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OK headcanons + scenario for fem!Sinbad finding a girl alone and kind of beat up somewhere near the water on Sindria and taking her back to the palace. She shies away from most people and is really socially awkward and doesn't speak much of their language but they're totally attached to each other and Sin helps her learn and it turns out she's a nereid who got kicked out of the sea???

Female! Sinbad

  • From the moment the queen saw you, Sin was attracted to you. It was weird to find a naked woman on the beach but she didn’t question it and took you to the palace. She made sure that your wounds were taken care of before you woke up.
  • When you actually awake, she’ll be the one who calms you down from panicking and almost reopening the wounds. For some reasons you thought her golden eyes were really attractive and found yourself in peace when she was around.
  • All of Sin’s free times will be spend with you, even getting you to move into her chambers. The queen didn’t really wonder why you didn’t know a lot but found it fun helping you learn. Slowly, you’ll start learning how to speak and write.
  • Everyone could see how the Queen and  the new girl were totally attached to each other. Literally, no one questions it, they’re all chill with you being the Queen’s mistress [Mira and Pisti are the #1 shippers. They’ll make it sail.]
  • After about a year, Sin will ask why you were at the beach, naked might she add. She’s really shocked to hear you were a nereid and is totally supportive, listening to your whole story before comforting her S/o.
  • She’ll try to go a fight the sea at the end of your story but luckily you stop her. The queen will brag about how amazing you are and that you were once a nereid.
  • “Ohhhh? Your wife was a princess at one point, well sir, mine was once nereid, who gave up her form to be with me. We have a very beautiful love story, but I won’t go into detail.”
  • Yeah, she makes a whole adventure out of it and puts it into her own words. This will be her favorite story to tell #TheQueen'sBeautifulOceanMaiden

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Umm, this might be tricky but how would SnB's Sinbad and Magi's Sinbad try to flirt with a s/o who literally runs away when they try to flirt?


  • (Y/N) getting on Sinbad nerves. Why, would you ask? Because she constantly running away whenever he’s making move on her. The first few times that happens he was just confused, but right now he’s super frustrated. Are you tired of him? That’s impossible. The two of your are getting along good enough. But whenever he’s getting more flirty you just change the topic and find some stupid excuse. As time passed you didn’t even tried to excuse yourself, you just run away. So this time, after you decided to leave him alone one more time he started to chasing you. You’re too precious to him to leave this abnormal situation like that.


  • (Y/N) is definitely one of her kind. Even tho she got him, the king of Sindria, the King of the Seven Seas, she still constantly ignores him. At first it was comical, but after you run away, literally run away after he attempted to flirt with you he got angry. But Sinbad’s proud won’t let him do something about it. You are just a human, and you got your needs. You won’t run away forever. And once you’ll come back he will triumph.

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Slams hands down/ female! Sinbad with an female!s/o whos a sweet heart and if needy with affection

Female Sinbad is swoon worthy (♡ơ ₃ơ)

Female Sinbad

  • She has no problems in giving her the attention she needs, even going as far as giving her kisses whenever and wherever they are
  • She loves the sweet little gestures her s/o will show to her and the small little notes she’ll leave around to remind the queen of important things she may have forgotten
  • She worries that her s/o’s sweetness will be taken advantage of and vows to hurt anyone who would do that to her lover
  • She loves to cuddle with her, leaving kisses all over her face, neck, and shoulders most times and sometimes even lower
  • She may rest her head on her s/o’s chest and fall asleep or she’ll pull her in close and rest her chin on the top of her head
  • The queen loves getting her s/o gifts and dressing her in her country’s style of clothes

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I am here to fulfil (I think I misspelled that) your fem!Sin needs so how about either headcanons or a scenario that's nsfw for her with a fem!s/o whi's really ticklish and sometimes laughs at inappropriate moments?

[Headcanons are easy and my fav thing to write ;A;]

Female! Sinbad

·   The queen’s always at fault when you laugh at inappropriate moments like when in political meets. She likes to trace her fingers against your thighs as the whole meeting gets boring, seeing you hold back a giggle is amusing to her. Once you start laughing/giggling, Sin joins in ruining any tension in the air.

·  Depending on how the queen feels, Sin might use your ticklishness against her S/o. Such as having you be quiet and not move unless you wanna be punished. Pressing kissing on your stomach will cause you to lost it and start laughing.

·   “[Y/n].” She’ll purr, looking at you with lustful eyes. “I told you not to move or make any sounds. I guess I have to punish you now~”

·  Oh, how the queen adores teasing his S/o.

·  There is a chance she’ll bring Djinn equip to the bed and your kind of fucked when Valefor is used.

Female Sinbad, Jafar and Masrur from the Magi DVD limited edition.

Ohtaka’s comment:

“Sinbad and the other three. It’s from the time when I haven’t yet settled on their character. The ratio between males and females was so bad that I didn’t end up using any of them. They were going to be a group of four. For some reason, they all look like they have bad personalities.”