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Dating Kate Marsh would include

-Always being there for each other

-Cuddling into each other

-The tightest hugs

-Always being able to make each other smile

-Always holding your hand for comfort

-Would fight anyone who is mean to her

-Movie nights where you usually talk over the movie all night

-Bringing take out to her dorm

-Always trying to make her blush

-Whenever she is upset you just have to try and make sure she’s comfortable

-Soft kisses all over her face

-Playing with each others hair

-Always being able to talk to each other

-Studying together

-Going to get coffee in the mornings together

-Giving each other small gifts that you saw and made you think of each other

-Everyone thinks you guys are super cute together

-Never any PDA

-So many pictures of each other hung up in your room

-Appreciating each other and being so in love with each other

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