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British singer songwriter and record producer NAO has certainly become a prominent sensation. The buzz that hung in the air the last few times NAO played shows in the Bay Area was tangible and heavy, with tickets selling out way in advance. She’s even been nominated for a BRIT award for best female solo artist. NAO recently unveiled a music video for her latest single, In The Morning. It’s the very first time she’s appeared in one of her own videos. In The Morning’s dark sensual, passionate bristling visuals complement the song’s shadowy agitated electronics and NAO’s soulful aching, spindly sharp vocals. In The Morning is taken from NAO’s acclaimed debut album For All We Know, which is backed with a stellar remix package that features Mura Masa, Kaytranada, and more. She’ll be returning to the studio soon to work on a sophomore record. 

Celebrity Crush - A Eric Nam Imagine

Thanks to the wonderful anon who requested this! You didn’t state whether or not you were a girl or boy, but I assumed you were female. If not I apologize! Also, sorry that it’s a little on the lengthy side, especially when it comes to imagines, and sorry that it’s a little rushed. I hope it’s close to what you wanted! 

Oh, and I’m still taking request if anyone would like to leave me one! 

Request:  Can you do an Eric Nam imagine where you are a solo guest on asc and you are his celebrity crush?


     “She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s one of the biggest female solo artist in the industry. Please welcome to our stage, for the 3rd time this year, the always amazing and wonderful, Y/N!” Eric Nam shouted, his smile lighting up the ‘After School Club’ studio as he, and the two other MC’s, Jimin and Kevin, welcomed you on stage.

There was lots of cheering as you made your way onto the stage, goofily dancing along the MC’s to your new song ‘Crash Into You’. You couldn’t help but feel giddy as the familiar feeling of being there washed over you, happiness filling every pore of you body. 

“Hey!” You smiled happily, hugging Jimin, Kevin, and eventually Eric, who’s hug lasted noticeably longer than the others.

You always loved coming to the ASC studio. Not only were you from the same company as Jimin, who was one of your best friends, but Kevin and Eric were incredibly fun to be around. Kevin was always so happy and charming, while Eric was hilarious, incredibly sweet and all around easy to talk to. And you had to admit, even though you’d never say it out loud, you had a little bit of a crush on Eric. He was just so….likable.

“Yay! My best friend is here!” Jimin shouted, wrapping her arms around you in a mock hug, almost as if she was using you as a shield. “Please save me from these crazy people!”

You couldn’t help but let a smile spread across your face as you gave her fake sentiment, patting her shoulder comfortably.

“Hey, don’t take Y/N for yourself! You have to share!” Kevin said jokingly, pulling you away from from her and into his side.

“Hey, now…”Eric said, breaking up the fake fight between Jimin and Kevin. “Let’s all be civilized adults here and come to terms with the fact that we can’t call dibs on people.” Eric smiled, looking into the camera with double meaning as he slyly gave his message to all fan boys and fan girls around the world.

“Thank you, Eric.” You smiled, brushing yourself off in a joking manner.

“I got you.” He smiled as he gave you a wink, a small blush creeping onto your cheeks in return. 

“Anyway,” Eric continued, “This is the 3rd time Y/N has been here this year and we’re all extremely excited to have her back! It’s always a fun time in the studio when she’s here!”

“That’s right!” Jimin chimed in, “And if you think we’re happy to have her back, you should see the fans! We’ve been getting tweets sent to our page since we announced you’d be on the show a week ago! Literally, THOUSANDS of tweets! You have some amazing fans, Y/N”

“I sure do!” You smiled, your heart beating faster as happiness took over your body.” I love you guys!” You said, blowing a kiss to the camera and doing a little bit of aegyo.

“Speaking of fans, since we have SO many tweets being sent to us we’re just gonna go ahead and start looking at them so we can try to answer as many of your questions as possible!” Kevin announced, motioning everyone to the giant screen with the twitter homepage.

Letting out a squeak, you almost had to keep yourself from jumping as you made your way to the screen. Talking to your fans was always one of your favorite things to do, and since you had an extremely busy schedule you didn’t always have time to sit down and do so. That’s another reason you loved being on ASC so much.

“Okay…”Eric started, sliding his finger down the screen as he looked for a question, “Ah! Here’s a good one! Bethany from California wants to know who your favorite American artists is and why.”

“Hmm….” You said, singers and bands from different languages racing through your mind as you tried to think of your favorite. Since you were fluent in both English and Korean you always had to stop and think which artists sang in which language. You knew it was strange, but with the wide variety of music you listened to, it was easy to get them mixed up. “I’d have to say my favorite American artist not only at the moment, but of all time, would definitely have to be a band called Y/F/B . I’ve always enjoyed their music and I grew up listening to them. They are amazing song writers and are very similar to me when it comes to the mix of the pop genre and rock genre. They’re one of my biggest inspirations. 

“Very cool!” Jimin commented as she took over the screen and started scrolling, “Oh! I like this one! This question is for Eric, from Olivia, and she says, and I quote, ‘Eric just needs to get married already!”” Jimin looked away from the screen and to the camera, giving it a wink since the girl used her legendary catch phrase. “Anyway, she continues by saying ‘ Lol, JK. But seriously Eric, who’s your celebrity crush?’”.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the look on Eric’s face. He was completely shocked and had no idea what to say. “Oh, come on guys! Don’t ask me questions! I’m here every week! Ask Y/N!” He stammered, trying to get out of the question.

“No,” you intervened, “It’s okay. Ask anyone anything you want, you guys! They’re all a part of the show too! I’m just a guest!” You laughed, trying to act kind and play it off when in actuality you really wanted to know Eric’s answer. Eric was always so quite when it came to girls that you honestly had no idea what his type was. You were kind of curious.

Eric stood there, completely silent with no idea what to do. He looked conflicted and you could tell, just by his expression, that while he was taken aback by the question and was almost too shy to answer it, he would have to, because he was an awful liar and pretty much had no choice in the matter, especially with Jimin around.

“Come on, Eric! Just answer! We have fans waiting!” Kevin edged on, his voice playfully demanding and a smirk plastered on his face, almost as if he already knew the answer.

“Fine.” Eric stuttered, “ My celebrity crush is actually Y/N/.”

Your breath hitched in your throat, the oxygen no longer going into your lungs. You hadn’t expected that as his answer. You hadn’t expected that at all. Eric Nam, your crush Eric Nam, the Eric Nam who could have any girl he wanted within seconds had a crush on you? 

 You were sure you hadn’t heard him correctly. Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you or wishful thinking. But as you looked around and seen all eyes on you, you knew it hadn’t been in your head.

“Wow, okay!” Jimin pipped in, her cheery voice fulling your ears. “What do you have to say about that, Y/N?”

All of a sudden a new found confidence washed over you. Eric Nam had a crush on you and you had a crush on Eric. And even though you always told yourself you’d never tell a soul about your feelings toward him, you no longer had anything to lose. If he could confess his feelings for you without a second thought, so you could you.

“Actually,” You said, looking Eric directly in the eye and giving him a small smile, “It’s kind of funny that you said that Eric, because you’re kind of my celebrity crush too.”

Song recommendations because some of you aren’t living your life right (PART 2 - Girl Groups/Solo Artists)

When I made part 1, I completely neglected girl groups and only had one song which was from 9Muses, so I decided to make a part 2 just for girl groups, duos, and female solo artists. *Keep in mind, some songs may not be from underrated groups like part 1

Lee Michelle - Without You
Lee Michelle - I CAN SING  
MelodyDay - Anxious
Yoon Mi-Rae - Angel
MelodyDay - #Love Me
Wanna.B - Attention
9Muses - Choice
Spica - You Don’t Love Me
D.Holic - Chewy
Z.Hera -  Peacock
Z.Hera - D Island
Stellar - Vibrato
Tiny-G - Ice Baby
GFriend -  오늘부터 우리는 Me Gustas Tu
Wings - Hair Short
Wings - Blossom
Kisum - You & Me
Poten - Go Easy
Mamamoo - Piano Man
Playback - Playback
Lim Kim - Love Game
Lim Kim - Goodbye 20
T-ARA - Because I Know
T-ARA - Hide & Seek [Winter version]
15& - I Dream
Mamamoo - Don’t Be Happy
Jimin Park (from 15&) - Hopeless Love
9Muses - Drama
Ailee - Teardrop
Oh My Girl - Cupid
CLC - Like
Lim Kim - Awoo
Sonamoo - Round n Round
Apink - I Do
Apink - Promise U
Spica - I Did It
Spica - Ghost
Spica - Painkiller
15& - Rain & Cry
F(x) - Milk
MelodyDay - Oh My Guy

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Hey just wondering what groups/ solo (female) artist do you write for?

I just about do every girl group/ solo artist you can think of. I don’t have  restrictions or a list of groups/ artists that I would do. So personally, I’m up for anything. I’m here for my followers so whoever they like, I’ll write about them. Even if I don’t necessarily like or listen to that group/ artist. I’m willing to write about anyone. I do hope this is helpful! And if you do have something on your mind, this is everything that I do on my lil’ ol’ blog :)

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