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Who are I.B.I? - I.B.I Masterpost

Even if you didn’t watch the show, if you’ve payed any attention to kpop then you’ve probably heard of Produce 101 and the resulting group I.O.I. Such a large scale show has resulted in a large amount of interest in upcoming trainees and the appearance of many new girl groups. Right now most attention is on I.O.I and groups like DIA and gugudan. Now, p101 fans are getting ready for the debut of the newest group resulting from p101 - the project group I.B.I!

What is I.B.I? 

I.B.I was originally just a concept created by produce 101 fans for fun. The five members of IBI all came close to making it into IOI despite Mnets evil editing and lack of screentime. I.B.I stans for il ban in, basically meaning “ordinary person”. Their motto is “I Believe It!”.

In July, it was announced that I.B.I would become a reality, as a project group managed by Loen. 

They will be releasing two digital singles and an M/V for the title track “Stealthily” on August 18th. They also will be having a showcase and will be appearing on SNL. 

Who are I.B.I?

“General” Lee Haein (22) - Unsigned 

- Recently left SS Entertainment

“Quick” Kim Sohee (21) - Music Works 

- Member of Parody group “C.I.V.A”

“Light” Yoon Chaekyung (20) - DSP Media 

- Member of parody group “C.I.V.A”

- Former member of shortlived group “Puretty”, Kara Project contestant

“Idiot” Lee Suhyun (20) - Unsigned

- Recently left SS Entertainment

“Jjaek/Twitting” Han Hyeri (19) - Star Empire 

- Confirmed member of Star Empire’s new girl group (along with p101 contestants Kang Sihyeon and Kim Yunji: together known as OMZM) 

I.B.I: Jewelry - I Really Like You Cover

Support Mix for Olympics 2016

Profile Making Footage

First Live Cast

Fan Videos

Although they haven’t been getting much attention from English speaking kpop fans, they have been getting a lot of attention from Korean fans. They have managed to gain over 10,000 fans on Melon and managed to be in the top 5 girl groups on Melon along with Black Pink, I.O.I, Gfriend and Twice. They’ve managed this before debuting. A popular webtoon artist is even releasing webtoons about the members.

I.B.I is a great opportunity for them all to get a chance to debut and develop a more solid standing in entertainment. As of now the only member confirmed to be debuting in an official group from their own company is Hyeri. Please support I.B.I so that one day they all can get their chance at success.

Watch out for their debut on August 18th! 

My EP MISSLEADING is finally here! For those of you who have been into my work for while, you’ve probably heard me mention this EP thousands of times over the past 3 years. Producing this project honestly made me the woman I am today and I couldn’t be prouder of the result. I hope you enjoy!

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Next month, the Academy is celebrating The Black Movie Soundtrack at the Hollywood Bowl on September 3rd at 8pm with special guest performances and screen clips honoring the multidimensional influence of music and movies. To celebrate this event, we have highlights of some select recordings from the Margaret Herrick Library’s Brad Bennett collection of soundtracks and the Music and Recorded Sound collection, featuring songs that defined a film and the music that transformed films into classics. In a nod to movie music nostalgia, here’s a curated vinyl jukebox of the Academy’s holdings dedicated to the black movie soundtrack.

Sometimes sound surpasses the visual, turning films into a powerful experience. Consider the revered anthem of Shaft, the emotional shading of the The Color Purple’s score, and the musical gem of 20th Century Fox’s Stormy Weather, whose use of dance and music brought a new vitality to the art form. 

Strong, dynamic vocals were the centerpiece of 1995’s Waiting to Exhale. Soundtrack producer Babyface assembled artists such as Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, and Chaka Khan – the film and its music came to embody female empowerment. 

Music producers often have the vision to tie disparate songs into a cohesive theme, elevating a film’s soundtrack to cult status. Producer Quincy Jones’ soundtrack to the musical feature The Wiz enhanced the original Broadway score with imaginative compositions and the accompaniment of New York jazz musicians. Here’s the cover of a highlights album performed by the group Studio 79.

Singer, songwriter, and producer Isaac Hayes will forever be inextricably linked to the soulful soundtrack for Shaft, and was awarded with an Oscar for Best Original Song for the “Theme From Shaft” at the 1971 (44th) Academy Awards. 

Curtis Mayfield’s classically soulful Super Fly masterfully complements its energetic storytelling with irrepressible melodies. 

And not to be forgotten, “The Godfather of Soul,” James Brown crafted his meticulous vocal and instrumental soundtrack around the plotline for the 1973 crime drama Black Caesar.  

In 1985, Prince won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score for Purple Rain at the 1984 (57th) Academy Awards. The soundtrack produced by Prince and the Revolution was simultaneously eclectic, stylish, and enigmatic; the music did not escape its R&B roots, and its appeal crossed over to pop, rock, and heavy metal genres, achieving both critical and commercial success.


“female:pressure is an international network of over 1300 female artists from 64 countries in the wider fields of electronic music. This blog was inspired by Bjork’s Pitchfork article in January 2015 where she notes the lack of photographic documentation of women at work in the studio. 

Here we offer a visual catalogue of female producers, DJ’s, media artists and electronic music performers at work. These are not our press photos. This is a collective effort to demonstrate women and their use of technology in music and media production. Contributions welcome!

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