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Eurovision Song Contest drinking game

For all the Eurofans out there: something that can come in handy this week (because this contest is EVEN more fun when you’re a little tipsy).

Eurovision Drinking Game

Take a sip every time…

The Commentator

  • Says how wonderful the UK (or whichever country you are watching the programme in) entry is
  • Makes fun of any other country’s song
  • Makes fun of any other country’s outfits/dancing/hair
  • Makes rude comments about the voting system / reminisces about how in older times the voting system was better


  • Speak in rhyme
  • Sing
  • Gaze into each others eyes (drain glass if they kiss)

Singers (including Backup Singers)

  • Flick their hair (drain glass if they are bald)
  • Wink at camera
  • Sing in language other than English or their native tongue
  • Drop to their knees
  • Wear a hat (drain glass if wearing horns)
  • Make a peace sign
  • Show décolletage - drain glass if wearing a codpiece
  • Have a moustache / beard - drain glass if female with moustache / beard
  • Start rapping - drain glass!

Dancers and Musicians

  • Play an ethnic instrument
  • Mime heavy guitar solo
  • Play the piano while standing
  • Pretend to fight (drain glass if martial arts)
  • Ethnic dancing (drain glass if Hip Hop dancing)
  • Contortionism - drain glass!


  • Costume change in the middle of a song
  • Sped up or slowed down film
  • Any key change
  • Use of fireworks - drain glass if singer catches fire
  • Use of props (i.e. candles, ribbons, dummies)
  • UK gets no points
  • Your country wins - drain glass!

My personal favorite this year is Sweden, with this gorgeous song:


Setlock - Masterpost

To keep track with my own posts and all the theories and deductions about setlock, I started collecting “some” links… omg, what have we done in the past few weeks! ;-)

I pinned this masterpost in my navigation menue with “Setlock” - every update will go there.

As the discussion and deduction continue, make sure to always check the notes for the latest insights. If I should have missed any pivotal theories, I’d be delighted, if you’d drop me a note! :)

Dates and locations of past and upcoming Setlock


Bristol Cathedral - general

Bristol Cathedral - 221B living room (probably victorian)

Bristol Cathedral - other props

Gloucester Cathedral

Bristol Cemetery

Studio Filming


Colston Hall

The Victoriana

Character and costume continuity (critical opinions)


Mackinnon’s teasing and trolling tweets

Interviews about the Special

Speculation about the actors’ willingness and availability for filming S4 and S5

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