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Why Dorothy?

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I wrote this months ago, just never posted it. Tweaked it a little. Here goes:

So I was thinking about why the LGBT couple had to be Ruby/Dorothy. Why not Mulan? Why not Aurora? Or any other character for that matter. So, remember I write these metas assuming the best in A&E, so I’m taking for granted that a) Swan Queen is coming and this is just the starter couple, b) that Disney had nothing to do with not making Mulan ½ of the couple and c) that A&E and the rest of the writers simply aren’t just racist. (I have to assume all of this for my sanity and ability to keep watching this show). So I thought about why these two characters should come before SQ and prepare the way for them, so to speak, and I came up with this- Ruby and Dorothy symbolize thematically what SQ’s union does for Emma and Regina as individuals, so that the GA can start to pick up on signs of SQ. Dorothy symbolizes home/family. Regina is at home when she’s with Emma and vice versa. Ruby symbolizes a woman’s inner wolf natureEmma is most in touch with who she really is when she is with Regina and vice versa. 

“Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, injuring, possessed of great endurance and strength. They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mates, and their pack. They are experienced in adapting to constantly changing circumstances; they are fiercely stalwart and very braveThey know instinctively when things must die and when things must live; they know how to walk away, they know how to stay.” 

OUAT is about Emma getting in touch with her wolf nature, so it’s basically about her learning to trust her intuition (again because she did at first and then lost it due to Snow and Hook), to find her mate and her family, and to learn how to be a good mother to Henry. And Regina brings out all of the wolf characteristics in Emma. Around Regina, Emma is “deeply intuitive”:

intensely concerned about Henry (Regina pushed Emma to be responsible and a better mother):

(thanks @anothershadeofgreen )

and recently Regina has sent Emma signs that it’s time to let Hook go/CS die:

That’s the Ruby of it all. But why Dorothy? Chapter 9 of Women Who Run With the Wolves, “Homing: Returning to OneSelf”explains perfectly why Dorothy.

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March 26, 2016 - Helmeted Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil)

800th Bird

Found in Southeast Asia, these large hornbills have solid ivory-like casques, unlike the hollow casques of other hornbill species. Males sometimes fight in the air, clacking their casques together, probably in conflict over access to food. They eat mostly fruit, especially figs, along with some small mammals, snakes, and birds. Like other species of hornbill, they nest in tree cavities, where males seal the females inside the hollows during incubation, feeding them through a small opening. After the chicks hatch, females break out and reseal the cavity until the chicks fledge. Deforestation and forest fires have lead to population decreases. They are also hunted for their casques, which are used for carving, like ivory, and for their tail feathers. These extreme threats to their population, along with their slow breeding cycle have led to their conservation status recently changing from Near Threatened to Critically Endangered.

Can I talk for a minute about how everyone should be watching Blindspot?

#1: Jaimie Alexander aka Lady Sif. This should be reason enough to watch the show. Just saying.

#2: Out of the six or so main characters, only two are male and one of those is a POC.

#3: There are two WOC who have main roles. One of them is the deputy director of the FBI

#4: Said badass lady is a lesbian (or bi…she had a girlfriend/wife?)

#5: tattooed covered Jaimie Alexander kicking ass and taking no shit (possible female navy seal?)

#6: Ladies friends being friends and having conversations not about the men in their lives

#7: It’s a puzzle show- mystery tattoos on mystery women who helps solve a mystery case

#8: a little conspiracy theory here and there

#9: an actual attempt at a let’s be friends and figure shit out together plot line between the lead male and female

#10: characters have believable flaws

Also, did I mention Jaimie Alexander?

✗ Highjack Your Brain ✗ ( Chato Santana x Reader)

(A/N: This baby here is 2515 words count and I fucking suck..Look at that stupid and poor English..Ugh, I’m sorry if there are grammar errors or miscalculated punctuation since English isn’t my native language ^^’

As for how many parts this will be, I’m still deciding, I want this to last, I want to take my time to make my love for this jerk to end but I’m getting more in love with the character, heck with the actor too!As if I am taking requests, sure…thought, I don’t think anyone wants me to write something for them >///>

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did and never stop protecting the main bae <3 

WARNING: Cusses and violence )

Whoever told her that being in a prison for insane people was fucking dumb!

Here she was, in front of the giant prison, lower lip being chewed between her front teeth while her eyes narrowed at the sight.

She is (Y/N) aka Amanda Waller’s adoptive daughter, and also being put into that fucking prison just because she needed her to keep an eye on squad she was creating.

‘Suicide Squad’ as she called it. A fucking weird name indeed, thought, she was right now being showed around while the guards all kept to themselves to not look over the female again.One simple glance and the others would be in a lot of trouble lately if Amanda found out about some hormonal men staring her daughter down.

Of course, no one knew (Y/N) was her daughter,but that wouldn’t stop her from having fun, right?

“Thats your locker, mainly the female lockers room."Griggs introduced, making (Y/N) focus on him and nod, bag shifting uncomfortable over her shoulder before she walked to take her clothes off, putting on that disgusting orange jacket that only jail people wore.'Ugh, so unfashionable’, (Y/N) thought while making a face, tongue sticking from between her plump, pink lips while zipping the suit up only to kick her bag into one of the lockers, and turn on her heels to follow Griggs to the rest of the halls and cells.

"Hello~Are you going to be my new friend?"Some crazed blonde asked the young female, while she was clinging to the top bars of her cell, dangling her feet and smirking slightly while (Y/N) took notes of how the females eyes lightened up when they made eye contact. Thought, the little bonding was cut short when Griggs kicked the cell bars with his combat boot and hissing that the girl was named Harley Quinn before he whispered some quick words to the female about not trusting the insane blonde or even talk to her.

The tour continued on ,thought (Y/N) couldn’t focus anymore on anything else other on thinking that her life was in danger around those guys, and to top it all she had to freaking 'work’ with them?

Ugh, nah! She ain’t gonna stay here while those fuckers were risking her life or even worse, her sanity!

The first moment she was seeing Amanda, she was giving her mother some serious daughter talk right there.

”(Y/N)!!“ Griggs yelled, staring down at the shorter female angrily making the younger female glance up at him, confusion all written over her features before she stared daggers at the male only to look at the container like cell and ask what the fuck was that.

She felt her mouth turn dry before glancing at the two soldiers, guns in hand while they looked straight ahead of them, never making eye contact,making the young female picture them as London guards that were guarding the Buckingham Palace.

"This is the last prisoner and the one you probably know about.Thought, I have some business to attend to and since I can’t leave you alone…"Griggs trailed only to press two fingers to his left ear, nodding like someone was listening to him before he straightened his posture and fake cough before looking back at the young female in front of him that shifted rather uncomfortable under the intense stare.

"My superior told me to test your skills and so…I guess this is it.Don’t melt down the cage or I’ll have to come down here personally.."He trailed off, stopping lightly to lean down to be at level with the female only to hiss in her ear that she wouldn’t like if he was coming back here to solve her sorry ass.

With a strong hand, he gripped her shoulder, nodding at the guards while the door unlocked and the female was pushed in with a hard shove to her middle back making her almost trip and land on her face only to stare around like a deer caught in the spotlight.

"Uhm…Hello?”(Y/N) asked, hands rubbing her forearms to keep her warm thought it was more a sign of distress and something to keep her sane in this unknown cell and with an unknown person.

Silence filled the cell making her more insecure before something warm brushed past her shoulder and she blinked, two hands pressed against each side of her head making her gulp and blink rapidly, staring at the person in front of her before the mysterious shadows hands started to ignite up making her be able to spot the tattoos and the light in his dark eyes.

“Why the heck they got you here, mujer?” The figure asked and judging by the raspy tone and low vocals, it was a male, and he was invading her personal space too.

“El gato comió a su pimba?"He added, cussing lightly in his language, which (Y/N) pointed as Spanish, before the male pulled back, the slight comfort of the flames disappearing along with him while the female watched him hop on his makeshift bed and cross his arms over his chest while sitting cross-legged too and fix her with a cold gaze despite the dude actually using fire!

"They threw you in, I heard something about proving to them?What are you here for?"Chato pressed on while (Y/N) shrugged her shoulders, groaning at the slight 'pop’ noise before she focused on the male in front of her and sat down, stating she doesn’t know what actually happened but she was simply threw inside of this cage like room.

"It’s just that, I can’t tell you…I’m sorry but a girl has to have some dirty secrets and tricks up her sleeve.”(Y/N) replied back, taking interest in her nails and looking to make sure they were cut even, only to glance up when the door opened, her jacket grabbed while someone yanked her backwards before the door was closed forcefully when water dripped from the holes on the ceiling.

She could make out the cusses Chato left out, and before she was tugged out, she could’ve swore she saw a light smirk form on the males lips and his eyes shinning brightly before they darkened when the water stared to fill the cell.

“You’re still alive, I’m surprised.This means you are fit for this work, I should tell you that the boss wants to see you later but for now, sleep and rest, you’ll meet the full gang tomorrow.” Griggs laughed while his large body shook along making (Y/N) step away from him and let the handcuffs be wrapped around her wrists, so painfully, that she was sure they would leave deep, red bruises on the skin by tomorrow.

“This is it, your five star room in this humble hotel of ours.Night, Tempestatis.” Griggs joked, nudging the female forcefully into her room making  (Y/N) hiss at the rough treatment and she was sure as hell that she’ll complain to Amanda tomorrow, but, for now, she had to actually obey and not make her mother be disappointed on her.

The female saved her life, gave her a purpose, a name, a family, a meaning to her useless and boring life in the orphanage.

She was known as 'Tempestatis’ which meant 'Storm’ in Latin. Amanda thought that name fitted her since (Y/N) powers focused on the weather, mainly using air and electricity to her advantage.She also had quick reflexes, quick healing speed and great force into her punches and kicks.

Amanda called her 'the greatest weapon’ in her collection and also the only one that actually followed her rules without a second thought. (Y/N) knew she was foolish, but could she bit the hand that appeared in her most darkest times?Or that Amanda actually gave her the purpose to keep on living and serving the female?And in return, she always gets greater skills, and the older female praising and calling her 'that’s my baby girl’ or finally calling her 'daughter’.

Other times, she was known as 'Subject Anima’. No love, no compassion, just work. Just a plain subject, being unlocked and left out when they needed her.

On the other hand, she felt compassion for the killers in the squad. They probably felt sick of the monotone life, the stupid people, the government, this shitty world in general.

She felt their anger, she knew how it felt to be useless and try to use your powers, or gift as Amanda calls it, to help others. She craved power, she wanted to dominate the others, she wanted Amanda to fear her, not use her as a subject.

(Y/N) was a bad girl, and she wanted to free that beast. Chato was just the trigger to turn that bombs clock on and have her realise what a fool she has been all those past years.

She wanted to join the squad now, and be a permanent member because, from tonight on, (Y/N) was being reborn and she was going to be so bad, you couldn’t digest her actions.

Smirking, she sat on her bed, fingertips lightening up in blue hues, swirling the power around the digits with a smirk, eyes turning deep white while she targeted the mirror in the cell, breaking it and watching the pieces fall like diamonds down, her appearance changing lightly before she returned to her original form, a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips while she laughed, the most insane and broken sound she could muster before her teeth chewed the skin of her right knuckles. Laughter falling into slight giggles, turning into snickers before they dissolved into light chokes while her fingers trailed up her neck, the veins under the skin pumping blood while her heart speed increased and she tugged on the roots of her hair, falling deeply into misery and insanity.

The truth hitting her hard in the face. She wasn’t a human being, she was a weapon and Amanda just wanted her to use the expands of her skills.

Oh, how she’ll use them, greatly too, since the female didn’t bother to seal her powers up or make her unable to use her full strength.

“I just know…I’ll want to play more, and mommy is going to be my training partner. Ahaha, can’t wait. Mommy is coming into town to play, how marvelous~” The girl chirped happily, fingers clasped together while she beamed slightly, only to fall back on the rags of the old and worn out mattress, rolling on her side and grin while her eyelids kept feeling heavier and heavier to keep open to the point she wasn’t sure how she was still awake.

“Sleep is good, sleeping for now will calm her down…”(Y/N) whispered, ignoring the slight wolf whistles from the passing by guards that glanced into her cell, and focus on her revenge of the tyrant that was ruling her life.

And so, she rolled on her other side, cuddling the pillow closer, knees pulled closer to her chest while sleep took over the females body, her mind blacking out leaving behind only blankness and a dreamless mind.

“Wakey, wakey, (Y/N)!”Someone yelled before a sudden and loud noise filled the soundless cell making the female resting on the bed turn on her side, eyelids opening lightly before she groaned it was too early for her to be able to even process waking up.

“Did I fucking stutter? Wake up, you bitch! I ain’t paid enough to put up with you all freaks.”The giant guard yelled, opening the cell door and stomp in, his boots making loud noises on the half wet floor before he roughtly grabbing the females hair, tugging her up and hissing in her face to stand up and walk outside in the courtyard.

Hissing, the young female stood up, shifting slightly while her brain started to process what balance was before she followed the guard, a yawn leaving her parted lips before her tongue trailed the expand of her lips before she huffed, puffing some air out of her mouth, since it was that cold she could see some fog forming from her breathing.

“Here she is, sir.”The guard saluted Griggs that yawned and glance at them, nodding slightly before tugging harshly on (Y/N) shoulder, pressing her forward so she could see the group of killers in front of her, and when the taller males behind of her placed both his giant arms on her shoulders, she looked thinner then she was.

“Listen up folks, here is, (Y/N) and she is our newest addiction to the gang, make her cry or try to hurt her and get yo ass beaten up by the boss. Treat her nicely like you freaks know how, and she will be tame. We don’t want to let the beast free, don’t we?”The male joked while the young female that was in front of him, staring at the ground in anger, electricity sparkling all over her body before her lips let out a loud shriek when her hair was tugged back, her neck exposed and she was face to face with the male.

“Listen up slut, even if the boss took you under their custody, I ain’t going to kiss your ass like the others do. I know what you are here for, and I will make you cry back to your mommy if you anger me up. What they will say if they find out that you are Amanda’s daughter? Hmm? They will skin and gut you alive, that’s right! You fuckin’ hear me, baby?”

He growled in her ear, a hand stroking down her side before he gripped her hip harshly, pushing her forward before her eyes wide seeing the gang, the only female member that actually she knew was Harley that gasped and almost hopped to meet her halfway, gripping her wrists and asking if the big and meanie guard did anything to her.

“I’m fine, I uhm…hello, I guess…What the heck we should do?”(Y/N) asked while combing her fingers through her hair before letting out an ‘off’ when a duffel bag was threw at her, unzipping it she found her equipment and smirk, taking notice of the others changing into their own fashion style and probably something that actually was their trademark too.

Huffing, she ruffled her hair, taking the usual tank top, combat shorts, mini leather jacket that smelled like her most treasured perfume and fixing everything up with her usual converse, hair tied up while more electricity sparks wrapped around her arms making her feel powerful then ever thought she shifted her weight on her legs and glance up when someone clapped and fake coughed to make them focus.

“Perfect, now we are able to start this official meeting of the Suicide Squad.”The dark skinned woman stated, smirking slightly and showing perfect white teeth making (Y/N) hiss and dig her nails into her palms, moving to stand next to Chato since he was the only one that she knew despite Harley constantly trying to talk with her.

Just what the fuck her mother wanted from them now? She was going to get a piece of her mind after she finished her snobby speech.

Animal crossing new content suggestions

I went through the tags and what people on here think should be in the next animal crossing and I’ve decided to make a huge list:

A bakery extension for the coffee shop
Bat villagers
Dolphin/seal villagers
Female lion villagers
Red panda villagers
More types of dog villager
Dino villagers
Humming bird/ bee/ ladybird/ butterfly villagers
Tree houses for bird/bat/insect villagers
Being able to go underwater and visit fish/marine mammal villagers
More public works projects
More custom furniture
More villagers per town
If you have space in your town Isabelle arrives at your door when you turn on and tells you that someone wants to move in, you can choose if you want them to move in or not and you then go and choose the place that the villager has their plot (like when choosing a character’s house)
More storage space
A mini back garden with special garden furniture
A balcony for your house
More rooms in the house
More house exteriors
More types of fruit trees
Vegetable patches where you can grow cabbages, carrots, potatoes etc
Working ovens and fridges where you can make food/bake food and store fruit and food
Recipe book to make food
Cow/goat villagers give you cheese and milk to make food
Chicken/duck villagers give you eggs for food
Hybrids are easier to make
Being able to make more custom clothes/accessories
Bigger towns with more open spaces
Lakes that you can swim in
In the winter the lakes freeze so you can ice skate on then
Larger islands with more tours
Be able to send letters to people in other towns
Shelves that you can place items on
Curtains for windows
Rotatable patterns
More pattern spaces
Bikes, roller skates, ice skates
Online retail
Bigger wallet
More pocket space
Hair accessories
More hair options/ have a hair catalogue
Choose skin tone
Swim suits for characters and villagers
Hills and slopes not just cliffs
Separate storage for tools
Place things on paths
Journals and to-do lists
More special character interactions
Being able to choose what you say to villagers
More town events
Snowball fights
Stacking flowers into a bouquet
Headphones to listen to K.K.songs
More house details eg. Lights and decals
More mini games (like working for Brewster)
Back accessories eg. Wings, backpacks, capes
Shy, nerdy, boy/girl next door villagers
Shop on main street for balloons, pinwheels and ice cream
Harvestable berry bushes
Customisable villagers
Custom animal ears for characters
Custom animal tails for characters
Be able to sell designs to characters in game over wifi
Theme park
Allow editing to QR codes
Can put QR codes in ables display
Villagers pay more to PWP
More ordinances
Create your own events
Custom shoes/socks
Choose night wear at dream suit
Different town terrain eg. Dessert, forest

Tell me your thoughts and any other ideas you may have and I’ll add them to my list

Haupia is a brionne character i drew initially in a nsfw picture and now i finally did a ref now that i had time!!!

she’s a sweet gal, addicted with desserts, with a very cheerful and curious personality. she loves her trainer, Auros, but she loves even more her lycanroc boyfriend. she loves food above all and is eating constantly. because of this, trainer Auros decided to train her for defense rather than attacking. as a result, she’s extremely tough, making many physical attacks to just bounce off her body back to her attacker, and having a fair resistance to special attacks.

December 2, 2015 - Knobbed Hornbill or Sulawesi Red-Knobbed Hornbill (Aceros cassidix)

Requested by: @myfavoritecolorisbluh

These hornbills are endemic to Sulawesi and small nearby islands in Indonesia. They eat mostly fruit, including figs, as well as some invertebrates. Nesting in natural cavities, females seal themselves inside, leaving only a small slit which the males use to pass them food. They spend about a month incubating the eggs, then another three months brooding the chicks. Juveniles look similar to adult males with undeveloped casques (the ridges above their beaks). Around the age of 10 to 13 months, males develop larger, redder casques and females molt into their black head and neck plumage.


My kazoolander, vanora!

Vanora is a selkie highland warrior. Selkies are seals that are able to shed their skin to become human and walk on land. Selkies are considered to be extremely beautiful, and so many female selkies have their seal skins stolen from them by fishermen and sailors, forcing the selkie to be their wife, as without their seal skin, the selkie cannot return to the sea.

This is what happened to vanora. Her seal skin was stolen from her, and she was forced to become a fishermans wife. She was a sad, but loyal wife for many years, until the day she found her seal skin, hidden away in a chest. With no hesitation, she took her seal skin and returned to the sea.

Realising that other selkies were trapped, just like she was, vanora began hunting down the fisherman and sailors, freeing her kin. Armed with her trusty lochaber axe (which I will hopefully soon have, as visualjamie is graciously making one for me), and her seal skin great kilt, vanora frees and protects her selkie kin.

Still need to weather all the fabric, add more stuff into the wig and get that axe.