female privelege

“lol Kill all men”

“Check your privilege”

I really don’t think men need abuse shelters.”

“I’m being oppressed!”

“Yes all men!”

“It’s impossible for a woman to be sexist”

“Body shaming is wrong you fat virgin neckbeard!”

“I bet you believe in misandry too lol”

“Feminism is improving the lives of men too.”

Why should female circumcision not be comparable to male circumcision?

It’s a claim that I have come across often during the circumcision debate. Namely, that female circumcision is an atrocity, that cannot be tolerated at all. OK, I can agree to that. Yet once I say “It’s like male circumcision” some people say “it doesn’t compare at all how dare you”.

So can someone please explain to me why female genital mutilation should not be comparable to male circumcision? Why we cannot call it male genital mutilation?

As from where I am standing, there is no difference about the act itself. In both cases healthy tissue gets cut off without imminent medical need and without taking the child’s will into account. And even assuming that female circumcision is ten orders of magnitude worse than the male one, how come that male circumcision is seen as tolerable? As if it seems OK to cut off the little finger of boys while it is not OK to cut off an arm of girls.

For me, both a wrong, absolutely wrong.

Looking for reasons as to why those both acts should not be comparable.

Me: Men are sentenced much longer for the same crime as women. It is the same for black people getting larger sentences than whites. I beleive both problems should be addressed. 

Feminist: How dare you compare the problems of black people to your male “problems”.

Me: The two problems are very similar. I mean I would get sentenced 63% longer than you for the same crime. That seems like an important issue.

Feminist: Patriarchy, male tears, male privilege!

Modern Feminist: What’s even the point of boys? We should just kill all men lol. They need to check their privelege. Like when will they learn that feminism is about equality already?

Sane Person: You sure don’t sound like you’re for equality.

Modern Feminist: 

Modern Feminist: 

Modern Feminist: I came out tonight to spread bigotry and hate and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now.