female timelords

in the last two seasons, they’ve been mentioning the fact that female timelords exist nearly every episode. So tbh it would be pretty fucking shit of them not to follow through

but you never know

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Female - identify yourself !” You stared straight into the metal scope, currently attached to your enemy, watching the blue light inside widen and move as it took in your features. Two other Daleks stood either side their crimson commander - one with matte ivory bodywork, the other the generic gold seen on most of their species.

Surprisingly, the three failed recognise your species - you’d have thought that after the Time War, they would have covered that blind spot by now.

You left Gallifrey, shortly after seeing your home burn and die. Word got around of the planet's destruction, spreading like wild fire, and soon you found there to be an exceptionally high bounty on your head, which seemed to rise with every galaxy you travelled to,“ Identify ! Identify !” The gold Dalek commanded, showing frustration and false superiority that could only be expected of their kind.

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It’s worryin to me that Doctor who producers have cast a female lead, purely because they were never sexist in any way. There tends to always be a female lead in some way (companion). The show is going to change and not in a good way. The show has never been about gender or age but abut his travels and the people he saves, but society has told us that it is sexiest and unfair if the doctor never became a woman. I have watched the show since I was very young, and never once did it imply that men were better than women. We have seen female timelords, but he has never changed gender before, and I wish he never had. I’m sure she’s a great actress, I’m not judging her at all, but I for one, feel as though my favourite show, has been changed and is now going down a different path.

I would LOVE a female Doctor. Why the hell shouldn’t he regenerate into a female? We know it can happen, and Moffat has hinted that it might. Maybe then instead of falling in love with this amazing, clever, kind, thoughtful, funny character, girls could aspire to BE all those things. Bring it on!


cant we try and experiment with the 12th doctor, cant we give a girl a chance? or atleast make this one a ginger?


I think it would be really interesting to see the next regeneration of the Doctor as a woman- preferably a ginger -I would love to see how the Doctor copes with being a woman for either the first time, or at least the first time in a while. I think it would be adorable. <3

*** Doctor Who Spoilers ***


Ok, since the premise that Timelords can change physical sex during regeneration has been established (so people can no longer argue against future female Doctors because “it’s not canon”) there’s a whole range of potential implications.

Timelord gender and sexuality identities could be much more fluid and non-binary than in our cishet-normative society - consider that if you got into a relationship with somebody you’d know that their physical sex might change.

Alternatively, it could be that physical sex is entirely non-binary for Timelords, and they just adopt genders to blend into human societies.

Also, I totally want to see a spin-off about a male Timelord who’s a complete wanker towards women but then he regenerates into a female body and suddenly he’s faced with all the problems that he was the perpetrator of.