When was the last time you visited a place without sound pollution? Not hearing cars in the distance is quite a rare thing, if you think about it.


➳ Probably the rainiest Midsummers Eve I’ve ever experienced. Hiked to Skageflå and back to get a look at the Seven Sisters.


The most simple food becomes a luxury when you’ve walked far. Hot beans, roasted bread and a steaming cup of tea. Soaked, then frozen gloves and forgotten matchsticks are some things I advice against though. 


Woke up to a withered fire, quietly put on all my layers of clothing. I ventured out in the cold spring air up to a small plateau behind the cabin, while following a fox’s trail in the undisturbed sprinkle of snow that fell during the night. The hoot of a wood-pigeon was the only sound to be heard for miles while I witnessed the sun return. If only all days could begin like this.