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Breaking the Ice Ceiling - Meet the Women Dominating Snowboarding Films

Check out espnW’s interview with our very own Vans Snow team rider, Leanne Pelosi. Plus take a glimpse at her nominations (ya, theres more than one) for TransWorld SNOWboarding’s 18th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards!


These riders are so inspirational! Girls killing it just as good as the boys!

I have a question for snowboarding females.

I know this might come off as ignorant, but it genuinely baffles me.

How come the women in the women’s slopestyle at the Olympics aren’t pulling 1080’s and 270-in-270-outs? I genuinely thought the women would be just as capable of pulling the same insane shit that the men does.

Does it have something to do with not having the same ammount of weight to throw yourself around as the guys, or is there some other reason?

Don’t get me wrong, I am still impressed with the stuff you guys pull off, and have the equal ammount respect (if not more, since most women who got injured just slapped a cast on and kept going) as the male competitors.

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Vans Snow Team Riders Hana Beaman & Leanne Pelosi

Hana Beaman and Leanne Pelosi are the type of girls you just instantly want to be best friends with. They’re sweet, encouraging, always wearing Vans, and not to mention freaking hysterical. Then you watch them shredding down from the top of a mountain in their new snowboarding film Full Moon, and you realize they’re not just super cool, they’re supernatural.

We’re beyond inspired by these two fearless female snowboarders who aren’t just superstar athletes, but also producers, and total go-getters. We caught up with Hana and Leanne in Carlsbad at the premier of Full Moon to talk all things snowboarding, and how their film came to life.

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