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Finally got my shit together enough to make a CAS video. I’m going to put her up for download maybe tomorrow or whenever since I don’t have any female base sims. Felt dumb as hell talking to myself. This video was a smooth 16 mins, I got it down to 4 whoop whoop :). 


High Waisted Vintage Shorts by Twinksimstress

Really cute DIY inspired shorts o: with patches and colorful pockets!Perfect for artsy sims.

All designs are not shown in the preview.

  • 30 swatches!! o:
  • 14~ish designs with patches
  • 12 with different patterned pockets
  • and like 3 with no pockets at all
  • custom thumbnail

Tag me if you use





Nola - Download her here

Hair: Nessasims
Hat: Toksik
Necklace: Sims4marigold
Top: Sims4marigold
Shorts: Sims4marigold
Sandals: Sims4marigold
Bracelet: Colores Urbanus

Only difference on her make-up look is faceshine by Screaming mustard and lips by Pralinesims 


Stellar Stuff for Sims 4

A collaboration between @applezingsims @coreopsims @deetron-sims @femmeonamissionsims @javabeandreams @nolan-sims @pickypikachu @quiddity-jones @sjane4prezcc & @teanmoon

To celebrate the inception of our collaboration blog, all of us got together and crafted our own little-bits-of-something with one idea in mind: Space! This Fan-Made Stuff Pack is overflowing with amazing Create-A-Sim and Build & Buy items!

Download and Info are under the cut!

With a whopping 127 items total, here’s what’s inside:

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50 SHIRTS PART 2 by Twinksimstress

theres like a bazillion patterns designs and colors ,these shirts are a must have!

  • like 20 different designs
  • 10 solid colors
  • 10 prints
  • and 10ish different patterns
  • HD textures
  • custom thumbnail
  • Maxis match??
  • tag me if u use <3

I’m way too lazy to screenshot all the shirts im sorry! But trust me they’re all cute.


Why i use adfly?


Maxis Match High Waisted Bottoms by Twinksimstress

You need this set,Im gonna upload non maxis match skinnies and boyfriend jeans soon~

You Get:

  • 6  skinny jeans + 6 more ripped skinny jeans
  • 6 vintage denim jeans + 6 more ripped 
  • 6 shorts

In total you get 24 jeans and 6 shorts



So Hi again guys. I first off want to thank every single one of my followers. You guys are so sweet to me. I also want to thank all the CC Creators that share all their great CC with us! You guys are freakin awesome <3

This will be the final part in my Gift/Love You series

  • 3 Poses/2 different angles
  • Pose list compatible
  • Female Poses (but can be used for males if you want hehe)
  • These are originals by me so please do not claim

Thank you guys again. Since this is a queued post idk if I will be posting a lot like I used to. I will just add things in my queue and they will be posted either twice or once a day ^_^

Have a good day and I hope you enjoyed everything that I’ve done !! *kiss & hugs* Download If the links aren’t working or if somethings wrong please tell me and I will help you !


✩✪✩¡ X000 Follower Gift !✩✪✩

Beautiful braids and curls for our lil girls. The package includes all 6 hair styles so you can pick and choose what you do not want. All colors are includes on 5 styles except grey/white. The half up half down curls only come in black, otherwise the hair color does not stick. What I mean by that is, I’d choose black but when I left CAS the hair would have turned to blue. If you want all the swatches on this hair you can take the textures from the adult version and add them to the child version. :)


You can get the adult versions here by the lovely and talented @ebonixsimblr 💘