female monarchy

Knight Girl, Pre-Wartime. A Warrior Queen, before the eventual fall of her Kingdom. I’m really excited to develop this character more!
Since my Postcards are here for the show, thought I would upload the artwork. Patrons already saw this a few weeks ago tho ;) I’ll have more behind the scenes shots of the Grad-Work/Cards/Postcards up soon!

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while all other monarchies didn't even put females in the line to the throne and now almost all of this monarchies have female heirs apparent and Spain doesn't.

First, I’ve got some posts about my feelings about Spain’s primogeniture under this tag. Second, of course they don’t have an heir apparent and that’s bullshit, I agree, but it’s a thousand times better than Monaco and Japan actively bypassing the rightful heir because she’s a girl. As I’ve mentioned before (see: the tag I linked you to), I don’t think Felipe would even hesitate to immediately begin work to try to introduce absolute primogeniture if Letizia had a boy. I definitely don’t think he actively would allow for Leonor to be demoted.