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A seated female student studies statues in a sculpture gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, January 1939. Alfred Eisenstaedt, Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images.

LIFE.com presents a selection of evocative (and sometimes playful) images that offer a virtual tour, of sorts, through one of the world’s great museums, taken at a time in the Met’s history when one could, on a good day, walk through the collections and not be confronted with jostling crowds.

Female marble statue, believed to be a Roman-era copy of a statue of Artemis by the Athenian sculptor Cephisodotus the Elder (fl. ca. 400-360 BCE).  Now in the Capitoline Museums, Rome.

honestly though hermione and ron would be the best parents ever

  • ron reading babbitty rabbitty and the tale of the three brothers and basically all of beedle the bard with just the right voices and funny inflections every bedtime
  • hermione ensuring that her children know the classic muggle fairy tales–with her own twist ofc–”now rosie, what does sleeping beauty teach us about the history of females and their status within literature?” 
  • ron tucking the kids in with a warm glass of milk and cookies; “never underestimate the value of good food, hugo”
  • hermione flipping pancakes in the morning in the shape of spell movements (”swish and flick, darlings! you too, ronald”)
  • ron taking rose out for her first broomstick ride while hugo clutches hermione’s hand fearfully
  • the kids growing up to saturday morning rituals of quidditch games with the Weasley cousins and sunday afternoon pot roasts with Grandma Weasley (”grandma, i’m full!” “nonsense!”)
  • holidays at the grangers’ in australia, ron making sure that they go hiking on every single nature preserve (”there’s no way that thing’s not magicked up, hermione, look at its stomach” “ronald, how many times do i have to tell you about the bloody kangaroo???”)
  • hermione coming home from a long day at work, ready to topple over, only to find ron, the kids, and a scrumptious steak dinner ready to go
  • ron taking first rose and then hugo with him to the joke shop and buying ice cream as a special treat and strolling down diagon alley, smiling and waving at everyone who knows the local shop proprietor
  • hermione taking them to gringotts, showing them the ins and outs of money, teaching them to value and save
  • both parents cementing their children’s open mindedness with exposure to both wizarding and muggle worlds, trying their best to make sure they understand the beauty and importance in both
  • the first time a boy pushes rosie on the playground and runs away, ron leaps up, furious, only to stand openmouthed as hermione races to the boy, sits him down, and looks on approvingly as rosie demands an apology and proud hermione rounds up all the kids for a lesson on expressing their feelings healthily (”not everyone has the emotional range of a teaspoon, ron” “hermione, are you ever going to let that–” “nope”)
  • wild car rides with ron at the helm, hermione clutching on to the seat rest with a firm look of disapproval and slight terror
  • ron and hermione trying their best to protect their children from the fame and paparazzi every day, refusing to allow them to be photographed; “my children make their own future, thank you very much” (hermione still keeps tabs on rita skeeter ofc)
  • yet never hiding their scars, “mudblood” and tentacle marks alike, answering the children’s questions readily and without reserve, because they have a right to know, to understand their history as a family and as a society
  • the house always bulging with books, food, and laughter
  • ron and hermione telling rose and hugo each and every day how much they love them, how precious and wonderful and smart and amazing they are
  • hugs always, everywhere and anywhere
  • yummy snacks and meals readily supplied by a doting grandmother and father
  • rose and hugo growing up, nurtured by love, shaped by wisdom, taught with compassion and fairness and trust
  • ron and hermione doing their best to raise their children to smile and not scowl, to be accepting and reasonable and kind always, to live their joyful childhood that was cut so short, praying and hoping and trying to make sure that, god forbid, nothing like their terrors will ever happen again
  • making mistakes and stumbling, but doing it all together with giggles and apologies and kisses
  • just hermione and ron as mum and dad, who fought for peace and live in it, thankful every day for the world they were able to create for their children.

“Cosplayers can’t win,” says Emma, a cosplay director at a large anime convention. “If you alter the costume to be more modest, you might get accusations of not being ‘true to the source.’ But if you cosplay the character as-is, there’s catcalling and groping.”

Accuracy is also a great excuse for pedantic assholes to be, well, pedantic assholes – just ask cosplayers who happen to have different measurements from the actual cartoon, or forgot to be born white.

“Cosplayers of color are constantly told they are only allowed to cosplay characters that match their race,” says Jessa, a veteran cosplayer.

You’d be amazed how quickly the tiniest shred of power can turn the bullied into bullies. When you combine that with the fetishistic status many female comic characters have, it gets creepy, fast. Cosplayer Alexis told us she gets constant requests for photos of her characters in “damsel in distress” scenarios, “high kick fighting poses,” and even “tied up like a hostage.”

But not everybody is interested in a female cosplayers posing like hostages. Some demand more … accuracy.

The Disturbing Reality Of Wearing Sexy Cosplay Costumes

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I have been dying for something with Bucky and "Suga Mama" by Beyoncé like holy hell. Also congrats on 1k!!! So glad I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago ☺️ you deserve all of the follows 💓

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PAIRING: Bucky x Reader

SONG: Suga Mama – Beyoncé

A/N: ahhh you are the cutest, thanks babes. also ily for requesting my queen bee.

WARNINGS: fingering, oral sex (female receiving), sugar mama status

Bucky sat in the chair in front of your desk, playing with the watch on his wrist. You watched him from your chair, still in a dress and high heels even though you were working at home today. He pouted at you from across the desk. You raised an eyebrow at him, on the phone with a very important client. You nodded at the shiny thing on his wrist he was twirling around, silently reminding him how he got it.

Bucky slowly got up from his chair. You could see it in his eyes, he was formulating a plan. He pressed a finger to his lips, indicating not only that he was going to be quiet but that you better be too. Grabbing your chair, he spun it to the side to allow him access. You almost moaned right then and there, seeing him get down on his knees in front of you. You bit your lip, trying to pay attention to what your client was saying on the other end.

Bucky brought a finger up to his smirking lips again, this time to wet it with his mouth. He pulled your panties down in one smooth movement and they pooled at your heels. He lips kissed the insides of your thigh while his finger rubbed your clit. Once he knew you were ready, he brought his mouth to you, lapping up your already soaked folds. You had to put your hand over your mouth to keep from moaning into the phone as Bucky used both his mouth and his finger to pleasure you.

“S… Sorry Tony, I… I’m gonna have to call you back.”

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What are your preferred pronouns, for those like me who for some reason assumed 'he'?

Take your pick! I am just a chick who likes to draw, write, and do all sorts of creative stuff. So call me whatever, just don’t call me late for lunch.

For me, the ultimate compliment is when people don’t actually know off the bat whether I’m a dude or a chick. I absolutely don’t mind disclosing my female status when asked, but seeing as it doesn’t really have any bearing on my creative works, I don’t see the need to bring it up that often.

I’d much rather be known as a “great writer” or “cool artist” than “great girl writer” or “cool lady artist”. Even better, I’d just like to be known as a rad human being. So when people don’t actually know, don’t really care, and are just assuming based off of whatever they want to assume about me from my works alone, I absolutely love it! 

With the massive variety of stuff I love to do, life’s too short to worry about what people call me:

Name: Ruby Splash

Species: Pegasus turned Bat pony

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Status: Taken

Sibling / Sibling’s: A sister – Ruby Soul

Children: Two
Filly - Convollaria or Laria for short
Colt – Techno Blitz

Cutie Mark: A splash of red with a ruby in the centre

Current residence: Everfree Forest

Occupation: Rainbow factory worker

Special Talent: Pleasing other ponies

Personality: Friendly but has a split personality, She very emotional at times, She is very insecure about herself, she’s very flirty, easily excited and she’s also loves sex.

Loves: Her two mates *Techno wing*, Thorn * Her best friend since she was young*, her two children, her job at the rainbow factory and pleasing ponies.

Likes: Sex, Gothic looking attire, having her ears scratched and cleaning her wings * hey even if she doesn’t fly much at least she keeps her wings clean*, strawberries and most animals.

Dislikes: Bee’s and Wasps * However bumble bees are a slight exception as long as they keep their distance*, anyone harming her mates, friends or her children and being alone.

Backstory: From a young age Ruby was always a quiet and timid individual. Having very few friends and a general disinterest in flying, the young Pegasus was very much an outcast from her fellow kin. So much so in fact that she was often the butt end of jokes, teasing and the general mean tendencies of young foals. Ruby hated it but didn’t know what to do about it, even when asked if she was alright she never said a word. In the end she became even more reclusive and spent a lot of her time alone, hidden away in secret corners of Cloudsdale where nopony could find her, only her younger sister “Ruby Soul” knew where she would hide and in turn would do her best to cheer her up.

It was during one of these hideaways that she had found Ruby who on this day had unfortunately managed to stumble and ended up falling off the edge of a cloud, Soul rushed to the edge of the cloud as she looked down while crying and screaming Ruby’s name as she was helpless to do anything (she’s not old enough to learn how to fly)

If Ruby had been a little more interested in flying the rest of her life could have been very different but in this case it was not. Lacking both the skill and strength to pull out of a freefall she ended up crash landing in the depths of the Everfree Forest. With a broken wing and no idea of where she actually was Ruby was seemingly doomed to a slow and painful death but it was not to be. Surrounded by spooky noises and moving shadows her mind began to dwell on the tales she had heard about the Everfree Forest.

As the fears and insecurities began to swarm her young mind something finally gave way. Years of bullying and teasing combined with her own fears pushed her over the edge and she bolted into the forest. She didn’t stop running for ages, not until her legs finally gave in and she collapsed in a heap. It was then that she noticed a cave and managed to drag herself inside. There she hid, curled up in a tight ball, shaking like a leaf missing her sister and parents. It was three days before a single pony happened across the cave during a walk of the forest.

When he found Ruby she already looked almost dead but as he approached her she sprung to her feet. He was greeted with wide eyes and abject terror as the young Pegasus began to back away from him. He stared at her and held out a hoof and told her not to be afraid and that he’d take her some place safer, she looked up at him weakly and was a bit hesitant at first but she sighed and smiled and took the colts hoof.

After a few days Ruby and Thorn * The pegasus who saved her* became close friends, he had offered to help treat her wing and also helped her to fly to help strengthen her wings, he had explained that even if she didn’t wish to fly she still needed to make sure he wings were strong enough to get her away from danger especially in a place like the Everfree forest.

Her cutiemark background: It happened on a seemingly nice day when Ruby and Thorn decided to do a little exploring which the did often together, this particular adventure led them to a cave deep in the forest. After some exploration of the cave they both stumbled onto a beautiful gem formation in the cave walls made up of rubys. After a while of looking at the wonderful sight Thorn had gotten a tad bit bored of looking and had decided to look around a bit more as Ruby stayed behind to look at the precious gemstones, she looked at them deep in thought as if it they had a special meaning to her as if they were here for her specifically to see for some unknown reason.

However the moment was cut short when it wasn’t long before Ruby heard a scream as she see’s Thorn running back towards her, when asked what was wrong all he shouted out to her was “Timberwolf!” They turned and they ran deeper into the cave only to find themselves at a dead end which was filled with even more of the gem formations, some of the prettiest sights ruby had ever seen. They were so taken by the sight before them they had completely forgotten about the timberwolf chasing after them, the timberwolf snarled at them releasing its fowl stench quickly grabbed Thorn but his tail without them realizing and thus causing Ruby to panic.

She started frantically searching for a way to get him free from its grasp until an idea clicked in her head as she started to kick one of ruby formations over and over until the ruby formation shattered and splintered everywhere. She quickly pulled the jagged edge of the gemstones she quickly flew toward to timerwolf slicing clean through its neck as she turned her head. Thorn’s screams were quickly cut short as he saw the orange sap oozing from the timberwolfs throat like blood as it released him. When Thorn fell to the ground he transformed into a creature she had never seen before as she stumbled back in shock to take in his new appearance. She takes her time look back at the dead timberwolf which was now mostly a pile of sticks and orange sap and poked it with her hoof to make sure it was dead, she looked around at the damage she had done, the shattered gemstones that she used to kill it now lay on the floor.

She then slowly made her way over to Thorn, now in his new form. He was black in colour with bug like wings, holes in his hooves, a horn and a brown and green mane and tail. She look at him and carefully walked over to him, he looked so weird but he was also hurt and he was also her friend so after a little struggle to get him up she got him onto her back carefully balancing him with her wings so he didn’t fall off. She made her way out of the cave with Thorn quietly resting on her back. She didn’t even notice the new cutie mark that adorned her flank.

Her new upbringing: One they had gotten out of the cave she bumped into something much taller, she looked up and saw a female creature whom looked a lot like Thorn but a lot taller. When she gotten her vision back form being in the dark so long she got a bitter look at the creature she saw the much older mare had a crown on her head she immediately bent down and bowed out of fear and respect being careful with Thorn at the same time. The taller mare look down at her with an angry glare while her horn glowed green and asked her “ 1 What are you doing here, 2 what happened here? And 3 why is one of my kin on your back? And my son at that!” Ruby gulped looking up at the frightening mare and eventually but nervously explained why she was there, what had happened and how he had ended up getting hurt. The other mare just stares at Ruby in slight shock and then she leans her head down so she is level with her and thanks her for saving her son.

Ruby smiled at the praise and lets Thorn down off her gently letting the queen take her son and put him on her back instead. Ruby being the curious filly she was suddenly asks the older mare “umm sorry if this comes off as s bit rude but what kind of creatures are you? I’ve never seen anything like you before” The older mare smiles slightly and answers her by explaining “we are known as changelings there are many of us this is my swarm and you may refer to me as the queen of this swarm of changelings.” At hearing this Ruby can’t help but bow again, this completely confuses the queen because normally if anypony were to look at her or any of there kind they would have run away in fear by now.

She looks down at the young filly and asks “why are you not afraid of me young one? We are changelings we feed off the love from you ponies, if you were anything like the other ponies in Equestria you’d have probably away from me by now but you haven’t… why is that?” she says tilting her head slightly and Ruby answers by explaining her side of things “I have been friends your son Thorn have been friends for a while now and I have never saw him as any different from any other pony as he had been disguised as a pegasus until he changed into the form I’m looking at now and also if you changelings were as bad as you say you are meant to be you wouldn’t still be in front of me now and speaking to me like she would to any other pony, you’d be feeding on my love right? ”. The queen looks at her in shocked but in happy way “why is such a young filly like you out in the forest alone anyway” Ruby explains a bit of her past and that’s when the queen realises Ruby is clearly upset, young and has clearly been abandoned she offers Ruby to come and join them so she wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Hearing this Ruby happily accepts the queen’s request and goes with her smiling happily as she does so the queen make a comment “Also I normally don’t say this as we don’t get them and you seem like you need cheering up, so yeah nice cutie mark by the way” At hearing this Ruby goes stiff for a moment and then looks at her flank in shock it was indeed a cutiemark it was of a splash of red with a ruby in the centre, she then gets the reason for having weird feelings while looking at the rubys in the cave, she then bounces around and squeals with joy.

The rainbow factory and her love life : It was a little later on in life when she had decided to leave the company of the changelings and the queen whom she has grown to love like any other adoptive mother and was very reluctant to leave her side. She and Thorn were in their late teens when the queen had came to Thorn one afternoon saying that he and Ruby were to be betrothed. This in turn shocked Thorn and Ruby at first but they decided together to go with the queens wishes and they did have a nice friendly relationship for a while bit that eventually became love. later on in their adult life the queen talked to them about starting a family of their own, Ruby however wasn’t ready to become a mother or a queen so she and Thorn decided to go separate ways, Ruby feeling sad and not knowing what to really say or do just answered him with a kiss and a farewell message “ my dearest friend and love should we ever meet again I’ll be waiting and definitely consider becoming your mate ” Thorn nods and kisses her “Ruby I love you with all my heart and I will find you again one day and we can start a family together” with that they cried on each others shoulder and hugged and kissed each other before saying goodbye as she walked off into her new life not knowing how complicated it would be.

She eventually made do with the cave she first took shelter in when she was a filly and made it into a nice cosy place to live. That was until she had an unexpected guest at her door, a member of the rescue party that had been called out by her sister (their parents now having passes away) who had been looking for her as a filly when she vanished. They happened to stumble on the cave and it was non-other than her sister, they hugged and cried at the joy of seeing each other again and telling each other what had happened during each others absence. Their reunion was cut off by a visit from Rainbow Dash a fellow pegasus pony who Ruby used to know as a child as she was one of the ponies who used to stand up for her.

Rainbow explained to Ruby after finding out from sources outside of ponyville what the young pegasus had done to active her cutie mark, It was then that Rainbow made up her mind what she was doing. She explains to Ruby that she just wanted to talk to her and that they’d be going to the Weather Factory in Cloudsdale. When they got to her office Rainbow Dash explains she had been observing her for a while now and know she had been hiding out with changelings. Ruby panicked but Rainbow told her everything was alright and she would not tell any other pony if she agreed to work for her.

Ruby had been nervous to start off and scared of what work she’d be doing but now after a while of working at the Rainbow Factory, her mind slowly twisting more and more with each passing day as she saw other ponies being drained of their colours and then disposed of in the most gruesome ways. Even when it came to ‘processing’ some of the ponies and bullies she had known as a filly she didn’t flinch and if anything enjoyed it. Ruby now leads a split life swapping between a murderous factory worker and a shy, calm and loving pony in a split second.

It’s in a factory she fell for a stallion named Techno wing who worked on making the pegasus device and in doing so obtained a lot of scars and sadly the loss of his wings and a few limbs but being the inventor he was he had made his own wings to replace the ones he lost (he’s pretty much a cyborg pony now ) he in turn had feelings for ruby and they soon became a couple, however her first love Thorn unknown to her who is now a changeling prince will always be in her heart.

A while after Ruby and Techno became a couple a rugged and older Thorn had finally found out where Ruby disappeared to. He heads to Cloudsdale to look for her as he disguises himself as his generic pegasus look and eventually stumbles on the both of them together Thorn stares at them from a distance and becomes confused and angry due to what Ruby said to him a long time ago about becoming his mate, he convinces himself that this new mate of hers has forced her into a relationship with him.

He follows Techno shortly after Ruby leaves to head home, he confronts him who in turn is completely perplexed by who he is until Thorn reveals his true form snarling at him and Techno growls at this strange stallion they end up in a pretty long and tiring fight for the both of them until Ruby comes between them she looks at Thorn in disbelief before running towards him and hugs him tightly, Thorn is a bit reluctant at first due to being angry with her for getting with a different stallion but then resizes when he gets hugged how much she has missed him and how much she still loves him.

She then goes on to explain how she met Techno and now having felt bad about missing up their promise, Techno and Thorn give each other a look of understanding and they have a quick chat to one another before they decide to both be mates to her however Thorn and Techno are still at each others throats sometimes out of jealousy but lately they have calmed down a bit after Ruby had her babies and she in the meantime is quite happy just having the two if them and her kids… but they don’t seem to like the whole sharing idea XD

Oh and then she got turned into a Bat pony by Echo somewhere along the line too XD

all the posts that say “let boys feel feelings and hug each other!!!!” should all be changed to “stop socializing boys into a mindset that relies this heavily on perceived gendered differences and heirarchies so that they never even learn that hugging indicates inferior ‘female’ status.”


So guess where I went today guys….
So fucking happy.
I have so many more photos but the 10 cap limits me… I’ve got more of like squad Levi.. Dead… Didn’t think you’d appreciate that lol but I added Petra for the lolz #sorrynotsorry