female loki cosplay

A-kon Photos!

Attended A-kon 25 in Dallas this past weekend, here are the pics!

Here’s me as Black Widow

And my sister as Loki

Awesome Tauriel, who also appeared as Legolas

Great Pyrrah from RWBY

Mermaid Man from Spongebob! He made our day!

The phenomenal functioning Iron Man and Iron Patriot suits

The Once ler from The Lorax. Even had a Thneed earlier in the day!

Daenerys Targaryen and an uncanny Khal Drogo

Jack Skellington! He was on stilts!

Got red on my ledger.

Burdened with glorious purpose.


While my sister was getting her photo taken by someone else, Jack Sparrow and I had a shootout.

Here it is as a gif, makes me happy :]

Loki and Jack

Fable 3! Excellent costumes to all 3, I got so excited when I saw them!

Han and Leias, a con classic

Most impressive Alphonse cosplay I’ve ever seen! Ah!

And then Hohenheim and Trisha showed up! I swear, Hohenheim walked straight out of the anime!

Ed had to get in a few blows

Bulbasaur, Nurse Joy, and Meowstic

Anastasia, Cinderella, and Drizella

Ran into more Lokis!

An original character design for Kairi and a Soldier Heartless

Front view of the Heartless

Rinoa from Dead Fantasy! I didn’t get a shot of it but the wings expand!

Marvel photoshoot, all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. So happy to see a Fitz, Simmons, Coulson, and Melinda May!

They called for all villains and it was entirely female Lokis

Finally found a Hawkeye!

All the Marvel assassins

Marvel villains vs. DC villains

Black Widows vs. Poison Ivy

Groot and Rocket

Epic Rocket

Halloween Town Sora!

Bilbo Baggins and cool Steampunk girl

Found another Lady Loki who was super nice and had a really well done costume

Teamed up with these Avengers Saturday night, including @trenchcoatangelofthelord and we were later joined by @noas-arc as Black Widow, another Tony and an Iron Man

Thor has the Tesseract but Loki can’t pick up the hammer

On Sunday, we were joined by our friend cosplaying as female Iron Man

My sister made her armor

One of my favorite cosplays of the con, a wonderful Moltres!


and Magnemite prop!

so feel free to reblog if you’re in here! great cosplays all around, had a great time!


Look at these amazing cosplayers!

Deadpool: kneel-to-maria
Pictures by: ladylowkeys and inkedtobringyouback


Sabakon 2014 - Loki And Thor Cosplay (Marvel Universe) Hahaha :D

This Two Ladies Had One Of Best Cosplay I Have Seen In Sabakon Hahaha :D