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My new favorite bad tumblr trope is female artists stereotyping gay couplings and always making the “more feminineTM” character the bottom, or stereotyping Asian men as submissive, or making literally any character with facial hair always top.

Yall have no idea what you are doing, and its super gross lmao. Like use some imagination please and stop forcing creepy heterosexual stereotyping on gay men. We do that enough in the queer community to begin with.

Saw a post earlier by some radfems about how the think that men are naturally, biologically fucked up and basically evil and it’s not just socialization and that changing them is hopeless, but was unable to comment on it for some reason.

Even if men truly are born to be Pure Evil by nature (which I don’t believe), people’s nature can still be changed by socialization. We see this so clearly with women, so why would it be any different for men? Women are not all naturally quiet, submissive, nuturing, sweet, pink-loving sweethearts, but most of us act at least someone like this because we are raised from birth to resemble the female sterotype. If our true nature can be squashed down, I think there’s plenty of hope for little boys to be capable of growing up to be truly respectful and loving toward women with 0% misogyny.

The problem is that no matter how well the parents raise the kid, it’s impossible to keep him safe from all outside influences forever- he WILL come into contact with adult misogynistic males and might absorb some of those attitudes and behaviors despite being raised right, and I don’t know if there can be any reasonable solution to that.

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hey dude! lovin the gay transformers commentary! I’m not a huge transformers fan but I have always been curious about how it has changed over the years in relation to its consumer base. how did transformers get so gay? I feel like there is some history to be had given the age of the franchise and if you have any sources I would love to check them out.

Oh no, sorry I forgot to aswerd this one, okay let’s start.

As my understanding Transformers in almost all continuities minus MTMTE and other recent comics had the same issue than most non-human cultures in sci fi or fantasy in which being written by cis straight men, they end up introducing concepts of gender and sexuality that don’t make sense to exist on these context such as:

  • two genders (male - female)
  • gender sterotypes “male” robots are bigger, have deeper voices and have not curves. “female” robots are smaller, have curves resembling breast and hips, “make up”.
  • gender exist but somehow not the concept or transgenderism.
  • heteronormativity, even when in almost all timelines male bots make 90%, realistically would mean most relationships are m/m, but every shown romance attraction was f/m.
    — (Outside IDW there are only other 6 confirmed LGBT, either confirmed outside canon, way too minor characters, antagonist, or the dub mistaking changing the characters gender).

So, when did TF got gay (or well, LGBT in general)? Not so far from 2012 when Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye started thanks to James Roberts, and specifically whenever JRo decided and was allowed to make Chromedome and Rewind a couple, and actual confirmation? 2014 or whenever this took place:

JRo said something like, since these robots can feel hate and fight, by this logic, they can fall in love. So when he discussed making the first -properly confirmed and shown in- canon LGBT couple, Hasbro was strongly supportive!! And the best part than limiting to just 2 tokens, he wrote various arcs and dialogues showing that they live in a very LGBT “normative” society.

Since Chromedome and Rewind there been plenty of other canon gay or bi characters in the main cast, some canon (Cyclonus, Tailgate, Skids, Brainstorm, Anode, Lug, etc) or other more implied (Rodimus, Drift, Perceptor, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, etc). In a recent Con James Roberts actually refered these robot’s society as an homonormative one, basically, were everyone is gay (or bi), meaning that at least in his canon, making a list of LGBT characters is not about what characters are canon gay -sicne they all are- but which character are explicit shown as such.

Gender is also pretty interesting and handled very good, butt maybe I might leave it for other post (or edit this one later, idk). He was asked maybe 2 or 3 years ago if he was planning to introduce trans characters and he said he was going to considere it. Guess what! This year he introduced to the main cast a pair of trans lesbian that were written with the help of a trans gay woman, so hey, just in case you thougth TF was forgotting of the T in LGBT, don’t worry, they didnt!

  • Grimmy: Ok, I hate male/female sterotypes. But last year I dyed my hair, and from almost black to white. To blonde. Walked through the radio 1 office the next day and not one MALE noticed. Not one. So I'd like to apologize Fifi on behalf of the male race. We just don't notice things.
  • Fiona: Would you like to apologize for anything else?
  • Grimmy: No. No I don't think we've done anything else wrong actually.
EXO’s Reaction to you Being Insecure About Their Body

this is my first reaction plz enjoy this is ot9 and the insecurities are picked randomly (or they’re not really disclosed) for each member but if you want a full scenario based on a member + an insecurity, request it! my requests are currently open!


Xiumin/Minseok- “What why are you insecure about that? You’re so beautiful I didn’t even notice your thighs touched and I never really cared” 

*Then he becomes the gif lol*

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Suho/Junmyeon- “Wait your boobs are too small? You’re kidding me? I think they’re just right” 

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Lay/Yixing- “hmm. I don’t know. Too skinny? That can be fixed with my love, I’ll make you healthy and chubby!”

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Baekhyun- “You’re not that tall. You’re only taller than me cause I’m practically 130cms. Don’t worry about your height I like it”

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Chen/Jongdae- “WHAT. Who would say you were fat? You’re nowhere near fat, jagiya!”

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Chanyeol-”You’re not too short! okay… you are short but I like carrying you everywhere!”

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D.O/Kyungsoo- “Don’t even start, you’re perfect the way you are. I wouldn’t have started dating you if I didn’t think you were attractive.”

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Kai/Jongin- “You’re nowhere near fat. You’re a girl with meat on her bones and I’d rather have that than nothing. Its like chicken who wants only the chicken bone-”

“Jongin shut up I’m not a piece of chicken”

“Okay I’m sorry. I like your body okay.Don’t change.”

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Sehun- “You’re not too fat! You’re thick! We both got nice butts though..”

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Hello everybody, Rini here! So, as you most likely know, I recently created a poll to help get an idea of the demographics of the hetalia fandom. I was not really expecting it to take off, but it actually did quite well, with 249 responses in 2 days! Unfortunately, some of the information provided could not be used, and it instead just gave me more to sift through, for instance instead of leaving the “how old are you question” blank, a few people responded things like “not telling!” and “how long have you been here” question as “too long” and things like that. It was frustrating, but I appreciate that they filled out the form nonetheless.

So, let’s get started!

  • 246 people answered the question, 3 responses were not usable.
  • The largest amount of people were 16 years (45 people)
  • As seen in the chart above, ¾ people who took the poll were under 18

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JTIV On Cassandra Being Neurologically Atypical

I’m just amazed at how on point James Tynion has been with Cassandra Cain. The BRE issues he scripted had some great moments in them like when Bruce gave Cassie a pep talk and hug.

Now his three DC issues have picked up right where BRE left off with Cass being quiet, mysterious, socially atypical, and, of course, a great fighter.

JTIV seems to really “feel” the core qualities that Puckett created for her years ago. Some post-Puckett Cass writers just saw a silent but deadly Asian female fighting sterotype but not JTIV.

Cass is really defined by her past experiences and inner conflicts. Her regret and quest for meaning through redemption is very powerful. Cass being an awesome fighter is great and provides a fantastic compliment to her unique emotional make up but fighting isn’t the key to Cass.

I think JTIV gets it: Cassandra Cain is a very complex character unlike almost any other in comics and he’s writing her spot on.

@NotYoshihide tweeted:

@JamesTheFourth On a more serious note: any plans to explore Orphan being neurologically atypical?

@JamesTheFourth tweeted:

THIS is an interesting question. And it’s where the boundaries of weird superhero fiction and real life bristle.

Cassandra Cain went through severe psychological torment for years, and was kept away from any positive human contact.

She definitely has difficulty relating to people emotionally, and will always struggle with human interactions.

I think, therefore, she is a character that neurologically atypical readers can and will relate to…

But to label her conflates the very fictional basis for her mindset with how real human beings experience the world.

I’m not comfortable conflating that.

Simultaneously, I have no plans to give Orphan a “psychic fix” like in old continuity. I want to explore how she experiences the world.