? But what was the requirement? All she did was say something-!

That was it, wasn’t it? Her intuition had warned her, yet she ignored it. Ugh! Now what? Her team had qualified to the last round. Should she conitnue or not?

Why not? Reborn’s voice echoed in her head like her very own twisted Jiminy Cricket.

Well, she always made mistakes and been dealt bad cards before. It wasn’t like this was new. Her life hadn’t ever been fair.

Fine. Might as well go through with it since she’s already through. Maybe she’d have a chance to pay him back.

And she’d be sure to do it with her dying will.

She barely made it for the announcement of the brackets for the tournament. A few fellow students from the same department congratulated her on her qualification, it only furthered her determination to see it through.

Her other teammate from the cavalry game also approached her, not in congratulations but in askance of why she decided to continue. She answered him honestly.

“I want to get back at him and if going through with it would let me do so, then I will. He needs to learn that he can’t just abuse someone’s quirk to his satisfaction even when he had the tools to do it.” She finished with an unknowing determined look in her eyes. “That and I still need to go and represent my fellow business course students. They needed the encouragement.”

He gave her a firm nod without judgement.

Her first match was against Uraraka-san. She traced the bracket again. Shinsou Hitoshi, that was what Ojiro-san had informed her the name of that purple-head was. Unless Shinsou happened to win against Izuku and Todoroki-san while she wins both of her other matches, they won’t be facing each other at all. Bummer.

But she supposed it’s for the best. Holding grudges had never been her thing, anyway. She sighed.

There didn’t seem to be any chances for her to face him because Izuku’s going to win. She knew. Her cousin was more stubborn than a mule. He’ll figure it out somehow and looking at Ojiro-san approaching Izuku, he’d have a head’s up of Shinsou-san’s quirk ahead of him. No need to worry about her cousin then.

She bit her lip. Hopefully.

But now, how was she going to handle her match with Uraraka-san when she had no idea what her quirk even was. Tsuna didn’t want to ask Izuku and tore him to choose between the two of them. They’re friends, Tsuna can’t ask him to betray his friend like that.

Her imagination pictured a green gun pointed at her temple. Alright. She’ll do it with her dying will!

After she calmed herself down from a panic attack from the amount of people watching.

Can’t say I know where I’m going with this. Haven’t even planned past Tsuna vs Uraraka fight. Ugh. I need to make sense of the brackets and scramble the whole thing. Gah. Work.


Chapter 5. Sports Festival Part 2.

“We just need you to give a good performance and encourage other Business course kids to join in. None had participated in the last few years and the school would only be happier if at least one student from your department could show everyone they could compete with the rest,” her homeroom teacher finally spoke from his corner.

His explanation was on point and precise. Had they just told her that, she wouldn’t have resisted too much. If it’s just to encourage the other kids then, she’s fine with that.

She sighed as she arrived in front of the class 1-A’s classroom. It was crowded. She should have known. There were plenty from the General course and few smattering of the others.

(She’s only aware of this because one of their exercises was to study the other classes and learn enough about them so they could write essays on how they could make certain individuals shine. There was more to their course, of course. It doesn’t end and circle on that aspect but it’s a must.)

She planned to just wait it out but there seemed to be a commotion and she saw a peak of green curls beyond the heads of students. She held off her sigh and pushed herself into the crowd. The things she does for family. Izuku really needed to stay out of trouble.

“-doesn’t matter,” Bakugou’s voice carried off the now silent crowd, “As long as you’re on top.”

The blond bully turned to leave, the crowd parting by itself for him. Judging by the directiin he was going, they were going to meet halfway through.

Tsuna carefully schooled her face out of the grimace as they finally met. They stared at each other in silence for only a second or so before he passed by her.

She normally would have let him leave but she felt like making quip at the moment. And before she could decide otherwise, she’d already spoken, “I’ll see you at the festival then.”

She didn’t looked back and she was sure neither did he. But she heard the staccato of his steps pause for a moment. He figured it out, she’s sure. Bakugou wasn’t dumb.

She shrugged and took advantage of the clear path before her towards Izuku. The boy in question looked shocked.

Ah. He’d heard her.

Well, it’s not like she was going to keep it as a secret. That was even her whole reason for meeting him in his classroom instead of waiting by the gates like usual.

“Tsuna… really?” He asked with widened eyes. She only nodded in reply. “But how? Y-you’re a…”

“Business Course kid.” Several heads turned. She wasn’t taking care to talk softly and the purpose of this was so she could show everyone (both inside and outside her department) they shouldn’t be written off easily. One particularly sullen looking kid gave her a contemplative look in his seemingly permanent morose face. “It’s not unallowed. It’s always been an option, just not much of anyone took it.”

She stood beside him by the time she finished her speech. His mouth was wide open. She closed it for him before a fly sped in. (What? It happened to her once before.)

It took a bit before he could utter anything and all he could say was, “Oh.”

She smiled at him. “Let’s go? Will Uraraka-san and Iida-san join us today?”

Her green eyes (not brown; it still disorients her when she looks at her reflection, like she couldn’t comprehend that the person she was seeing was herself) panned over the two for confirmation. The duo could only nod.

For the next week, she had allowed herslef to use her quirk on little things in an excercise of control. True, she hadn’t lived her life not using her quirk. But the opposite was also true. She hadn’t gotten out of her way to show it off. She tried to moderate her use and only practice it so she wouldn’t accidentally hurt someone. Reborn knows how clumsy she could be.

As a result, few have seen her use her quirk. Even fewer remembered what it was.

Izuku was a given. Bakugou, though? The blond never forgot. Especially considering how she was one of the few who could challenge his quirk on an even footing but didn’t asserted dominance. That was what he didn’t like her for, she surmised as she ignored his glare and used her quirk to pull herself into the giant robot obstacles before repelling herself against it. She shot passed a distance from there.

There. She was off with a good start. That was a decent showing of her Magnet that she was sure no one in school would say otherwise. It was simple but effective. It was a clean manuever and done with minimal effort. It wasn’t flashy but it was efficient. Totally respectable.

She continued running until she reached the next obstacle. She shrugged and employed the same tactics. Only this time, she used another student in place of the robot. It was someone from the support department, she believed. (She was wearing something metallic. She was practically begging Tsuna to use her quirk. And it’s not like the girl couldn’t handle a bit of disturbance.)

Present Mic howled about something she didn’t understand. The crowd cheered. She ignored it along with that ceaseless churning in her stomach. She hoped she doesn’t trip. That would be embarassing.

Ahead of her, halfway across the minefields she spotted a boy with a red and white hair. Todoroki-san if she remembered what Izuku had told her once correctly.

Well, she could always use the ground to employ her tactics. There’re metals besides other minerals within the soil. (Hah. Dame-Tsuna learned science!) And the mines were metallic. So. But she wasn’t sure she’d be able to not destroy the mines. And the tunnel-gate was too far. Her range at the moment didn’t went that far.

Without using her quirk, it was. She stepped onto the ground as fast as she dared without being careless. The boy on first place was still way ahead and Bakugou had just flew past her. But she must persevere. She would not be careless.

A glorious boom blasted behind her. She dared not move at the cloud of dust obscuring her view. Soon enough, before the earth settled back to its home, something shot off and rocketed off toward the finish line.

It was Izuku, that reckless kid. She abandoned her plan and commanded her magnetism against the farthest mines she could to attraction and let herself be pulled to it. Carefully.

Izuku had reached the finish line. Bakugou and Todoroki-san weren’t too far off. She switched herself into repulsion and she flew past the line just as the latter two did.

She sighed in relief. Fourth place should be just right.

“-that was too greeeeeeaaaaaatttttttttt! Definitely Plus Ultra! Even our only student from the Business department gave it her all and finished close to the top. Almost neck-and-neck with our heroic kids. The business kids really shouldn’t be under-estimated!”

And with that, her work should be done. She gave herself a mental pat in the back and a promise to indulge in a Cake Day Special tomorrow at the latest.

“Tsuna!!” Izuku called to congratulate her. She was about to meet him when the rest of the qualified participants finally finished arriving and Midnight-sensei had already started announcing.

A cavalry? She shivered in remembrance from a dark, dark memory of that horrifying event of Hibari-san commandeering a cavalry as his own to fight into the same event. That was bloodbath and a half. Hopefully, it wouldn’t come to that point for this event. Surely, Yuuei has better standards and proper regulations rather than the nightmare-inducing Hibari Kyoya standards. She crazily looked around, hoping against hope Hibari-san wouldn’t suddenly pop out and bit her to death!

She swallowed her scream when a hand tapped her from the back. She turned around immediately and lowered into a fighting stance.

Tsuna blinked. It was that purple-haired kid. Her head pounded. She might have a headache incoming. She tilted her head in askance. What did he want?

“Would you like to join my team?” He said simply.

She took a moment in thought and looked around. Most already formed their teams. She returned her attention to the tall male and nodded, finding nothing wrong with the offer.

He looked at her oddly. Had she done something weird? Her head tilted again without her conscious thought.

He just sighed and walked off to the direction of another duo. Must be their teammates. She smiled at them, the two retained a passive expression and glass-looking eyes.

She looked at the purple-haired boy in suspicion. He just smirked and shrugged. She did not pout.

The last few minutes were spent in silence within their group. None of them were inclined to talk. And she felt awkward to try to break the silence minutes after it started. They hadn’t mentioned anything about a strategy yet and the game was about to start!

She would have floundered like a fish out of water if their team leader wouldn’t fall because of it.

Their team skulked in the sidelines for the first few minutes. Until their leader finally straighted his back and commanded, “Let’s go!”

“Got it!” she replied without thought before her vision turned black and she knew no more.

And this is now a guilty pleasure of mine.


Chapter 2. USJ Part 1

She felt like a zombie as she walked out of the classroom for lunch. It was hell just thinking of how to promote that classmate from the first day. But having to do it over and over again everyday to every other classmate and for different hypothetical people? She thought her brain got fried from overuse.

Analyses was not her thing, that was Izuku’s. If it were that boy he’d have tons of material already within the first few minutes of deliberation. Izuku’s a genius. And she, definitely, was not.

It was still better than math, though.

With that last cheerful thought, she carried her bento with more energy than before to the cafeteria. Once she’d arrived and saw the crowd though, she forgot something of great importance: she hadn’t had friends to eat with.

She wasn’t able to make friends she could eat with on her list of classmates. She didn’t have someone to push people to be her friends anymore. She doesn’t have someone on class who’s not exactly a friend but was cheerful and friendly enough to everyone who wouldn’t mind her sitting with them for lunch like on middleschool.

She now regretted holing herself up in the library for every break she had just to catch up with her studies. If she hadn’t allotted the current day as her lunch study day off, she might still be in the library.

She had a moment of hysterically laughing in her head. Dame-Tsuna actually working hard in studying and being successful about it? Preposterous. Well, if not for her remembered past life, she might not get far without severe help.

But she’d veered off from the present issue. Tsuna chewed her lip and bounced her weight from foot to foot - nervous and awkward.

Suddenly, she felt small and insignificant. She never did learned how to make friends in school. She was in the same school with Izuku back in primary and halfway through elementary they were together. Until she had to transfer to Tokyo until the end of middle school for her parents job. She didn’t know why she had to move with them then. They weren’t home most of the time anyway and she’d proved she was self-sufficient enough. But she guessed they were trying to reconnect to her in their own way.

She shook her head. Come to think of it, she was with Izuku even in the dojo so she didn’t have anyone else there, too. It had been fine then. She had been contented but, now, who was she supposed to eat with, to play with, to make fools of themselves with, and watch fireworks together with?

She walked home everyday with Izuku but what about now? What about on other times?

Would it be okay to eat in the rooftop? She bit her lip and just about to turn around to take her chances there when a voice called her.

“Tsuna!” For a moment, another voice overlapped her cousin’s. A voice who’s louder, more confident, and deeper. Her eyes found Izuku’s waving arms. Another image waved her forward, someone taller with a grin so bright he could be from a toothpaste commercial.

She took a deep breath and plastered a smile as her feet stepped forward and into the trio. Her eyes caught the boy with her cousin gently berating her cousin about something. Her mind painted another figured with a rougher attitude, shouting and threatening to shove dynamites over the other person’s mouth if he wouldn’t stop being disrespectful.

Her lips wobbled and she barely managed to stop the sob from escaping her lips when she almost reached their table. Then, suddenly, the girl within the table was herself and was placating the two from getting into trouble.

This was a bad idea.

She somehow managed to calm herself to greet them. No one thankfully noticed her melancholic thoughts.

Her cousin introduced her and was tritely introduced back to them. She echoed their pleasantries and smiled at them.

Thankfully, before any proper conversation could begin nor for any of them had any chance to shove their lunches to their mouths, an alarm blared from the speakers.

An emergency. They need to leave to safety. Her eyes panned over the exit with a worryingly growing stampeding crowd then over to her cousin and his classmates. Her eyes ran with their form.

They were already running and Izuku had somehow grabbed her arm without her notice. He was now dragging her with him into the panicking mass of students. Again, this was a bad idea.

“Izuku, we can’t-!” She cut herself off when the crowd swallowed them both and severed her cousin’s hold on her. “Izuku!”

Her voice went unheard within the cacophony of screaming teenagers. She tried to use her small weight and shoulders to cut through the sea of students. The mass was too compact. She could only move beyond a meter from her efforts.

“Izuku!” She uselessly tried to call for her wayward cousin once more.

Then, there were gasps. She followed their sights and found Iida-san floating above their heads. His quirk, maybe? His gaze zeroed over the exit. Good idea, she silently agreed to his plan. Now, if only he’d take Izuku with him and that girl, too, since she looked nice and they looked like close friends.

The glasses-wearing boy flew past everyone and slammed into the wall in a weird yet familiar pose.

“Please. Let’s be calm.” Iida-san’s words echoed in the hall with all students listening without preamble, too shocked to do anything else but listen.

They crowd slowly calmed. She caught Izuku’s eyes and they both smiled. Tsuna’s glad he found good friends but she didn’t think she’d be joining them for lunch anytime sooner. That breakdown she almost had was unprecendented. She thought she’d been over it for years now.

She sighed as collected her bento and left the cafeteria with nothing but a nod of apology to her cousin. Her mind might think she’d move on but her heart would always remember and remind her of those who’d taken pieces of her with them.

For now, she can’t eat lunch with Izuku and his friends. Some other day, then. She need to get to know them, anyway. She needed to assure herself that they’d be good for him and would take care of him just like she knew he would to them.

Some other day. Hopefully, Izuku wouldn’t be too disappointed.

Her heart had been pounding since she woke up this morning. Although she didn’t really think she’d carried hyperintuition with her from her past life, she’d found stranger things before than to question it. And right now, it’s advantageous. Something’s going to go wrong.

She had hurriedly prepared herself to school and texted her parents to take care of themselves and be careful when they didn’t answer her call. They might not always be there like her last father but they’re her parents and that automatically makes her care for them. Even when she’s disappointed of them, she still cared. Just like Iemitsu.

Her next step had been to call Auntie Inko for the same gist. Although this time, the woman had answered the call and exchanged brief pleasantries with her. Her aunt had given her well wishes, as well. Her heart warmed. The woman was more of a mother to her than her present biological one.

The last and most important call she made was Izuku’s. Because she knew she’d be a wreck and would be too nervous to make the other calls otherwise. After all, that boy stumbled over trouble like its going out of style.

She almost screamed at the boy when he finally answered after what seemed like an eternity. But held her tongue and continued running. She just went passed Yuuei’s gate.

“Where are you?” She scanned the crowd, looking for a specific head of green curls, and stopped running. It’s too early to be suspiciously running like her life depended on it.

“Uhh… I just entered the classroom,” Izuku dutifully answered without preamble and simultaneously greeted his fellow classmates.

“I’ll meet you there.” She dropped the call and speed-walked to the heroics department. Nobody stopped her. But some looked at her funny. She didn’t care. She had to reach Izuku.

She’d have talked to him over the phone but the boy could be secretive about any injury he might or might not have gotten on accident and would bear the pain until he heals or someone noticed him bleeding. She needed to make sure he’s fine.

She reached the classroom just as Bakugou was about to enter. She pushed through him and walked directly to Izuku. She ignored the blond’s growls and threats. Xanxus had been more vicious. Compared to that man, Bakugou sounded like a pleasantly purring kitten. Completely non-threatening.

She grabbed Izuku’s shoulder once he was within an arm’s length of distance from her. She turned him every which way, inspecting him. Izuku took it in stride. His classmates though looked at them weirdly.

She nodded in satisfaction when she found nothing amiss. Then, her eyes turned directly to his own. “I don’t know how, when, where, or who but something’s going to go wrong and you’re going to be careful. I’ve already called my parents and Auntie Inko. I’ll be equally as careful so promise me you wouldn’t run headfirst into danger.”

His mouth opened but snapped them close when she looked at him sharply. She was serious. He nodded. She nodded back in satisfaction and marched out of the room and the building then went to her proper classroom. She didn’t so much as wait for a second for Izuku’s present classmates to explode into questions nor give Bakugou’s snarling face and acidic glare a second of her time. She was too focused on her task to scourge everything her eyes could lay on for anything that might spell trouble.

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