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Some slightly less silly pics of me with a bow!

Archery has been difficult. I’ve become very comfortable with close combat, and am super happy with my skill level. Archery, though? I’m horrible. To make matters worse, everyone seems to expect me to be automatically good at it, and there’s lots of laughter when I make a bad shot/ obviously have no idea what I’m doing.

It’s getting better every week, but it’s sure been a little bit of humble pie. 

Luckily, I have photographer friends who manage to make me look good! 

Jason Todd x Reader: Before the Fall

After the Fall -> https://a-fallen-little-pine-cone.tumblr.com/post/163578060371/jason-todd-x-reader-after-the-fall

- You and Jason met after he was adopted by Bruce Wayne. He had been enrolled in the school you had gone to for years.

- You only shared a few classes, but you were really surprised when you found out his was in your AP English class. Like this boy lived on the streets before coming here and you were expected to believe he was in an AP English class? No way. You are still ashamed to admit you turned up your nose when he took a desk off to your right.

- Of course you quickly learned you shouldn’t make snap judgements during one of the class discussions. The two of you had had conflicting viewpoints on Frankenstein, and had the class completely divided down the middle. By the time the bell rang you had reached a stalemate; both of you recognized the flaws in your arguments but neither were willing to admit they defeat.

- As you were packing up you decided to introduce yourself, because a) why the hell not, and b) you just spent an entire class trying to prove each other wrong, might as well formally meet.

- It ended up going a little something like this:

“I really never thought about it that way, it kinda changes the way I’ll have to interpret it,” Cue awkward sticking out of hand for a hand shake, “my name’s y/n.”

- And he kind of just sized you up before grunting out, “Jason.”

- And then he left, and you just kind of dropped your hand. So much for introducing yourself.

- Despite the initial rough start, both of you seemed to get along well in class, occasionally arguing, but for the most part your opinions lined up. At some point you came to the mutual agreement to be partners when partners were necessary.

- Eventually you started meeting at the library to go over the week’s homework, which would sometimes end up with the two of you getting ice cream or coffee.

- Your friends would tease you about him, claiming you were obviously together, but you weren’t so sure.

- You just thought the two of you were friends, and quite frankly you couldn’t indulge yourself to think of him that way, on the off chance you actually like the idea.

- On rainy days you’d run to the library clutching your book bags to your chest in an attempt to shield them from the rain, and you’d both end up soaked and giggling.

- He’d call you beautiful and you’d dip you head to hide your blush, and he’d lift you head and smile.

- Jason’s adopted father wasn’t overly fond of you, nor did he hate you, but he certainly didn’t trust you and that stung a little. Because despite a shaky start, you befriended his son and at this point he was kind of stuck with you.

- You noticed the steady stream of bruises and cuts Jason always seemed to have, but never asked about them, figuring it wasn’t your business.

- You were still curious though.

- Occasionally you’d get together and watch movie adaptations of classic literature or Shakespeare. You’d be sprawled on the couch and he’d be sitting on the floor, and you’d gently braid parts of his hair, and everything would be calm.

- He would usually refer to you as “Doll” or “Darling”

- Those were the days you’d let yourself wonder the what ifs and maybes.

- In the end though, he thought you’d been dating for a while, since he claims he was never subtle with his flirting. Of course, you don’t find this out at a random time, no you find this out when he decides to kiss you in front of your friends.

- You blushed thoroughly, ducking your head as your friends hooted and hollered.

- “What was that?!” You hissed once you were out of earshot.

- “I thought you wanted me to, we’ve been dating for a while now and isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”


- Needless to say, you need to work on communication.

- You were each other’s first kiss.

- Jason disappears and you don’t know what to do besides wait.

- You wait and wait and wait and nothing happens.

- Until something does.

- You don’t find out about his death until you overhear people whispering, and your friends approach you to say their condolences.

- Everything hurts and you’re crying and crying and rushing through the halls to the bathroom where you lock yourself in a stall and refuse to come out.

- Clutching your bag you scramble to check your phone and you find a few missed calls from Bruce Wayne and your parents.

- The news was released just after you had left for school and your parents had been trying to get you to come home. They pick you up and you endure a silent car ride home

- You don’t really know what to do.

- So you just mourn.

- And slowly the world forgets about Jason Todd, and moves on.

- And you heal

- Some days you’ll look back on your high school sweetheart and wish you had more time, but you keep moving on.

- You don’t worry yourself when the Red Hood comes to town.

Jason Todd x Reader: Scrawled Across my Back

Part II/II

- So your soulmate’s an anti-hero. Where do you go from there? Do you confront Jason, or do you pretend you never figured it out.

- You might not like confrontations, but this is kind of important. Of course, you’ll have to take precautions. It’ll have to be a public place, but not too public, enough people that he’s not going to shoot you or anything, but not so many that someone over hears. Even so, you might want to acquire a bullet proof vest just in case. You also need to make sure he’s in a good mood, you’ll probably wind up talking about one of his favourite novels, which is more than fine, so long as you can casually slip in “I know you’re the Red Hood” and continue on like it’s no big deal. Also, you should prepare yourself for the straight up denial of facts.

- You end up deciding to do it during your next class together. It’s a safe location and if you do it just before class starts he’ll have to think it through during the lecture. It’s perfect.

- Except things never go as planned.

- The night before, you’re walking home from your part time job, and the sun’s just gone down. Your combat boots are soaked from all the standing water, and you honestly just want to get back to your dorm.

- Which means you end up weaving through alleyways, and that’s always a bad idea so you aren’t quite sure why you thought it would be alright.

- So of fucking course this would be the night someone holds a gun to your head and demands all you valuables. Which isn’t good, because a) GUN and b) the most valuable thing you own is a fake batarang letter opener that cost just over 25$.

- You’d like everyone to know that you do know self defense, but a gun can fire much more quickly than you can move and honestly you aren’t loving your chances.

- “Is that any way to treat a lady?”

- Oh fuck no. Out of all the vigilantes it just had to be the one you’re pretty damn sure is your soulmate.

- He shoots the man between the eyes and holy batcow there’s a dead man behind you.

- Okay, so you’re totally glad you’re okay and all but now you kind of have to mention that you know who he is and considering he’s holding a gun and is most definitely a crack shot, not the brightest idea you’ve had.

- Also, he’s hiding in the shadows so you can barely see him.

- “Thanks Jason, I appreciate you saving my life.”

- “Oh fuck. B-man’s gonna be pissed.”

- Oh crap. You actually just said that. Holy shit.

- “So what now?”

- Your knees are actually shaking, he'sgoingtoshootyouhe'sgoingtoshootyou

- Oh gods he’s smile, what kind of insane soulmate do you have that smiles before killing someone

- “You could take me out for coffee.”

- Wait. What?

- “As long as you don’t shoot me.”

- And that’s how you found your soulmate.


At Abbey Festival in Queensland for work. So exhausted that we went to bed at 7pm last night. It’s insanely busy, and I’ve met so many people!

Wearing a dress for the first time in ages, and I have a couple of new rad hats… so I guess I’m happy. One more day until we go home!

Robin "is a girl's name" Hood

Robin is a girl’s name.

Therefore someone should write a YA novel about a teenage noblewoman who crossdresses as a male bandit and hangs out in Sherwood forest. The passing-as-a-man thing is originally accidental, but Robin Hood maintains it to keep her authority over the Merry Men.

Maybe Maid Marian can be her alter ego, and the famous romance is merely her explanation of how she always knows what Robin is up to. For romantic tension, let’s have the Sheriff of Nottingham as her childhood crush. That plotline culminates in a double-date which she participates in through both her identities, and where she has to simultaneously woo the Sheriff and another female figure traditionally associated with the Sherwood mythos. Or maybe this other woman is a new character, a Moorish princess held in Britain as a hostage, who has valuable information on Richard the Lionheart’s current whereabouts.

In self-deprecating first person, female Robin Hood re-enacts the traditional adventures of her male predecessors. She fights Little John on the bridge, she splits an arrow at an archery tournament and gatecrashes Prince John’s banquet carrying a dead stag over her shoulder. Robin Hood is actually pretty awesome in almost every iteration I’ve met the character, so playing with that successful formula would be a bad idea.

Authors that I think could do this concept justice include Jane Yolen, Dianna Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett or Tamora Pierce. (Yes, I know that at least Pratchett and Jones are dead, but they could’ve done it.) The concept would also work as a comic or television show.

There’s actually an old children’s sitcom with a similar premise called Maid Marian’s Merry Men, written by the guy who played Baldrick on Blackadder. In that Marian and Robin were separate characters, with the latter taking credit for the competence of the former. Like most things involving Robin Hood, it was good.

So yeah, a female Robin Hood is a brilliant idea and one I’d love to see developed into a story.

which of these very gross things will the Brothers Dim do?

-cast another ugly white dude who treats Regina like shit as Robin III
-cast a female Robin Hood and have Regina be queer but attempt to force people to support 0Q at the same time
-female Robin Hood, surprise, is Zelena’s kid because queerness is incest

HerHistoryProject - Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd 

Gwenllian ferch Gruffyydd was an eleventh century Welsh princess who holds the honour of having been nicknamed BOTH “the female Braveheart” and “the female Robin Hood”. Not too shabby! The daughter of the reigning Prince of Gwynnedd, Gwenllian fell in love with and eloped with the Prince of the neighbouring Kingdom of Deheubarth as a teenager. Not long afterwards, Norman invasions and attempted colonisation of South Wales began. Gwenllian and her husband retreated to the mountains as rebels, carrying out lightning raids on Norman troops and stealing from the rich to give to the poor like a pair of royal Robin Hoods. In 1136, Gwenllian’s husband Rhys left to meet with her father and to plan a full-scale revolt against Norman Invasions, leaving Gwenllian in charge of the Kingdom. While he was away, the Normans carried out a full-scale invasion of Deheubarth, and Gwenllian raised and directed armies against them in war. After a prolonged siege of Kidwelly Castle, Gwenllian was defeated, captured and beheaded by the Normans. Her death provoked multiple other anti-Norman rebellions throught Wales in the 1130’s. The best part? Welsh troops used “Revenge for Gwenllian” as their rally and battle cry for the next 300 years.

Okay but consider this: gender bent Robin Hood

- Robin is predominantly a girl’s name

- Backstory would be that everyone thinks Robin Hood is a boy because the sheriff of Nottingham couldn’t take being beaten by a woman and so had stories spread that the infamous Robin Hood was actually a dude

- Robin and Little John having the most incredible friendship of all time like tiny lady archer and burly staff-wielding giant kicking ass and taking names together hell yeah

- the band of merry men being male and female alike like we don’t care who you are, if you can kick ass and steal from the rich to give to the poor, welcome to the club

- maid Marian could totally be her lady lover

- OR what about asexual female Robin Hood and Maid Marian is her cousin and every time people are like wait I thought you were in love with Marian she’s like for fuck’s sake you people will do anything for a love story she’s my cousin for crying out loud

- female Robin Hood

- why are we talking about this why isn’t it canon already


Did anyone else watch Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child as a kid? It was on my local HBO stations, and I remember watching it almost every weekend after Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat, and The Magic School Bus… Looking back I now understand how important shows like this were. Happily Ever After was about showing kids that fairytales came in all shapes, sizes and colors. The stories were set in all kinds of cultures and places with beautiful artwork and character design. It also had guest voice actors ranging from comedians, singers, political activists from every background imaginable. And especially the first two seasons the show had subtle feminist undertones, like focusing an episode on an empowered female Robin Hood, etc. There’s a lot of kid’s show on TV nowadays but it's hard to find anything that celebrate multiculturalism quite like this show. 


anonymous asked:

What is something you really want to see from Disney?

Mod Jen: MORE DIVERSITY! MORE SEXUALITIES! BETTER FEMALE CHARACTERS! Like a robin hood esque type character. Charming, suave women! Clever, funny!RAARRRRGHHH

Mod Lissy: yes to more diversity! More original stories! And more female characters like Honey Lemon who are super smart and into science!

anonymous asked:

besides race, body size, sexuality, nationality, etc, what is a princess you would like to see?

i’d love to see a princess who is a thief (so, doesn’t start out the movie as royalty, marries into it i guess) , with a very Aladdin-type personality. One that’s very flawed, also very verbal and doesn’t giggle at everything/isn’t overly kind and bubbly, enthusiastic, quriky/awkward cute. Imagine like a female Flynn/Aladdin/Robin Hood. I’m tired of the Anna/Rapunzel/etc type princesses that are very bubbly, cute, overly nice, quirky, that giggles a lot and gets overly excited. I want a princess that isn’t impressed by shit, that can shoot out one-liners, who’s sly and cunning and funny, who’s less friendly and more flawed than the prince for once! I’m sorry, I have a hard time explaining.  And I also don’t want her to be jaded, or at least if she is jaded, not jaded because of a man.