female privilege


Whenever we think of racism we think of ‘evil white men’ and ignore the role white women played. Sure the white men lynched us, but the women made the pies and the flyers for the evening lynchings. White women have lied about black men inflicting harm on them, resulting in death and imprisonment but for some reason black men dont care. If bill O riley had been on the daily show instead of Tomi Larhen, I bet trevor noah and Charlemagne wouldn’t have sent him cupcakes and taken him to dinner. :/

female reproductive autonomy is an urgent political issue.  demanding that autonomy is not “oppressive” or “exclusionary” or somehow harmful to people who will never have to panic over a missed period, never have to risk an unsafe illegal abortion, never have to know the pain, fear, & shame of being told that your body is not your own, just a means to a reproductive end.

how dare you.  how dare you mock “cis women” for being concerned about abortion.  how deluded are you to believe that being born a member of the female sex (& not disowning that femaleness) is a privilege.  god, i hope one day you feel all the shame you should feel today

So republicans are vowing to defund planned parenthood and basically cut off millions of people from getting std testing, pap smears, consultation on sexual and physical health, prenatal services, pregnancy tests, affordable birth control and mammograms
I’m not saying that there seems to be some intense sexism going on here…but…

certain bodies come with certain experiences.

if you’re born with a dick you will never know what having a clitoral orgasm feels like, you will never know what it is like to be pressured to be a mother since the day you are born, because nobody expects a kid born with a dick to give birth. you will never have a period or understand the stigma attached to it, you will never lay awake at night as kid wondering if people like you are inherently inferior because of menstruation, because that’s what your dad told you when you asked why can’t there be a woman president.

I am born with a vulva–female anatomy–and that means I will never know what it feels like to ejaculate sperm, or to have my anger taken seriously regardless of what I am upset over because I am assumed to be valid by default by virtue of having a dick.

  • White girl: *grows out practically invisible body hair*
  • Brown girl: *Never removed body hair/has unibrow/has peach fuzz/has dark thick body hair*
  • Everyone: Ew look how disgusting she is she's supposed to be a women why is she so hairy she's so unattractive I bet she's not allowed to remove it

Bill Burr on female privilege

Men get pegged as shallow a lot, but in my real life experience, women are more shallow than men. 

A lot of the men I’ve talked to don’t care if a woman has some extra weight, or is taller than them, or doesn’t have flawless skin. And even more men prefer women who don’t wear a lot of make up. (Not that I’m saying make up is bad, I love make up.)

I’ve noticed a lot of women, on the other hand, won’t date guys who are shorter than them (that’s a really popular one), or they have some other physical standard they expect. 

Yet we ostracize men who have standards and applaud women who do. Those men are shallow while those women are strong independent “don’t need no man” types. 

The hypocrisy is pretty amusing, to say the least.


If you can’t deal with watching a real live murder attempt I don’t recommend this video. All of my anti-feminism aside this video still fills me with rage. Sargon is spot on as usual.

Female privilege and entitlement means that when women feel that their role as the superior and power-holding gender is being “threatened”, they respond like a territorial animal, snarling, biting, and lashing out violently. 

If women didn’t recognize (even subconsciously) that they experience gender-based privileges, opportunities and freedoms from certain forms of oppression, they wouldn’t react to observations of imbalance and suggestions on how to promote equal rights with such anger, hatred, and personalized attacks.

This also explains why the feminist movement focuses so much energy on fighting MRA efforts and reinforcing the status quo.