female tsuna

Otakuthon 2011 ended yesterday. Omg, that was soooo much fun.

First day I went with my friend ukki (http://ukkikirkland.tumblr.com/). It was AWESOME and I had a lot of fun. And I got to met her IRL which is awesome.

The next two days, I went with my childhood and best friend kodera (http://kodera.tumblr.com/). She called me at 10 am to tell me that she could come even tough we both thought she couldn’t :DD
And so we went to fangirl at the con. (She was almost stalking a Shizuo cosplayer and creeped out a Sebastian. She’s a little creepy but I love her hahahaha)

I bought a lot of thing, like the shirt tsuna wore in the beginning of the future arc (but it’s XL and I wear XS. So it’s more like a tent than a shirt OTL), tsuna’s ring, buttons, three reaaaally cute keychains (one have dino and hibari on each side, one tsuna and one mukuro and chrome.), a lot of posters, a small Tiger and bunny art book, Eureka seven first book, Ao no exorcist 3 and a few other things.

God, I’ve spent so much money OTL

And omg, I saw so many awesome artists at the Artist Alley. *^*

Anyway, next year I’m going to cosplay a genderbent Tsuna! :D As you can see I drew a sketch of what I think it’s going to be like.

I can’t wait. *^* Kodera is going to cosplay as the bipolar slut alois.

Nghhgnnghhhh I’m so excited even though it’s in one year lol.


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Series: Part 3 of Almost More Storm Than Sky

An Alternate Universe of Almost More Storm Than Sky, triggered by a comment from otaku-alert on tumblr. Events from the point of the Ring Battles onwards from the point of view of Tsu-hime (Female Tsuna), with Squalo/Tsu-hime/Xanxus a very, very strong likelihood.