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Let me tell you what I believe. I believe that Morpheus means more to me than he does to you. I believe if you are really serious about rescuing him, you are going to need my help. And since I am the ranking officer on this ship, if you don’t like it… I believe you can go to hell. Because you’re not going anywhere else. — Trinity

The TriSophian Creed

I believe in the Heavenly Mother; Barbelo Sophia,
All-Manifest, All-seen, Ageless and Eternal.
The Virginal and Ineffable Womb of the Universe,
Our Queen of Heaven and Mother of the Aeons,
Who proceeded Herself from the reflection of the Unknown God,
And brought forth with Her Grace; the Child of the Light.

I believe in the Holy Daughter; Zoe Sophia,
The Mother’s gift of Life to all Creation,
The Saviour of Wisdom who was made incarnate; the Magdalene,
Who in the world of the great invisible God,
Arose to break the chains of ignorance and corruption,
And restore us to the fullness of the Perfect One.

I believe in the Holy Spirit; Pistis Sophia,
The essence of the Mother and the soul of the Daughter,
Our ever-present Comforter and Consoler,
She who unites all souls of matter and guides them to the truth,
Who whispers the law of love and peace into our hearts,
And has promised to remain as our companion until the end.

I seek to honour My Lady through works of faith and devotion,
By sharing the teachings of the blessed and holy teacher,
And above all, through love and compassion to all Her children.


Balanced Blessing

A book I would definitely recommend for those interested in Christopaganism is The Path of a Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair. She tells a personal story of her spiritual journey and how she personally combines her faith in Christ with modern day witchcraft. 

One of the things she mentions in her practice that inspired me was her way of blessing; in using both the Male and Female divine trinities. 

I make the traditional ‘cross’, head to middle, shoulder to shoulder, saying; “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”, same old same old.

Then, touching my heart, I say “by the Mother”, signalling the one who gives me life, love and strength. For Adelina this was Mother Mary. For me it is Barbelo. For someone else it may be Eloah or Asherah or whoever - I’d recommend checking out Northernway.org for their information on Christian goddesses.

Then, touching my lips, I say “the Maiden”, signalling the Holy Daughter, God’s guidance spoken through enlightened women of history. In particular for myself and Adelina, this is the Magdalene, but I also might think of Zoe-Eve, Norea or Sarah bat Yeshua.

And finally, touching my brow, I say; “And the Crone”, signalling to Sophia, my matron and Lady of wisdom, as Adelina did too. Other options for the Crone or female Spirit could be the Shekinah or Pneuma. 

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Request:  What about a fanfiction where Ethan and the reader (and the rest of the gang) go to a university or college made for youtubers? And Ethan and the reader like each other or are dating? Sorry I’m horrible with coming up with ideas! If you do my idea can there be some fluff tho? I would write this on my own but I’m not fully sure I know how to tell it, but if I come up with more I can write my own version too, of that’s ok! And btw I love your writing! Oh and sorry that I ramble.

Summary: Fem!Reader goes to University of Youtube with the gang. Heres a glimpse into what a typical day with the gang is like in class.

A/N: Behold, the literal only gif I could find of the entire gang. This was a cool request! I saw a fic in the markiplier x reader tag similar to this about a youtube university with markiplier and jacksepticeye so if you want to read some more youtube college stuff I’d definitely recommend checking that out! The fic is by @septiceyesweetheart and it’s really good! I love it a lot (may or may not be because I’m also latina and can relate to Bella)! Anyway, back to the fic. No Amy and Kathryn in this one :( because I haven’t gotten the hang of writing them well just yet and the fic was getting waaaaaay too long with them. It’s already pretty long as it is. I really like this idea though and if anyone wants me to make this into an AU sorta thing, feel free to request some more! Hope you enjoy!

Wordcount: 1462

Warnings: I cursed a couple times I think

Thanks for the awesome request! Request some more please!

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Wonder Woman was a fucking badass in Batman Vs Superman. She slayed. She dominated while she was on screen. She is the kind of representation that is needed in superhero movies. She was great in every part. Plus, she is getting her own solo superhero movie. Only female superhero to have that.

She was a fantastic addition to the cast and made the entire movie better. Congrats to Gal Gadot for an amazing portrayal of Wonder Woman!

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