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Oooh! A gardevoir? I know a Ralts who's father is a Gardevoir! I'm guessing you're female though. (The ralts friend is @almostdailyralts)

Biologically, yes, I’m female! But regarding gender identity, I’m fluid. ´w` Despite the body I’ve been born in, sometimes I feel different at “heart”.

But, I have no children, so I can tell for sure that I and the Gardevoir you’re talking about aren’t the same! ovo


Ralts / Kirlia / Gardevoir / Gallade: Draconic.

Mega DraconicGhost variation | Mega Ghost

You guys voted and so here they are! Draconic variation =D I went with a frilled lizard approach, but instead of putting the frills around their necks, I put the frills in the place of their skirts/pants!

Hope you guys like ‘em!! I really enjoyed drawing them ;w; Also! Due to a loss of their natural habitat, this subspecies of the Ralts line adapted to a more arid, dry, desert like environment. They’re known for being rather aggressive, and the Ralts have a tendency to puff themselves up in an attempt to make themselves look bigger. Their frills flare out when they’re startled or are attempting to scare off a predator - as a whole, the subspecies hisses and growls quite frequently u w u

Megas will come later =D

I’ve always been kind of conflicted about Gardevoir.  On the one hand, it’s got nice colors and really graceful lines.  On the other hand, it’s looks like a human lady and people make shitloads of porn of it.

As a girl who was hardcore into stupid monster-raising RPGs growing up, I was bombarded with subtle messages that the franchises I liked were ‘for boys.'  So I clung to the few girly characters I was given, because they were like me.  BUT, because these were games for boys, the girl characters were always creepily sexualized, like Gardevoir or the Pixies in Monster Rancher.  I was too young to realize what these tittymonsters were supposed to represent.  When I eventually figured out why the sexy girl characters look the way they do, it really soured me on designs like that.  So I’ll talk about designs like this with a lot of disdain, but I still have my level 80-something Gardevoir from my Sapphire version.  I made sure to catch a female Ralts, and her name is Kikyou, and even if she’s a sexualized monster girl fantasy, she’s mine.

The fact that Gardevoir’s Japanese name is literally 'Sir Knight’ and it has a 50/50 gender ratio is pretty fabulous though.

But anyways, Mega Gardevoir is kind of boring because it’s the same design, with a bit less color, and the ballgown thing was such an obvious route to go with.  They should’ve played up the fact that the 'dress’ parts are ~FLESH~ and given it like, spider legs or something.

Well I was gonna slap this up in time for the pokemon/splatoon splatfest but… ah well

this is the Splatoon AU of Khy with his pokemon team !

he’s not a trainer so he only has his three lil buddies, a female ralts named Chickpea, a male cubone named Rascal and a female duskull named Bastion.

He found none of his pokemon… they found him. Chickpea sensed his lonliness and sincerity, Rascal got into his trash one day, and Bastion… well. She enjoys “haunting” him but really she just keeps him out of trouble.

  • me: haha wow you can find egg moves on wild pokemon in ORAS? thats so fun
  • *5 hours later*
  • me: okay okay i just need a female synchronize 3IV ralts with confuse ray or shadow sneak and then i can go fight the first gym leader