female opression

Unpopular opinion: signs at the womens marches talking about female anatomy arent transphobic. Females are opressed because of their anatomy, its sex based oppression, they should be allowed to be proud of their bodies without being criticized for it.

terfs/gender critical radfems: demonize trans people, only protect trans men because their “females trying to escape opression”, tell us transitioning is useless and that we should learn to just accept ourselves

also them: radical feminism is the only real feminism :) sweaty, the trans cult was built on lies and we’re the only ones who know about biology :), but we did nothing wrong so theres no point in saying you hate us
I was planing on  post about Trump but I never thought I’d have to make this one.

Donald Trump has become president. This is truly heartbreaking. We have put our women, Latino/as, muslim and LGB citizens in great danger. I am honestly speechless. The perfect example of toxic masculinity has become president and there is nothing I can do about it. 

I’m honestly so fucking tired of everyone jumping on this feminist bandwagon. We humans just loooove to find one little thing and use it to start an entire trend so we’ll all have something to argue about. Now everyone wants to slap labels like “oppression” and “misogyny” on literally EVERYTHING.It seems like all my tumblr feed consists of is “misogyny at its finest” and “IF YOU DON’T THINK THIS IS SCARY SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU”. What I find scary is the fact that everyone buys into this bullshit without doing any actual research. For instance, how many times in history did we have slaves with the first rights to a seat in the lifeboat? Which slave masters were compelled to go off to war to protect the lives of their slaves? How many oppressors tore their own bodies down with brutal labor so that they could provide food and shelter for those they oppressed? Throughout history women have been held in the highest honor in most cases. For those of you who wanna bring up the fact that we couldn’t vote, if you actually looked into it you’d know that in the beginning only certain men were allowed to vote. Men had to fight for those rights too. While I do agree that in this day and age many women don’t get treated with the respect we deserve. But I’m not going to blindly buy into bullshit feminist propaganda. And for those of you who say “feminism is the belief that women should be equal to men. Everyone should be feminist”… i personally think we shouldn’t even have to use words like “feminism” for that. Why can’t we just be respectful to everyone, regardless of color, size or gender? I know nobody wants to hear this because this is not the popular opinion. But I honestly don’t give a fuck. I’m just ready for this feminism trend to be over because it makes me sad to see how dumb my fellow females are.