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Intricate Designs Part II - Bucky Barnes Soulmate AU

Summary: After an accident, Bucky Barnes meets his soulmate, but they keep missing each other.

Authors Note: I’m going to be hopefully doing a third part soon (depending on the amount of schoolwork I receive). So if anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest them!


Part One

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“I found her Steve, bumped into her on the street. Cute little thing, mousy brown hair, paint splattered all over. Gosh, she was beautiful.”

“Buck, who? Who did you meet?”

“My soul mate, punk.”

Bucky was overjoyed, which pleased Steve, as he hadn’t seen Bucky this happy since the accident. However it was only two days of visiting art studios to try to find the mysterious woman, for the euphoric feeling left Bucky as realized that his soul mate was a nameless woman, that he bumped into on the street, with no way to identify who she was. So Bucky stopped searching after a week as Tony was getting annoyed that Bucky wasn’t delivering the invitations to his Charity fundraisers, and threatened to stop paying him, which got Bucky delivering invitations quicker that you can say “Party”.

Delivering the invitations, Bucky was incredibly bored, having to catch taxi after taxi, as he still wasn’t allowed to drive after his incident, and the only thing to entertain himself was a black biro, as his phone had died several hours ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any paper, apart from the envelopes that held Tony’s invitations. Upon arriving on the decision that Tony wouldn’t mind if one of the envelopes became decorated, Bucky chose the envelope that was going to be delivered last, as the address was a little way from the others. He began his doodling, long flowing strokes, that were soon adorned with dots, leaves, flowers, and teardrop shapes.

After delivering all but the doodled envelope, Bucky directed the taxi driver to the final address, and then afterwards he could go home to Steve and sulk about losing his soul mate. Exiting the taxi, Bucky bounded up the steps, eager to be rid of the envelopes, he rang the doorbell, but no one answered. So, after a few minutes Bucky rang the doorbell again, only to receive the same result, No answer. Being impatient, Bucky lifted the envelope to post it through the letterbox; however, he paused as he noticed the designs on the envelope matched the ones sprouting on his arm. Sighing, as he pushed the envelope through the letterbox, he turned around, going back to the taxi, and then back to his empty home, as Steve had finally stopped being a mother hen and, to Peggy’s delight, agreed to take her out for dinner.

After the initial joy of meeting her soul mate, y/n couldn’t keep a smile off her face, she would walk with a spring in her step and hope to the high heavens that every tall, dark haired man would pause and remember bumping into her and recognize her. This daydream went on for a couple of days until y/n realized that he hadn’t come back to her neighborhood looking for her, the scenario that he didn’t want her entered her head, leaving her to doubt their bond. Although her optimism slowed its roots, I didn’t stop them and eventually, the doubt was firmly seeded in her mind. So she turned to her paints, instead of long walks, hoping to find her one. Her paintings became more expressive, vibrant colours displaying what she thought love should be like. Hues of every color were splashed over the floor, the walls, and y/n herself was covered head to toe in paint herself.

Midway through a brushstroke, y/n heard the doorbell ring, after deciding that her painting was more than important, she decided to ignore the doorbell, guessing it was the postman, and continue painting. After a couple of minutes, and a coupe more impatient rings, y/n eventually heard the sound of a letter being pushed through the door. Smiling to herself, y/n carried on with her painting.

It wasn’t until several hours later that y/n finished painting, and was about to get into a warm bubble bath did she remember about the post that she had received earlier was probably still sat on her doormat. So after turning of the taps and assessing the temperature of the bath water, y/n decided that she had enough time to retrieve and read the letter before the bath water became lukewarm. So she headed downstairs.

Reaching the door, y/n picked up the letter and froze, recognising the pattern that decorated the envelope. It was the one that lay upon her arm. Cursing the sky for not answering the door, she tore the envelope open to see if it could give her any clues as to who her soul mate is.  Removing the letter from the envelope, y/n was greeted with:

                                                  TONY STARK
                                          INVITES YOU TO THE

                           ANNUAL SOVOKIA REMEMBRANCE BALL

                                         Date: 27th October 2017

                                          Time: 7pm Until Late

                                       Dress Code: Evening Wear

Smiling to herself, y/n laughed at Tony’s invitation, he had sent one knowing she would already be there, having previously arranged with Tony that she will display her art at these events. Yet her heart leapt at the though of possibly meeting her soul mate their as he had delivered the invitations. Realizing the date was tomorrow, y/n rummaged through the closest trying to find the perfect dress. She decided it had to reveal her arm, complement her shape, but not reveal too much at the same time. After what seemed like hours, she found the perfect dress, it was a sleeveless back dress with lace detailing that went down to mid thigh. Happy in her choice of dress, y/n went to bed a smile on her face as she dreamt of how she would meet her soul mate tomorrow.




Okay so I keep looking at the main girl in front and I can’t help but notice that each girl has a slightly different uniform from each other. Some are right down to small orange lines going across their sides to different shoulder pads. Another thing is that we know these girls work for Lotor, so my question is, why did he send one out to go get scultrite? Girl whatchu doin? Just spitballing here but wHAT IF IT HAS TO DO WITH LOTOR’S OWN TELEDUV OR THE WHITE LION. NOT PROBABLE BUT POSSIBLE. But then another thought hit me when it was confirmed these girl’s were HALFLINGS.  Since Lotor is most likely half galran and half altean, DID HE RECRUIT THESE BABES BECAUSE HE RELATES TO THEM OR WANTS PEOPLE TO KNOW HALFLINGS ARE NOT TO BE MESSED WITH? Conclusion: gOD DAMN THEY’RE ALL GOOD LOOKIN. CANT WAIT TO SEE THESE BABES IN ACTION.



Okay so many people have been saying that this girl is actually Keith’s mom and I HOPE TO ZARKON SHE IS. THE RESEMBELANCE IS UNCANNY. But, remember how the producers said that all the female generals/warriors are HALFLINGS? But what could she be if she is a Halfling? Half galra/human? OR THE SAME AS LOTOR (HALF GALRA AND HALF ALTEAN?) I’m just randomly saying thoughts that come to mind and I’m just judging by the eyes and the ears. But if she is Keith’s mom I will scream because I love her so much already. But if she were the same as Lotor, I can picture her being VERY CLOSE WITH LOTOR and probably important to the plot, since she is most certainly the weblum girl due to the outfit she wears. bUT ANOTHER THING: I keep looking at the shocked Galra in the back and her angry expression and I can’t help but think that this must be the scene where that “who’s this little fellow?” calls out Lotor. And this is her and the crowd’s reaction to it. Shes gotta be looking at that guy here. Because obviously if her and Lotor are close or just acquainted, she wouldn’t like people being mean to her man.


Okay so every time I look at this frame, I can’t help but feel like the ship Allura is staring at is Lotor’s. I mean it’s big and all of the fighter crafts are flying out from it, the same we see the in trailers and teasers obviously serving under Lotor. I am just tRYING TO PICTURE ALLURA’S REACTION TO SEEING THIS. I can imagine her being either completely shook or like, ready to cry. Because we still don’t know what Allura’s relationship was to Lotor in the past. But since we’ve basically confirmed that Alfor and Zarkon were best buds, there’s no doubt they would have brought their kids together and they were most likely friends. But the biggest thing I cannot wait for to see in season three is LOTOR AND ALLURA’S MEETING/REUNION(?). Will she try to persuade him into fighting along side them? Will Lotor experience some inner conflict? Will Allura hate him? Will we see a battle or a sentimental moment between these two? OR JUST ALL OF THE ABOVE WOULD BE GREAT THANKS.


oKAY THIS FRAME GOT ME SHOOK. Who in the world is Zarkon by in this photo, if it’s even him? This could be 1 of 4 things I’m theorizing:

i) Zarkon’s Wife?

ii) King Alfor?

iii) Lotor?

iv) A Family Member or Close Friend?

All of the options are still up in the air but I’m really torn through a few choices. Because we see sunlight coming in through the window (which must imply this is a peaceful day) judging by the rays. However a part of me thinks it may be Alfor due to this frame:

See how everything is on fire and is emitting a golden ray? We don’t know for sure who Zarkon is killing here but it seems to be someone dressed in white, which may be Alfor (due to the light armour we have seen him in). Now I highly doubt that Zarkon would take the time to tuck in his best friend who he had just murdered but one can dream.

ANYWAY those were my random theories/thoughts that I had come up with at 1 am so go ahead and let me know what you think and if I’ve missed anything! I love seeing when you guys message me or leave anon comments! Until next time, adios.

What is better than a post apocalyptic story? Right! A post apocalyptic story with Dragons.

Dragons of the Apocalypse is a project started by some small people. The plan is to create a online Visual Novel!

In this game you will be able to choose the gender (male or female), a class (soilder, rogue or mage) and the appereance of your character (skintone, hairstyle & color, eyecolor)! You will meet some nice and some mean characters and you will be able to start relationships or romances with them, depending on your dialog decisions.

1. The Plot
The story takes place in a post apocalyptic future. The world is infested and only a small amount of people survived the catastrophy.
Your characters story will be about his/hers way through the hard life in this world.

2. AP and $
The game does noch contain action points, but you will have to earn XP during the story, wich you will need to 1. unlock the final scene of every episode and 2. to start new episodes.
There will be free outfits you can get during the episodes but also a shop with additional clothing to attire your character the way you want.
So you will be able to earn XP and money.

3. The Romance Option
You will have the chance to start a romance with one of the characters at some point, in case they like you enough. There are male and female options, but be careful! Some of them maybe aren´t interested in you, if you aren´t the gender they´re interested in .