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look I love when girls cover ‘take me to church’ and don’t change the pronouns, but can we PLEASE stop saying that it somehow 'makes’ the song gay???? The song is about institutionalized homophobia. 'Take me to church’ has ALWAYS been gay, regardless of the gender of the singer. Saying that a female singer makes it gay completely erases the fact that it was never straight in the first place.


Cassie - Official Girl feat. Lil Wayne (by AtlanticVideos)

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I just found your blog because I've recently gotten hooked on Kpop, and was looking for info on racism in Kpop and I just wanted to say thanks! Your posts have really helped me understand cultural appropriation, and racism in Korea.

Thanks so much! For other people who might be interested, here are some of my posts on Kpop:


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This is a classic song in the female empowerment music genre, if that is a thing. “Video” speaks to nurturing our souls and loving and accepting ourselves for who we are before we subject ourselves to being slaves to a materialistic media. I appreciate the message in this song because India.Arie really emphasizes that we are deserving of love no matter what we are wearing, because we are created “perfect” by our Creator and every freckle, curve, and stray curly piece of hair is exactly how we are supposed to be. My path to self-acceptance was not a straight or easy one, and even though I still have days where I feel a little less queen and a little more hag, at my core I know that I look exactly the way I am supposed to right now and I should appreciate how lucky I am to have a body that lets me do all the things I want it to. This song also reminds me that beautiful looks are fleeting, but a genuinely kind and loving soul can shine well into old-age.

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Hello there ! I've been following you for only a few days so I didn't read what are your thoughts on Kpop artists, so I'd like to know what you find problematic in them ? (I've seen some really disturbing behaviors and attitudes from them but some things probably escaped me.) By the way I really enjoy your blog, it has been very enlightening to me.

Thanks for the kind words.

I’ve written somewhat extensively about kpop when super problematic things have come up in the past but some highlights via my “links“ page:


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