female pokemon names


I drew the Pokemon Sun and Moon squad: Cinnamon Roll, Sinammon Roll, Ray of Sunshine and Edgelord.

No but seriously, the trainers smile in such a creepy way when making the “smash” gesture while using tapunium-z

Cinderella - Gardevoir
Snow White - Lopunny
Elsa - Froslass
Ariel - Milotic
Mulan - Mega Mawile
Jasmine - female Medicham
Aurora - Lilligant
Belle - Gothitelle
Lilo - Bellossom
Tiana - female Greninja

Disney/Poke Princesses ^_^  Most are chosen based on appearances, with a few exceptions (like Gothitelle for its type)


No one who hated on Beltigre before is allowed to act like they were always cool with it solely if it does get revealed to be Fire/Dark.

Like nah man, I saw your Salty asses, been with them through this whole ride. No pretending like all’s suddenly good with the world. No take-backs.

Edit: Yep, it’s Fire/Dark now. Also it’s real name is Incineroar,

A team that I think Latiox would have! Chris [Latiox] is super cute / sweet so he has a sylveon because he likes cuddly and pink stuff in secret, also he loves his starter Pokemon, his female fennekin named Fokko! He feeds fokko twigs between battles, fokko isn’t allowed to battle since Chris considers him to be his baby Pokemon and doesn’t want her to get hurt :’) But Chris has other kickass beasts in battle, he rules the Pokemon terrains with his dragon types, latias, latios, mega-ampharos, and salamence. Sylveon is his secret weapon. :’) He is from the Kalos region, his goal is to become a dragon-type gym leader where he sweeps trainers from all around with his mighty Eon duo. 

Cassandra - Absol

Cassandra was a prophetess in the Greek epic poem ‘The Illiad’, among several others. She was cursed so that whenever she foresaw a dangerous event (or in some versions she could only hear future events) and told people of it, they wouldn’t believe her and she was doomed to never being able to change things for the better. Absol goes into human settlements to warn them about oncoming storms because it can sense or hear them due to the sickle on its head, but instead they’re often blamed as being the cause of the storm.