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Hello my fellow simblrs!

As I was making a light mustache for my Frida Kahlo sim, I realized that it would only take many monotonous tweaks to allow female sims to have access to all facial hairs. Then I remembered that some people had said they were disappointed when that option wasn’t available in the patch, so here they are! Well, all but one. I didn’t do the chin strap because for some reason it distorted the face of the female sim. 

You have one of 2 options: you can get all the separate files, or you can get them all merged. Please only pick one.

*EDITED TO ADD* These are under the facepaint category



TOU - Recoloring is allowed, but please don’t include the mesh. Also, please don’t upload these and claim them as your own, or put them behind ad.fly or other pay sites.


Nola - Download her here

Hair: Nessasims
Hat: Toksik
Necklace: Sims4marigold
Top: Sims4marigold
Shorts: Sims4marigold
Sandals: Sims4marigold
Bracelet: Colores Urbanus

Only difference on her make-up look is faceshine by Screaming mustard and lips by Pralinesims 


Stellar Stuff for Sims 4

A collaboration between @applezingsims @coreopsims @deetron-sims @femmeonamissionsims @javabeandreams @nolan-sims @pickypikachu @quiddity-jones @sjane4prezcc & @teanmoon

To celebrate the inception of our collaboration blog, all of us got together and crafted our own little-bits-of-something with one idea in mind: Space! This Fan-Made Stuff Pack is overflowing with amazing Create-A-Sim and Build & Buy items!

Download and Info are under the cut!

With a whopping 127 items total, here’s what’s inside:

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High Waisted Vintage Shorts by Twinksimstress

Really cute DIY inspired shorts o: with patches and colorful pockets!Perfect for artsy sims.

All designs are not shown in the preview.

  • 30 swatches!! o:
  • 14~ish designs with patches
  • 12 with different patterned pockets
  • and like 3 with no pockets at all
  • custom thumbnail

Tag me if you use





50 SHIRTS PART 2 by Twinksimstress

theres like a bazillion patterns designs and colors ,these shirts are a must have!

  • like 20 different designs
  • 10 solid colors
  • 10 prints
  • and 10ish different patterns
  • HD textures
  • custom thumbnail
  • Maxis match??
  • tag me if u use <3

I’m way too lazy to screenshot all the shirts im sorry! But trust me they’re all cute.


Why i use adfly?

Indecision Hair | by mystufforigin

The original mesh is required and you can download it here.

  • 20 naturals and unnaturals hair colours.
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Tag me in your posts if you use them, I would love to see your sims in these.

DOWNLOAD (dropbox)

TOU. please do not redistribute my custom content.
[ more hair recolored with this palette here ]