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I think the main reason I dislike feminism so much is the way it treats men, it is truly criminal. As a man and someone who hangs around a lot of men I know how great and kind they are, but feminism lies and it sickens me to see my gender so mistreated.

Cis white men are cool. Cis white women are cool. Cis colored women are cool. Cis colored men are cool. Transgender people are cool. Non-gender binaries are cool. Gays and lesbians are cool. Asexuals are cool. EVERYONE IS AWESOME. EVERYONE IS COOL.

Get this through your thick skulls you misandrists, misogynists, transphobic, homophobic, racist, heterophobic, cisphobic and whatever other discriminatory -phobics there are scumbags.

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  • Women can’t assault men 
  • Women are physically oppressed by all men 
  • Women aren’t strong enough to hurt men 
  • Women NEVER make false assault claims

If your first response to this video is #notallwomen, then you are missing the point. This is exactly the sort of hypocritical logic fallacy that feminists will use to shame, guilt, and dehumanise the entire male gender. Remember the #yesallwomen craze that swept twitter up in a storm? Did you see the outrage from feminists when men dared to defend themselves by saying #notallmenas a response to being hastily generalised as women-hating demons? How dare men defend themselves against the experiences of women who had been hurt by other men.

Take a good look at this video. If it is unreasonable to use the actions of one female to generalise the entire female gender, why do feminists insist on using this same logic against men? 

Do you know what is scary? Knowing that as a man, any woman can collapse beside you and cry assault, and if you don’t have any video footage to defend yourself with then you can safety assume that police will systematically side with the female and arrest you as a first response. Men are guilty until proven innocent, while females are innocent until proven guilty. Imagine calling the cops because you are being physically or sexually assaulted by a female, and they turn up and arrest you while they console the guilty female who is suddenly playing victim. At least they didn’t ask you what you were wearing as you get carted off to prison in the back of a paddy-wagon. Right?

But… but #notallwomen are like that! Well obviously it is a callous, cold hearted and hurtful generalisation to assume that all women are manipulative man-hating monsters. Isn’t it?

Do you get it? Does the #notallmen begin to make more sense now that it also applies to #notallwomen? Or are we still going to use double standards so we can play the victim?

- fraudulentfeminist

Accusations of “Poe’s Law” are Microaggressive

So due to the fact that my blog has actually been resonating with many marginalized peoples, a few of my posts have managed to spread enough to catch the eye of some Nefarious Neckbeard types who make a living harassing feminists, and one thing I’ve noticed is that every piece of copyrighted material that they plagiarize (reblog) has been met with accusations of being a “Fake Feminist” troll blog.  Often times, they will reblog my post with the perfunctory little phrase “Poe’s Law.”

So if any of you have posted a rant or call out of something you felt substantially upset about and a user reblogged it with a comment saying “Poe’s Law” and you thought it was some inocuous slang term, let me unpack some things for you:

  • The term “Poe’s Law” is neckbeard speak for “I can’t tell whether this is a sincere post by a Feminist, or a fake post by an MRA to make Feminists look crazy”.
  • Well, that in ITSELF, is a microaggression.  This is their way of saying “your concern over problematic problem X is ridiculous.  No one could seriously care about something so trivial, so I’m going to say you must be a troll.”
  • Rather than feeling validated and empowered enough to boost the signal some more, they hope to make you wonder if your grievance about something like, sexist nomenclature in electronics hardware” (i.e. male plugs and female receptacles), is silly after all. They hope to shame you into passing on that reblog click. This is misogynist silencing tactic #1.
  • Nice try shitlords.  Nice try.

I just cannot comprehend the amount of self-deception it takes to think that ‘female privilege’ genuinely exists. Is their reality really so warped that they look around and genuinely think that? It’s just incredible to me that MRAs and anti-feminists can have that little awareness of the world around them. If they were lying about it, that would be one thing, but they genuinely believe this shit.