female quarterback

Reasons to read Eyeshield 21

it’s got all your favorite sports anime character types!

-like the cute protagonist who tries his best but is still unnerved by all of the superhumans other characters playing the sport

-the rival (who doubles as the dark haired boy who’s allergic to showing facial expressions)

(bonus points: he’s also ripped as hell and def in a relationship with the protag)

-then of course you’ve got the jerkass, mind-game loving senpai with the secret heart of gold 

(no really)

-the literal piece of trash with no redeeming qualities what so ever

(guys im telling you- he still could kick aomine’s ass)

-the loud, excitable guy who’s scary good at what he does and the dark haired beauty that’s gotta keep him in line

-too many pretty boys to count

-and the cute ladies (mostly managers and cheerleaders but we do get a female quarterback)

seriously tho- eyeshield 21 is an A++ series with a funny cast, great plot, and it’s drawn by the same guy who redrew one punch man (yuusuke murata) so the art at the end of the series is especially hella